No anniversary gate?

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Hawk, Dec 11, 2013.

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  1. Hawk

    Hawk User

    Is there not one this year? Kinda surprised... Hope it's just a bug!
  2. muf-007

    muf-007 User

    every one is waiting for an OA...
  3. It's going to be available for sure. I'm thinking they are planning something special in there..
  4. =JUPITER=

    =JUPITER= User

    I'm waiting too..
  5. muf-007

    muf-007 User

    in Facebook the following is posted:
    Happy 7th birthday, DarkOrbit! We have a very special newsletter for all of you today and our team has some exciting posts prepared for the coming days.
  6. no newsletter in my mail yet
  7. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    They have now sent out the newsletter:


    If anyone is reading this and unsure on how to redeem their code go to Uridium on the backpage then click on Vouchers.
  8. Still nothing even though i have newsletter enabled
  9. Newsletter enabled, no e-mail for both of my accounts. A little disappointing, I was looking forward to doing this with my friends.
  10. i redeemed that stupid code and it just gave a stupid Hades gate -.-
  11. Yeah, that's what it said in the newsletter. :p That's actually really disappointing, I was looking forward to the Birthday gate. I missed last years, was excited for this year.
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  12. How do i enable newsletter omg i want haddes
  13. Go to the little gear at the top right of your backpage, next to the logout button. Then go to the Newsletter tab, and click on the big red bar. Click save.
  14. You get a free Hades gate instead of the B'Day gate
  15. for me are presents, Hades and booty keys from missions enough :p Mods on forum of my country answered that Birth. Gate won't be this year :(
  16. You get the email for Darkorbit having a code to have a free Hades gate.
    I would prefer a Hades than a Birthday gate anyway :p
  17. Hades gate? that's it? very disappointing. all the previous birthday gates I have done were special gates with weakened npcs or just different, not a gate that we can already get via GG energies.

    even then, what about those people that didn't apply for the newsletters? unfair for those that logged on to get the birthday gate only to see that you have to have the voucher code for hades gate.

    very boring birthday for Dark Orbit.
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  18. I wasn't aware my newsletter was disabled, so I missed the e-mail. Now I'm screwed, since I doubt they'll send it again. Oh well, I'm not missing much.
  19. all i can say is another reason players are leaving DO..less an less every year ..but they want you to buy more uri an such yesh! really ! take all this new garbage back an go back to the REAL DO..ty an rememeber to check your shoes after the dog park.
  20. Yes, I know and I'm agree with you :) Unfortunately, I'm still waiting for that email :)

    Maybe BP had a lot of work on some news or special event and they didn't have time to made birthsday gate..
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