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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by =SERAPH=, Jan 12, 2014.

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  1. Yo quests suck and so do the rewards. 400 ubk...what the hell?:mad:
    These influence quests have ok rewards but they're stupid. 50 uber lordakia...would be fine if I could find any. Yes, I have the locator and I have radar protocols and I have a spearhead. As someone said on page one, add an extra 0 to the end of all the uri rewards. Maybe you'll make someone happy :p
  2. LOL. I just started playing that game.. And what can i say is that Any other game hasnt pissed me so off like that game.. Impossible to complete any game if lvl 100 guys camp everywhere and wont let u to move nowhere and how u can comlete quest if u almost kill sibelon but then around corner comes 4-5 lvl 100 guys, with all items maxed
  3. Funny im pretty sure the highest level player is lvl 24 or 25 and the lvl only goes to 40 max or was it 45? Either way. 4-5 is also a pvp map so don't cry... matter fact all maps after x-2 are rated PvP by DO standards, as this is A PvP game.
  4. jackknife

    jackknife User

    i can hit one little shinny box and make more uri than most quests
    ep as a noob is only good as it gives rank as Chief Lieutenant some will run from me most pop me some a very few i can kill
    lower level quests teach u how to play (that is good) after that .......
    daily quests are ok a booty key and log disks those are good
    uri is hard to get, but after playing a few hours a day gradually you get a little stronger. But not after doing quests which are just a little bonus
    i don't want ep i want to be stronger, faster and be able fight.
    In summary daily quest are good, the others only if they if you are hunting them anyway and they are in your league.
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  5. All I know is that negative honor quest is the best quest ever! I just wished when I did it as you got lower the aliens started to give out lesser honor. I felt like I was being tortured lol it was bad enough I had negative honor.
  6. SPSAT99

    SPSAT99 User

    He must be talking about an offshoot of DO which has a lvl 100.
  7. KingSpoof

    KingSpoof User

    Alright so I'm a non-FE goliath player, 4 iris 4 flax, 15 lf3, 15 7900, and 2 B02. I started playing 5 days ago and I've put a serious amount of hours into this game. I have some very sad thoughts on how I feel about DarkOrbit.

    The way these missions are set up right now is very bad. I just started playing this game for the first time and I'm at level 13 right now. I already don't want to do these missions.

    One of the missions I have right now asks me to kill 15 lordakium and all I get as a reward is 255 uridium and 130000 credits. This is horrible. Beyond horrible, this is pointless. The missions at the very start of the game were so much fun because I was getting cool rewards like LF3's, BO2's and 7900's. I enjoyed doing those missions! The missions I have to do now however feel like they are all just copy and pasted from level to level. The rewards are always bad and the entire mission is me grinding a monster that costs more to kill than I get for killing it.

    What just adds to the disappointment is the fact that while I am fighting these monsters I'm also constantly getting killed by other players. Seeing an enemy pop up isn't even fun at all. I would understand it if I at least had some way I could defend myself but there isn't. These guys pop out of nowhere from their cloaks and they instantly start hitting me for like 60,000 and there is nothing I can do. If I try and fight back its pointless because I hardly do any damage to them. If I try and run its pointless because they are faster than me and I can't get back to a portal because they kill me so fast. I've been killed nearly 200 times already and every time its the same thing. Enemy pops out of nowhere, starts shooting me with x4 white lazers and I'm dead within like 10 seconds. If there was at least some way for me to fight back or escape so that it was interesting and I had a chance, maybe this wouldn't be so bad. But there isn't. Out of the nearly 200 deaths that I've had, I've avoided death maybe 3-4 times. Thats awful. I understand these guys are stronger than me and they obviously should be able to kill me but getting constantly killed is so demoralizing. I understand now why they give you the 2 week of premium from one of the early quests and its because they know that without it new players will quit within hours because of how often they die and have to pay uridium to repair. Its funny because I'm actually on the overwhelmingly stronger company on my server and I'm still getting killed so much.

    I'm really sorry to say but I've only been playing for 5 days and I've already lost interest in this game. It starts out really fun because there is tons of progression early game but as soon as I got to the uppers the game got boring. Mission after mission all I do is grind out kills against these boring monsters that are all the same and I hardly get anything in return for my effort. I haven't put any money into this game thankfully.

    I just wanted to share what my experience has been like so far with DarkOrbit. Its a really interesting game at the start but the enjoyment dies off very fast.

