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Discussion in 'Update & Idea Pool' started by DEXTER-MORGAN, Dec 20, 2021.

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  1. So an idea for new quests
    At the moment we have blacklight npc spawn randomly throughout the day, my idea is that we have something like 300 new quests added to the game, this amount is then divided 50/50 between honour quests and ep quests.
    To gain these quests you must find the randomly spawning quest npc (new npc) which can spawn in ANY of the existing maps on the server. Once you find one of these npc you are then awarded randomly any one of the 300 quests from the list which fills up as you go. The quest npc could spawn randomly every 3 or 4 hours throughout the day.
    This means that people will need to search in every single map on the server in order to find these randomly spawning npc in order to open up a new quest.
    This in turn will get many many more players active in the maps.
    Make the rewards good and worth while similar to those of the 100 quests which already exist.
    Make it so a new quest can not be started until the existing quest is complete so popping more quest npc will have no benefit if you already have a quest open.
    So....we have the challenge of finding a quest npc in order to gain one of the 300 quests which are given in no particular order and you can not be given the same quest more than once.
    Do not add any quests that require you to be in a group.
    Make the quests more interesting with a few different objectives in each quest rather than just sit in the same map and kill 5000 of the same npc.
    300 quests that are not easily accessible and are given randomly will keep players entertained for years to come.
  2. I wish they would remove the 'Rzone broken gate section'
    From what has been going on its been broken over 2 years now.

    Would clean things up a lot. Groups are dead I dont even see people on in more than 2s or 3s live anymore.
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  3. I heavily disagree, unless the NPC can only be killed by those who have that mission, which would still create a wave of "ban these botters" that we totally didn't have enough of.
    I agree with this, however.
  4. Sorry i meant it will get more players in the maps as they will need to locate one of the quest giving npc in order to obtain their next quest. Means that people will actually have to search all the maps for the special npc that gives quests. Could be in x1 or could be in 5-4, who knows, but it will definitely get people active and searching for them as they will want the next quest.
  5. It would sound pretty fun, but I'm sure that it would also be extremely tiresome and even some "destroy 5,000 streuner" mission would feel more rewarding. Don't get me wrong, it's an okay idea, but there have to be some limits to it.
  6. I like ideas that bring more players to open maps but I just don't think this idea is one of them. I think you might be on to something but not quite there yet.

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