not received extra gg energy

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by ↤ĐЦКË↦, Dec 11, 2013.

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  1. Hi I have entered the code given on your anniversary newsletter and have a hades gate open but i have not received any extra energy, although i did get the message code redeemed succesfully . .Yet in the news letter it does say that if you have a hades open you will receive extra energy ?
  2. If you currently have all 45 hade's parts, you will receive energy. If your gate is out on the space map, you'll just get another gate.
  3. Yes this is true. It was the same thing for when the you got the other free hades gate.
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  4. [Smeg]

    [Smeg] User

    I also have the Hades gate already open. I redeemed my code, logbook says it was redeemed successfully. I did not receive any extra energy. I do not have 2 open Hades gates in 3-1. So you are saying that after I finish the open Hades gate I have then I'll have another 1 ready to open?
  5. ok thanks guys just noticed that they gave me gate again as it was on space map what a numpty lol, any groups for hades ? ? please feel free to close .
  6. -HarleyD-

    -HarleyD- User

    Hi ↤ĐЦКË↦,
    I can confirm that the above answers are correct. If you have a Hades open on the maps but dont have one built and waiting your second gate will just be completed (so you will still have one on the map but you will also have one ready to open). You will only get extra energy if you have a gate on the map and one ready to open on the backpage.

    Hope this answers.

    PS Just saw your reply, closing as requested
  7. You may want to post your sever if your looking for people to do a Hades :p

    ASTRAEA User

    As requested, this thread is closed.

    Have a lovely day!
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