No anniversary gate?

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Hawk, Dec 11, 2013.

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  1. yes same here do we miss the opportunity since we didnt have the newsletter activated
  2. The only things I could possibly imagine being the reason for this are as follows.
    1) Rick and his team were working insanely hard on the auction update, with a million spreadsheets and paper flung all over the office as they mulled over numbers.
    2) Not enough people were doing the Hades gate and they wanted more people to do it, so they gave them out.
    3) ?????
    4) Profit
  3. I dont get this why they just dont drop the hades gate instead of making all this puzzles
  4. muf-007

    muf-007 User

    I am very much disappointed! what should beginners do with a Hades gate?!
    I guess being killed 3 times and Bigpoint has made its profit!
  5. Yep im still waiting for them email as well :D
  6. Its says OR extra energy how much GG energy are we talkin aboutXD hades is liek 5 pieces I should just build it and get the GG spins if they are decent.
  7. Ok i wanted the Hades gate but now i really want the EE :p
  8. graham_b1

    graham_b1 User

    not good i allready have the hades gate built but guess what no extra energy looks like we gonna have to beg for it yet again,and anyway what about the players that dont team up hades is a team gate what do they do as really they got nothing,bring back the birthday gate that everyone can do
  9. Yeh it would be nice to have another Bday gate for the 7th!!! Year of DO
  10. Turned out to be a free Hades Gate. Very very very disappointed..
  11. Yep and i still haven't got the email yet :L
  12. I haven't gotten email as well... I hope they get around to this pronto... want my GG spinsXD
  13. Same I better get the emails soon :(

  14. same here already had gate built,put code in no extra energy meh
  15. Hello Hawk

    This year Hades gate was awarded to players instead of birthday gate, if you have redeemed the voucher code after receiving newsletter then you will gate Hades gate setup on your map page and if you have one already then you will get 2nd Hades gate on your backpage and if you have 2 Hades built (1 on map page and other on backpage) then you will receive 500 gate spins.

    You can subscribe for newsletter and read more about it by clicking below link>
    Newsletter Registration FAQ

    Do you have any further questions?
  16. -Pacman2-

    -Pacman2- User

    Just another disappointment to add to the ever growing list.

    The Birthday gate was something special to celebrate DOs anniversary and was a little something at Xmas time, which gave some special ammo and was something a bit different.

    And was given to anyone that logged in on the day.

    The new letter and hades gate for me, just reflect how little DO appears to cares about their players,

    Requiring you to accept the newsletter to get rewards is a marketing ploy, they want to send you emails, especial when you give up playing.

    The hades gate you need to organise doing it with others, so it is not just a case of doing it when you fancy it.
    Last edited: Dec 11, 2013
  17. Really Really Disappointed me when this happened No Bday gate = no fun at all Bday was some thing special for us but i guess not this year :(
  18. the birthday gaye only give out 2 to 3k uri hades gate gives u 20k uri and 15k x4s better than birthday gate free aswell
  19. Imagine the noobs who cant find people to do hades gate with ? BDAY gate supposed to be speical and it always should be special
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