New repair bot update + New Uppers

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by mocklaceo444, Dec 6, 2013.

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  1. I like it as it makes Gates alot easier but I think they should adjust it slightly so people who have recently engaged in PvP fighting do not get rep'ed when running. This way people are not wasting ammo so much. It is a benefit needed for galaxy gates and invasion gates but it is a benefit not needed in PvP battles. You're in a Vengy? just run away and rep all the time. You have more speed anyway!
  2. Very bad Update of Repair Bot repairing during fly Vengies with Rep bot booster and combo rep 3 can get back into fight easily.This update should be turned back like it was.....Impossible to kill UFE vengies with Lightning design and full hercules now.....
  3. =JUPITER=

    =JUPITER= User

    ye now it's very hard
  4. Yes but the people with premium would deserve the extra benefit because they are paying £5 a month etc and they should get the extra advantage and if people find that unfair then they should put some money on the game and get premium too.
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  5. agreed if someone buys it and everyone has the equal opportunity to buy it then they should or stop complaining
  6. You weren't complaining about the 2x repair speed before the update, why now? If you can't catch them fast enough to keep them from repairing, you couldn't have killed them in the first place. The only difference now is that they don't have to waste as much uri on the PET repair option.
  7. Um, the only reason is complained about now, is because they can fly around and still repair, instead of stopping and repairing. Common sense.
  8. So? What's your point? I don't like the update really, but I never notice the difference. If they were going to EMP, cloak, run and repair they were going to do that already. You could do that before the update. It happened to me all the time before the update! I've not noticed a single change in the pace of PVP, sorry.
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  9. Daedalus

    Daedalus User

    That means you don't really PvP much... The change is very obvious.
  10. Lol someone who does the explaining for me nice and simple :p
  11. I PVP for about 2 hours a day, then log off. So you're wrong there, bud.
  12. Daedalus

    Daedalus User

    I don't think you PvP, I think you just go hunt for newbs on lower maps.
  13. Citadel repairing 30k a sec while moving is a pain in the butt for anybody. Would definitely like to change it back..
  14. Well they should deserve it because they have put the effort into the game to get that because they have had to go though of buying the citadel and also getting premium. If you dont like it and think its OP then why dont you do it?
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  15. Daedalus

    Daedalus User

    Well, I don't really see how a Citadel would run from you to repair anyways... It's too slow to escape from you... just pop it in one go and you're done.
  16. Since the only thing i like about the Citadel is it's tanking abilities.. in all else, Aegis and Goliath are still my favourite choices
  17. Yes i agree with this :p Kill it before it can run away :D
  18. Well, you'd be wrong. I spend all my days in the battle maps, fighting people of equal or greater strength. And I die an ass ton. So don't you tell me I don't PVP.
  19. Daedalus

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    I guess you don't fight vengies that run then.
  20. No, because when they run they jump, because they know they can't win. There really isn't a problem like this on our server.

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