No anniversary gate?

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Hawk, Dec 11, 2013.

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  1. steeley007

    steeley007 User

    I don't have user info on my home page
  2. dlmpsy

    dlmpsy User

    Very disappointing, you may or may not get code, you may or may not get it today, you may or may not get Hades/GG gift, and it may or may not work. Seems like a very unprofessional way to handle a special event, yet alone one that happens yearly....
  3. graham_b1

    graham_b1 User

    thats not what the email said,the email said if the gate was allready built we would get free spins there was no mention of two gates,dont know why they changed it anyway if it isnt broken dont fix it
  4. swarship

    swarship User

    and guess what if you play on multiple servers code only good for 1 server like me i play on 4 servers get only 1 hades is it me or has Darkorbit really gone to crap scince Bigpoint took it over
  5. umm... the Bigpoint Games is the one that developed DarkOrbit.
  6. meh not to happy wit only the hades the reward give out only benefits the hard hitters in my opinion, and also the fact for a small chance for a lf4 you have to be with the exact same group you started with. Also do we still get bdr and all that jazz?
  7. Enjoy the game.

    Closing as lack of response from OP.
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