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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by =SERAPH=, Jan 12, 2014.

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  1. The quests used to be available (like a book of assignments) then it was switched to a small group of 5 maximum and you always have to now, head back to the base to get more.
    Only the Event or Daily (special quests) should be base oriented.
    The standard quests should revert back to the list on the players backpage. Have the quest list replace the big chunk of player ranking and lists. Put those rank charts as a base only available feature.
  2. ODoyle

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    @KrisKelvin but is there any plan for really new quests ? i mean NPC quest.... 500 kristallon and so one, i really miss them... im already UFE and the game is pretty boring on a dead server with only pvp quests( im not that pvp guy anyway). cant be that hard to make this
  3. That is why they keep adding more Galaxy Gates so you have the benefit of killing you NPC's in private or as a group in Hades. You could also do the Challenges to see how fast you can do them. But they have not responded to the Upper Level requests for Quests this long why would they start now? Players have even suggested some to be added and have been ignored by the Dev Team.
  4. weres the new quests when are they being released, ive only got one special mission is that it, or is it day by day.
  5. I believe the Event Quests were going to be DAILY Event Quests and will only have 1 available per day.
  6. KrisKelvin

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    We don't ignore anything, we can't do everything at once :)

    We are definitely going to add new quests for high level players, and we are also, as I said, looking into reworking PvP quests. But, as we have a lot of stuff on the plate, I don't have any ETA for now.
  7. Well when we see no input from any portion of the TEAM (Mod or Dev) we can only assume the worst, sorry for the assumption.
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    The higher the level of input here, the lower the level of output in the game (new content, bug squashing etc.), there has to be a balance. I feel that DO, is slowly starting to recover, and i feel much better looking at the future.
  9. I will start off by saying that I have been playing this game for about a week and I am (currently) a free player. While I don't expect or want the game to hand me everything as far as equipment for my ship(s), the uri rewards for the quests are far beyond pathetic. This game is fun and interesting as far as building the ships up but, the frustration factor is WAY, WAY, WAY NOT FUN. I have been popped 50 times (as of this posting). I don't run (too slow), I don't shoot back (not wasting the ammo). I understand this is a PvP game, but the game seems to push new players into PvP. The missions to kill enemy player(s) start showing up at what lvl 7 or 8 (may be higher)?

    HOW IN THE NAME OF ZUES' [REMOVED] is any new (especially free) player supposed to complete even one of these missions? I know you don't have to do these missions when they show up on the list but, they are just about the only ones I have left on my list currently (and I get MORE of them every time I lvl up). Since I get TONS of ep from completing the PvE missions I am lvling up at a decent pace but my account lvl has NO bearing or effect on my ability to GET STRONGER. What's the point of getting higher lvl? Just to open up more maps and face even tougher NPCs that cost more to kill than the "reward" for killing them. Oh sure I have grouped up with other players to have them help me do the quest. I've even made some new friends, but good god, being cannon fodder gets old REAL fast.

    I think it was Dream Demon that said:
    I'll be honest, the higher level a noob gets the more he wants to play.

    For me this is not true. I want to play more because I enjoy most of this game (for now) and I want to see how far I can get playing for free before I either go find a different (read better) game or give in to the Dark Side and spend what little extra money I have on this game.

    I also understand that BP has made this game to make money but, after reading only a fraction of this forum it seems clear that BP has NO interest in listening to the player community to improve this game for the players. You know, the people that pay their salaries.

    For a game that has been live for as long as this one has new players are what you want. You need to give them incentive to keep playing. Giving them rewards that are meaningless (ep) early on is a great way to upset them once they realize that account level has no benefit.

    In a way all you FEs and UFEs are a BIG part of the reason new players don't keep playing. You sit there cloaked in x-2 or x-3 just waiting for players like me to be focused on the mission we are doing (killing NPCs) and just pop us like it's nothing (I realize it is easy to pop us).

    I'm getting off topic. I was not playing when the old mission system was in place. By most accounts, this new system is not good or balanced. Someone said in another post in this thread something to effect of speed rushing players to unlock all the maps by giving stupid high amounts of ep for missions is a recipe for losing new players. All new players need to be given time and "relative" safety to learn the game. The current system feeds them to the wolves (read FEs and UFEs) far too soon. Maps x-4 and lower should be non-PvP zones and new players should not be able to leave those maps until lvl 13(ish). If for no other reason than to make PvP a reward and to give them time to have at least some (albeit a small one) chance to compete with the FEs and UFEs out there.

    I know nothing will come from anyone reading this, nevertheless, thank you for reading.
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  10. Ask the Zeus drones, they are on the side of Ufe...

    At least we should get some points for skill tree when level up like in EVERY other MMO game, the levels after 14 are useless (exceptions: PET and drones). So there is no reason for doing the quests, poor rewards (Uri and Credits), but ofc tons of XP...
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  11. When I said that I basically meant that, once you get to the higher levels you feel more accomplished and want to keep going after all your hard work, getting into the 20s can be difficult and require a lot of time and effort. Which is why I made that statement. It's like any game you end up hating that you bought or spent money on, why give up after putting money and time into it?
  12. YES anything above level 18 is very hard to get and with the advent of the Galaxy Gate private map scenario the quests are useless for trying to keep your rank in the system. When they added the gates and created the Kronos Gate the entire dynamic of this game changed and is when the game started going downhill. Those that liked building gates took over as Generals and those that supported the maps and game financially lost interest in the game as well as their TOP positions and ever since this decline in player base D O has been trying to create NEW avenues of getting revenue instead of instilling things to keep the original players interested in the game.

    This game is currently split into 2 groups and the FREE group is leaving in droves and the other group is loosing half of its players because the PvP feature is not working properly so you have only people doing Private battles in the Galaxy Gates and people crying in the maps that there is nothing worth doing in them.

    The Quests are great for jumping levels but are lousy for making rank or strength of the ship, the gates are great for making the ships strong but do nothing for making you a good PvP player or support player for the NEW person in the maps but with the double rewards jump you in the ranks very well.

    I have spent money on this game and is the only reason I am even logging into the game hoping they will correct the issues before it is shut down completely because the servers are deserted.
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