New repair bot update + New Uppers

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by mocklaceo444, Dec 6, 2013.

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  1. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    If it uses emp and cloak it can repair pretty much all the way to full HP unless you are lucky enough to get a lock back on it.
  2. I don't know, I can't seem to get my repair bot to work the second I'm not being shot at. Is that still the case? I have a 5-7 second cooldown.
  3. -Pacman2-

    -Pacman2- User

    £5 a month that is only if you buy it for one month.

    The yearly £35 equates to less than 10p per day
    Premium players already get enough advantages for the little money.

    I use to buy premium until 2010 when I stopped spending on the game in protest for what was happening to the game. When I see the changes that are need to turn the game around then I will start spending again, that if I'm still around.

    For me this is one more reason to just give up on the game.

    The way I see the change, it is more about attempting to increase revenue, rather than improving the game for the average player.
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  4. So, if enemey runs away from U and has full shields is OK? It has changed 2 now both can charge/fix on the fly.
  5. That's kinda the same way I see it. Also makes a few items I "purchased" with hard earned Uri now defunct (repair bot auto and combo ship repair for P.E.T)

    Went for a hunt last night though and didn't see any advantages for the ones I was killing because of it. Maybe I was just having a good and "lucky" killing spree. I'll test it out again this evening :D

    Peace :cool:
  6. Umm we were still able to fly around and repair (P.E.T. 10 Combo Rep) before this update - I think you got wording wrong :L
  7. Umm well yes we could, that's what I'm saying.. now anyone can Rep on the fly, no need for the (P.E.T. 10 Combo Rep) so to me the pet gear has become defunct as in not necessary. So another waist of Uri to those who purchased it. Combo Repair Gear (Level: 3) = 55,000 Uri out the window again!!

    Not complaining, I am use to the constant changes that "cost" the players ;)

    Peace :cool:
  8. Honestly think you should think a little more about that.
  9. Well after doing nothing but chase FE players allover cos they wont stand and fight and keep tryin to rep while flying I think this repair while flying this is pants, we already had that with combo pet repair BIG thumbs down from me on this one.
  10. always moaning,this is 1 of the only good updates that dont cost money ,great for gates ,and normal game play,,,i like it.
  11. Is ok in gates I guess but for PVP its a bit pants imo, makes battles boring having to chase pple allover just on the off chance they can run an rep etc.

    As others have said we already had the battle rep bot, this just makes it more expensive to pop players esp the UFE. Add this to an aegis an they are now very difficult to pop.

    At least put a cooldown on it same as the pet repair thingy as at least that was balanced.
  12. So.... Over the past few months we have had a "reduction" in laser range. This made pvp kills more difficult. We the community responded negatively towards the update.

    Then they decided, well their not happy about this so lets make them disappointed in something different so they brought forth this "rep as you fly" idea. Now we the community respond negatively.

    What's next hmmm??

    Oh and don't forget, in the midths of all this they decided to change the auction system further increasing the "inflation" of the game.

    Peace :cool:
  13. Um, their probably going to come out and say they updated for the new bot that is out, and instead it will ban half the legit players and this time they won't admit to it and keep em banned. It is very difficult for them to admit they failed.
  14. Yh this rep on the wing business, costs a fortune in RSB to pop uber FE now, if they're in uber FE aegis then you barely stand a chance of poppin em, guess the dev's forgot about all the aegis rep abilities and the fact it can also outrun the goli, add this new rep thing on top an aegis is a little OP now imo..

    Give it a month an you will see whole groups of Aegis runnin an reppin pwnin all the maps.
  15. lol whats point of battle repair bot now too? thank god I didn't waste uri getting a 2nd thing to have it, would of been more of a scam from ScamOrbit
  16. Battle repair bot is totally different. You can activate the Battle Repair Bot "During" a battle giving you 10k hp per second. I use it often. As for the update rep and fly still has a delay of 5-7 seconds "after" your last damage taken.

    Peace :cool:
  17. I like this update :3
  18. Sure I know that, but It is useless when those hitting 300k+ step in.
  19. True that.

    Just an update with the repair bot update, I think we've all gotten used to it now. I still find it helpful but not game breaking. PVPing constantly the last month, I've probably scored hundreds of kills. Still not seeing the complaints made against the update.

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