New repair bot update + New Uppers

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by mocklaceo444, Dec 6, 2013.

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  1. Alright, I'm sure many of you have seen Harley talking about the new repair bot, and how it works while you're flying. While I love it, I also hate it. But before you guys start to talk bad about it, consider some more things. The previous repair bot boosters were useless. They only let you repair faster a small amount of the time, so there was not really a reason to buy them or the pro version. Now, you can get a 20% faster repair over your opponent outside of battle. So if you're doing strafe runs, you can repair faster than they can, and you'll have another upper hand. This also means you can narrowly avoid death, EMP and cloak, and come back to fight in a few seconds with the help of your PET.

    Overall, I feel it is a much needed and appreciated update.

    Now onto the upper maps. I feel like they are so much more epic now, with the large space station that looks like a cube/kristallon combination. I actually got excited to play in those maps when I saw that back there, and it makes me wonder: with the new missions coming, will those be new maps to do those missions on? They look like a mothership of BK's and cubes, and I can only imagine a really cool story could come from that, turning this back into the epic space game it once was. Opinions?

    Also, tell me if this text color gives you a headache. I want something visible to others for this new forum.
  2. I like it when I have to run from an enemy, but I don't like it when I'm attacking other companies. But...please make it the same like some days ago. I don't like that enemies can repair is they are out of my range while flying, sooo...
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  3. Don't Like the fly and repair thought that was the whole purpose of the pet combo gears to repair on the fly. Like the new map designs mostly they been needing a update. And your text color seems ok to me.
  4. Honestly i like it, but i agree with Cpt, it kind of makes combo repair.....not so great.

    Kind of removed a more difficult part of the game....lame ish :/
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  5. 3dWARd

    3dWARd User

    This is a update or a bug ?
    We dont have any answer from developer, and if is an update, please remove it.. the worst update since the game
  6. Maki

    Maki User

    Don't like it. Now the strong players will become much stronger .. so basically few FE's could be killed by 1 UFE..
  7. 3dWARd

    3dWARd User

    Of course, is advantage only for premium users..
    If a premium user run from battle, he repair double than me, he come back and kill me

    If he have boosters again, or if he have the pilot set on repair..

    I really dont see this good, but only for wallet players
  8. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    • Citadel
    • Premium
    • Double repair booster
    • 5/5 in engineering (blue rep bot)
    Use speed ability to run for a few seconds, repair instantly 30k+ pretty much every second.
    Who honestly, in the dev team, thought this was a good idea? It's so incredibly broken for PvP, it would take multiple UFE to just take down one player ...

    Mentioned this point in another thready but, what about JPA?
    It's bad enough with running citadels who can win a round by not firing a single shot, but now when they even repair in rad zone? Nobody will win by fighting anymore, it will just be citadels running from each other.

    Needles to say, I am not a fan of this update, it's broken and should be removed :/
  9. Daedalus

    Daedalus User

    This new repair bot is definitely one of the worst ideas. What was this update supposed to fix? Nothing, it just made the game even worse than before.
  10. -Pacman2-

    -Pacman2- User

    It would seem little has changed. :rolleyes: :(

    What is truly needed is changes to reduce the gulf between the average player and UFE ships, it would appear make the game more balanced is not a top priority.

    What real benefit is there to this update, other than possibly causing an increase in ammo usage in some instances. Which would fit with a desire to get revenue rather than make the game more balance for the average player.
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  11. Its like that in the first place... last time I checked
  12. The new repairing while flying ability has completely destroyed pvp in this game.
    I'd also like to point out, it has rendered the radiation zone useless.
  13. Just another step backwards for this game.

    Peace :cool:
  14. -TheUnstoppable-, I'm not quite sure you understand how this works. Your Repair Bot will now work as long as you're not taking damage, so it cannot be used during battle or while in the Radiation Zone.

    I think that "completely destroyed pvp" is somewhat of a very large overstatement. If you ask me, PvP has been broken in this game for some time now. I'm glad to see that they're moving away from the offensive side of play, to the more defensive side of play. It's a fairly large change, yes, but it's nowhere near game-breaking.

    However, I have to agree with
    Okapi32 that this could be quite a problem when it comes to the Jackpot Arena.

    (This is my first post on the new forum. I hope I got the colour right!)
  15. No the update ruined it, I see people barely making it out of fights alive because all you have to do is not shoot, then you will repair while flying, yes it repairs you when you do not attack but are being attack, I do it when a group of people shoot me I see myself rep while they attack. I almost got an ufe player yesterday, sadly a dope noob from my company kept doing circles and I miss-locked him and the enemy quickly gained enough hp back to make me have to pull off and run. It ruined the PvP aspect of this game.

    Although I like it in gates :p I got on the day it came to and went into lambda just circled the npcs while repping then dove back in for more.
  16. No, it doesn't work while you're being shot. I've tested it today. My friend and I also found out an interesting use. If you equip your rep bot to your hot bar, it lets you rep when you're not being shot. So now there is a benefit to using a rep bot in that slot, and throwing out the auto-cpu which takes 5+ seconds to activate. Just some interesting game play ideas already.
  17. Yes, PvP has been broken for a while now, but this has finished it. Many people already run to ports at the sight of an enemy, now people shoot for a bit, and then turn other way and rep by time you get to them at portal. It will also destroy jackpot arena.

    My picture of me -3000 in the radiation zone did occur, but I have not played today so I did not know it had been fixed, so yes, it DID work in the radiation zone.

    On average I use to get on average (when I was hunting) 500 kills a day (4-5 hours) With this update I now on average bank maybe 300 ship kills. Statistically speaking, its lowered the pvp action /ship kills gained.
  18. Then they fixed it, because yesterday when vru was in our maps, I was being shot AND repping while being shot. not that it helped against 300k x4 but I saw it, im not blind to a green 9940 constantly coming up. and what unstoppable said, it means less kills for us, more ammo wasting, DO is on the verge of losing its touch, PvP is dying, all I see people do these days is run, and many use "magic" to ruin the fights still.
  19. I like the new "update" and i hate it, i love it for gates when i kami and lose some health i can run while repping, but while i am fighting people, if they can outrun my by dropping slow mime or whatever they can rep and it just makes killing people harder (I am not UFE so it takes skill)
  20. Yeah makes gates easy, makes PvP an ammo/time waster. I see people pulling off repping then coming back in a 2v1... really? you cant just sit there and die like you should be, you have to run away and come back to switch out with your friend.

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