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Discussion in 'Newbies' started by Great_Beast_Cerberus, Nov 28, 2021.

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  1. ok a few years ago i made a base guide for beginners to get a decent foot hold on dark orbit, i tested it, and well, it worked, unfortunately due to changes in the games meta im now creating a revision of this guide, please follow the steps to completion. it will benefit you greatly.

    *following these steps, took me only 9 ish hours to go from piranha with crap equip to a decent build for lowers, on thanksgiving at that.*

    3 things you need to do before following this guide, 1 don't spend your uri, you're gonna need it later. 2 loot all drops from enimies, and sell often, and 3 do some of the mission "one step behind" but don't complete it, you'll need the exp from it later, trust me. definitely complete all other missions you can get ahold of. you can swap between missions by clicking the dots on the mission tab


    its still necessary to up your skylab as early as you can, do not spend uri on it, its not worth it, start off by upgrading the basic mod to lvl 10, then all other upgradable collectors and refineries to lvl 10 sequentially, start with the collectors first, you'll still finish this guide before you finish skylab, so just eyeball it from time to time.

    STEP 2: auction house

    in auction house, you'll find a ship, called leonov


    buy it from auction, do not spend uri on this, you'll need your uri later trust me. you should be able to get the ship between 100k-500k creds.

    after you get the ship, get the equipment. in any order, so long as you get these 4 first.

    *REP-4 BOT

    once you have those four, go nuts, get these next

    *AM CPU
    *RB CPU
    *RL-LB1 CPU

    normally you can get all these in 1 shot, just click bid and go, if you dont, just rebid, only 1 you'll have difficulty getting is the slo4 cpu

    all of this is in the hourly

    STEP 3: SHOP

    in my original post i had lf2 and bo1gen listed lf2 no longer allowed for cred, and bo1 is discontinued

    so instead.

    you'll have to go with what generators that you currently have, luckily leonov doubles health speed and shields on lower home maps,

    instead of the lf-2, dont buy lf-2 never buy lf-2 its not worth it. buy the SSL-01 for 50k creds.


    to me, the trade off is worth it, shouldn't be trying to pick fights with players until you're FE at the minimum, and even then you'll still be underdog.

    i dont recommend buying shields at all, none of the A series is worth it, its more beneficial to you if you go with the 80/20 split with the bo2's they give you from the tutorials, if you equip shields with like a 60/40 split then your overall goes down with it, with each shield you add, so, just don't.


    again, this is a change to my original post, this used to be step 5.

    so you've followed all previous steps so far, you're almost there, drones, aren't that hard to master to be honest, now not all expeirences are typical, and don't expect the results to go the same for you as they did for me, i was able to skip flax drones entirely because i was able to buy all iris battle drones from auction for roughly 200k each, when i first started out on DarkOrbit they used to cost a single player 50mil or more to just get 1 iris. i recomment skipping flax if you can. if you can't, don't buy more than 4, because at that point, you just dropped 1.5mil on just drones. so bidding on iris drones in auction is a more effective way to go

    this is what you're looking for:


    try to get all 8 starting slots of your drones filled with iris.

    STEP 5: PET10

    in my original post, this was a different step, i found a cheaper and more effective way to get this step done.

    in shop this has a section all to its self, and it costs 50k in shop, fortunately for you, if you didn't spend any of the uri that you gotten from start of game and any missions, bonus boxes, and alien kills you have done, you should be at 25k uri by this point, hopefully you are, now this is the fun part. you can buy the pet10 for half the cost, by building it in the assembly tab.

    for 2 high frequency cables and 3 nano cases, you can buy these from the shop in the extras section.


    once you get the 2 hfc and 3 nca

    go back to your game, and go to pet10 in assembly.


    so you should have your pet now, finish the mission "one step behind". it'll boost your pet to lvl 6 and you to lvl 13, make sure your pet is out with you when you land the killing blow on the final enemy of that mission, or your pet wont get any exp from it.

    your pet gains exp from missions and kills just like you.


    from this moment on, the road to orbit is your own. do what makes you happy with the game happy hunting :)
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