    Thanks for reading.
  8. It's a PvP Game, the missions aren't meant to make it a fun story time moment, you get starter mission to help you build your account, from there you gotta make smart decisions, group up with people and do the missions. All i see you doing is complaining that you do everything alone and aren't smart enough to ask for help.
  9. ßőŋεѕ

    ßőŋεѕ User

    Maybe he doesn't ask for help because he has a brain and knows the mission rewards group or not are totally crap! A free for all pvp game is total fail! No pvp flag system, just an excuse for IRL bullies to use this game as an excuse to actually bully people, sad to say but these are the times we live in! (me me me greed greed greed mine mine mine) grow up!
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  10. I find the PvP aspect quite fun when there's not cheating involved. The PvP part is perfectly fine. I have had no issue building my ships up. And it's not hard to find a big player willing to help, the bigger npc dies quick, more to kill, you still get full rewards on mission either way. As the missions get bigger you get more rewards and unlock special missions which give more stuff. People continued to complain over and over again about this game being hard to build, yet i made a perfectly fine account from scratch.
  11. the new quests are not very good paying uri wise, but you get a good haul from the aliens in the quests.
  12. jackknife

    jackknife User

    In the old days when there were many pilots flying and dying the quests kill 5 enemy players was fine. But in today's reality a lv 12 or 13 w/ out a filled out vengi has no options when flying a leo. On my second server I fly a leo and the time to build it up so that i can change to a vengi is redictclusless

    On the weekend I and a nost were both killed by a Saturn in 2x! At that pt. I looked for a better game.
    good luck all

    PVP against low end players will kill this game and players with the help of DO are responsible!
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  13. I agree that the uri,cred, and honor rewards for these new quests completely suck. it's all fine and dandy that its easy to get to lvl 22 now, but whats the point of having 10bil EP if you cant hit harder than 10k with x1?
  14. I'll be honest, the higher level a noob gets the more he wants to play.
  15. after 5 days of playing the game you have 15 lf3's 4 iris!? Well if you actually played back in the day it would of taken at least a month to get what you just achieved in 5 days.... if not more. Than we had to keep at least 500 uri on the ship for every time it was killed or we lost the ship.

    As far as the quests are concerned well quests never gave much of a story and just helped with the basic amount of uri and credits. If you are looking for a game to hand everything to you than this is not the game for you. Now if you are looking for a game that will continue to push you to your limits than keep on playing, get ufe and make the game simpler on yourself.

    Make friends in the game, join a clan that can help you out. Do quests, box for uri, joke around with people in voice chat or even in global chat.... and when all else fails try making a enemy.

    O yea if you can't take on other pvp players... than I suggest you learn how to run... it is something that will help you in the future to avoid being killed as well as chasing other people to kill them.

    Now as far as people killing others I think there should be a larger map system that will protect players from being killed off by others....

    Like 0-1 maps where people from all companies can go and kill aliens without the need of worring of getting killed with the same toughness as regular aliens at a quarter the rewards.
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  16. OrbitGuru

    OrbitGuru User

    the missions arent bad but PLEASE remove NYX and put it so you can take mission from the back page again, its awful to have to go back to x-8 or x-5 to get a mission to do in 5-1,2,3.

    and the rewards! the ep is great and all but that doesnt make our ships any better, we need uri not ep! at least double all uri from missions across the board and even more on some of them.

    if you cant/wont remove NYX could you at least put one in 5-2 base? make those maps much simpler

    seriously, you gotta add uri on at least a x2 or even x3 or better on some of them, they were unpleasant before but now theyre just offensive. might as well not bother for the most part.

    thanks for adding in those sneaky epic missions! especially the lf4 mission! do about 100 lf4 missions you'll have every noob in the game jumping for joy lol
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  17. ~turnip~

    ~turnip~ User

    when i go to base i cannot accses these quests and im high enuth level and havent done them
  18. psychobot

    psychobot User

    After finishing the starter mission,then came the normal that I accepted the "JOIN THE CLAN" mission and other 4 missions. I finished the 4 mission and ABORTED the Clan mission ...then its disappeared from mission control also.....I can't see the mission again? I didn't even see the rewards give to that....
  19. Dogcat

    Dogcat User

    sorry if this has been mentioned, count me +1 in that case.

    we need daily quests for upper levels with better rewards. specifically chunks of extra energy would be nice, because even 20 energy is pretty lame for a quest, and 5 is pointless. if DO wants to bring back a free2play feel, make this awesome. i'm FE and boxing is the only thing i can do for getting a decent (still tedious) income. it'd be nice to have a daily quest worth doing with a similar value or more.

    5k uri, or 200 energy at least (like an hour or two of boxing). i know 200 energy is worth 10k (on sale) but uri you can spend on anything so i think this is pretty equivalent. not to mention log disks and booty keys, etc. quests would take place in the uppers and pirate maps, and it'd be nice if there was some good variety, like escort missions and gate-like boss fights.

    event quests always have both low and high level: why not daily? if the value was similar to boxing you wouldn't be giving us anything more than variety to make playing more fun. i'd like to see the rewards be better than boxing though, because you can box all day but the daily is once and something to look forward to.
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  20. MяF™

    MяF™ User

    This is completely needed. Dark Orbit should really take a look at another Bigpoint title called Battlestar Galactica Online (or BSGO), and look at how they deal with their daily assignments. Players can receive up to 10 daily assignments each day, which vary in difficulty depending on the skill level of the player, but they also give respectable rewards.

    The currently daily missions are rubbish which is disappointing as they could be so much more.
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