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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by [ŁΦŁ]¤MΛІBΞΞ¤™, Feb 1, 2014.

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    BOSS~ADAM User

    It might hit paying players harder but neither free nor paying players can even play without interruption from all the broken things on the back-page, no on forces you to spend money on this game although it shouldn't be this broken ever and every player should be able to have an enjoyable experience, not really the case as of now, I wouldn't expect from support right now, they're probably not there or trying to sort this.
  2. -vendius-

    -vendius- User

    My godness, lets all play fair in the sandbox. OK so we have none paying players and paying players REMOVED off at the situation which is understandable. What we need to do is group as a whole and let the DO team see that we are very upset regardless of who paid more or less. We are a community of concerned space pilots that just want thingsback to NORMAL...let just pull together boys/gals and really push for fixing the game and what the status is...obviously the admins have been avoiding this as nothing but bad things would come about. Stick together guys we are the main reason DO is alive so lets keep it that way...Love you all that care about this and want to resolve this ASAP!
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    BOSS~ADAM User

    There ya go :), anyways, they need to fix the damn game and maybe give some compensation, we can only hope lol.
  4. -vendius-

    -vendius- User

    Wow, no wonder admins haven't been putting there two cents in. Guys/Gals it sounds like you have already loss all respect for DO so why sit there and pound down a game that your not happy with. Why not ask for a response and be civil when posting your threads, obviously no admin is going to respond to something thats so full of hate. Listen guys/gals sometimes crap happens that we have no control of like a relationship gone sour...we don't blame others do we? This is a situation where we have to pull together voice our concern and get feedback from our admins...we are the reason DO is strong and well so why not use that to our benefit...

    BOSS~ADAM User

    It's hard to have respect for them when they rarley listen to there players and have bad support and updates, being civil goes a long way and it's not like admins cause game problems, for the most part. I don't think the admins could give much feedback besides telling us its being worked on and close the thread at this point.
  6. -vendius-

    -vendius- User

    True to that, but a positive output normally gives a positive feedback..
  7. dteandy

    dteandy User

    I messaged support back and forth, its its all the same mombo jumbo. I expect to see a change at server reset. This is unexplainable and worthless.

    DJXL.SA.TX User

    apis and zeus would be the last to go if you set them all equal, if you dont. then u may have a problem
  9. -Pacman2-

    -Pacman2- User

    Like your last post that was in bold red. It doesn't make your point any more relevant by using bold print to emphasize your point.

    And your point is :confused:?
    I might as well post:- if your drone damage is the same for all drone then it is the same. If not it will be different.:rolleyes:

    Many players, probably the majority of players, do not repair them all at the same time, especial the apis and zeus as they take less damage each time.

    The point that you are missing is, with the back page playing up as it has for the last few days, especial as it is the weekend;

    for many players, they will potential loss drones from not being able to check what damage they have, or have to stop playing well before they are close to 100% damage.

    The key point is:- we are currently not able to repair drones as the equipment page is down, so unless we already had the repair drone fitted to our ship, we will have to stop playing if we think we maybe getting anywhere close to losing drones, or risk loosing them.
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  10. hate to break up your post but the drone loss is their problem, no one has said they can't see drones on hanger page, they lose it, their fault, i can see it on all my accounts and so can everyone else, they all just got smart and stopped playing when too high or said "i have the auto repair cpu"
  11. I AGREE even though i resently reped all irises i just saw a UFE lightnig vengi shoots fat white with 8 level 1 flax i think this is crp and should be dealt with...
  12. -Pacman2-

    -Pacman2- User

    hate to prove you wrong yet again. I for one have said it, also at least one other in this thread. See Below.

    I have checked on more than one account and from reading many posts on the back page issues, we all seem to be seeing the same issues.

    Have you tried to check your drone damage for drones 5-8 and your apis and zeus drone damage?

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  13. -Stuart-

    -Stuart- User

    I have the auto repair CPU but is not repairing,just one more thing not working lol
  14. -HarleyD-

    -HarleyD- User

    Hi All

    Firstly I am going to apologise for the lack of input from the admin team. We have been quiet as we are as much in the dark as you guys and we would rather give you facts than blow smoke up your behinds. For that I am sorry :oops:.

    In regards to the ongoing issue I know that the developers are aware of it and it is being looked into. As far as I hear it is not a simple fix but it is being dealt with. It does not help that this happened at the weekend and many of the team do not live even close to the office and may not be in a position to drop everything in the real world. I am sure that the whole team will be on it like flies on dung come Monday morning (I appreciate that you guys dont really care about the home lives of the developers but their wives/husbands and kids certainly do care) and it will be fixed as soon as possible.

    With regards to possible compensation... I cannot say anything in regards to this as we have no information. Any conversation or comment on this would be pure speculation.

    Please remember that, first and foremost we are players too, we have boosters running and pets that need fuel and drones that are getting dangerously damaged and have run out of rockets and ammo and WE FEEL AS FRUSTRATED AS YOU DO.

    All I can ask is that you please be patient and keep an eye out for official announcements in regards to this. I am going to keep this thread open but I am going to ask you to please keep it on topic and try not to hate on us too much. I am however going to start closing other posts on this topic as we are well aware of the issues.

  15. Seems like the problem is with most if not everyone from a variety of servers. Why would there be an LF4 event when the servers are broken? Anyway I hope they fix the issues soon; only having the weekends or some evenings in the week to play this now and then this happens is kind of lame. I know the game will be okay in a couple of hours or when the next maintenance happens. We need an Admin in here to maybe give us some idea to explain some of the issues as to when a maintenance will be due. Hurry up Bigpoint so we can play again!
  16. -Pacman2-

    -Pacman2- User

    Just to add to my previous reply. I note that although you responded to my thread you chose not to post whether you could see drone damage for drones 5-8 or the apis and zeus drones.
    So I can only assume from your wording that you was unable to see them as I suggested, but did not want to post that it was the same for you.
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  17. #jonx#

    #jonx# User

    Personally i waited for the lf4 day now its here and i cant do nothing because all of my drones damage is 97 hoping the problem will be fixed for the spaceball.:D probably not. thumbs up for BP.
  18. ive just bought as brandnew laptop to play darkorbit and guess what what a waste of money it was !! also just re knewd my premium an i cant use anything with out laggin or just game crashing !!! IF THINK YOIU SHOULD FREEZE ARE SUBSCRIPTIONS LIKE REBATE PREM ETC AS THERE GOING TO WASTE KORPZE
  19. Back page is working fine for me now, all pages and tabs, so maybe that's the thing fixed?
  20. Referring to a team as flies seems a little un-professional but, I do see how the company does have priorities in their lives and that family is important. As a company as big as Bigpoint I feel an error like this should have caught someones attention, I work in a company and I know what Administration is like and an error like this would usually end up with a disciplinary. I am still thankful I can log because "I have still been playing the game and gaining uri" with the exception of some bugs. I do recommend lower level players be aware of how much you're playing and maybe for this time frame do something that will keep your self from getting destroyed, ie: the damage of your drones!

    The game is working now, I knew it wouldn't take long.
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