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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Solid_Eye, Nov 25, 2014.

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  1. Solid_Eye

    Solid_Eye Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    Greetings Spacepilots

    November's Dev Blog has arrived and we would like to hear from you.

    I will remind all to please keep the flaming and insults out of the feedback. Truly we would like to leave your posts intact for support, but we need your help to do that. So please, lets keep within the rules and to the subject matter :)

    Thank you!
  2. First, thank you for all the updates you have done so far! I love them.

    What I really wanted to say is about the LoW gate. As I read, the team wants it to be done as a team gate again (I mean, it is a team gate all the time. Reason why not everyone does in a team is because of the rewards). I am really, really against this. Why? First of all, not everyone in this game has friends around so they can do that gate together. Second, if I have some friends around, that means that we have to time well, which I don't think will happen much. I am at faculty, they are at work, have families. If DO pushes this update, that means I won't ever be able to do LoW, or once/twice in a month? This will lead to inequality, some teams will still camp it whole day and gain too much uridium, while most of them who are like me (most of the time hunting solo cause people around don't care too much for others except for their friends, or are busy in the real life and can't always time with someone else's life) won't be able to join the LoW gate and make their progress in game.

    I like to say that the idea of the LoW cooldown was great, really great. That idea will STOP EVERYONE from farming the gate whole day and with this new idea it will ONLY STOP SOME OF THEM (as I have mentioned above), NOT everyone.

    Thank you, and I hope this will get to the team. :)
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  3. Jurjstyle

    Jurjstyle User

    May be this gate from x-3 should be let as it is ( with a cooldown ) and in x-7 to be made a ,,new" LOW Gate more harder suitable for at least 2 players ...
    About the battleray , usually they are only 2 aegises no a clan so being a harder one won't solve problem but it will bring something new in the game .
    Training Arena is very apreciated but may be an update for the reward of 20 uri to 50 uri for a loss , would help a little the players . Also it should be a little bigger because is known the problem with 2 slow configs ... .
    The ammo limit capacity received probably the best feedback from the last few years updates so ..
    We're waiting Darkorbit birthday and Winter event .
  4. I still see nothing about making earning uridium easier and faster. Could you please give us official statement abour uridium, is there any hope you will make it faster to get? Do you realize that kristallons are still the fastest way to earn without cubes for a normal player and kristallons have been around since I don't remember. But the cost of the game has gone up.

    Tell me please do you realize this? And how do you feel about it? Competing in this game way too hard, I am not saying it should be easy but it is too hard.

    I have asked this now multiple times and still no answer. Please make a statement about this. New alien perhaps which gives better uridium compared to kristallon? Maybe you could put Melters in x-7 and x-8, they are worth shooting and everyone would be very very happy.

    Tell us how you feel about this situation! No I do not want random forum mod to say blablabla they have improved game so much blabla I want a statement that comes directly from someone who is actually making decisions about this kind of stuff. Quest system for example is nice but it does not help newbies... No uridium from the quests.



    You are moving to the right direction but there is still lots of things you seem not to have realized need to be worked on. You are concentrating to wrong issues.
  5. I totally agree with this. If they cut off the LoW now, our hope (the ones who play for free) will be either camp PvP maps and box or just shoot Kristallons. And yes, it will take a lot of time to develop without LoW gate.
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  6. whoeva

    whoeva User

    Just 4 replies so far in 3 days? Hmmm.

    Well, I am glad that you are rethinking the LoW gate but I share the opinion of others that say leave LoW gate how it is and make a new LoW gate for the upper maps. You could easily introduce your ideas for a new version of LoW gate in this way and so keeping the LoW gate for noobs that want a different challenge. Simple suggestions such as requiring minimum of 2 players to activate a beacon for example could prevent the gate being solo farmed if that's your desire. A cooldown time of an hour would also seem reasonable as an alternative method of prevent solo farming.

    I would also add please increase the limit of players able to enter as it's never been increased since the max outfit size was upped from 5 to 8. If you try to jump into LoW with 6 players or more in the outfit then it is not possible to enter it.

    You have to look at the reasons why players are being forced into the LoW gate and try to cure the disease not treat the symptoms. There simply aren't enough cubes to go around and with the cost of the game massively increased many people are greedy and selfish. As it stands LoW gate is a viable alternative for players that don't have other options and if you change it too drastically you might just drive them off the game and that's the last thing we need here.

    Increase the number of cubes / decrease the spawn rate, increase uri obtained from all npcs, make more powerful boss cubes or uber cubes in another map to make ufe leave x-6 and free it up for non-ufe players.

    As for the battle ray you can easily make that non-farmable if you wish to as others have suggested. Have it only spawn a set number of inters until you have no choice but to pop it. I know someone also suggested to give it a JAMX ability to stop aegis constantly farming it. So many ways to prevent that if you wish but if you simply add more rays then it will give people more opportunity to complete their quests.

    Perhaps you could keep everyone happy by leaving the ray as it is and adding more non-farmable rays to the maps, 5-1 would be a good suggestion for this as that map is dead to be fair. Too many of my newer members are struggling to complete their bray quests due to the only ray available being farmed 24/7 and this way everyone is happy.

    I think the increased demaner rewards was a good step in the right direction and am very pleased to be able to say that about this game but just 1 cargo drop is causing issues. Perhaps for the next demaner hunt you could make the cargo drops more like space ball where there's not just one but many. The overall reward given could be the same so say the 1 drop would have been 100k ammo then just give 4 drops of 20k each and 1 drop with a chance of special reward (lf4/havoc) or the remaining 20k ammo. This way more players might be able to feel they are getting something.

    There's so many things you can do to improve the game and bring players back into the maps and listening to and acting upon feedback is essential to this. Have you considered forming a census group of players because many of the changes made seem to be done by people who do not play the game and a well selected group of players are likely to be able to give you a different perspective on the things you are thinking about.
  7. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    Probably because we learnt very little from this one, no more info on Loyalty system, when the 3D mode is roughly coming etc. They are big fans of giving half-teasers that are sort of pointless, such as "we are going to bring some more excitement to the Arena ratings soon, stay tuned.", how do they expect us to discuss that.

    - "I have a favourite colour"
    - "Are you going to tell us what it is?"
    - "Yes, next month when I have fully decided"

    On another note to actually provide some feedback, for the LoW you have a sentence here:

    "Our ultimate goal is to create completely new, engaging, challenging, and rewarding LoW"

    This is nice, sounds good, however that's not where the sentence ends, it then goes on to say "... but that requires a lot of time".
    A lot of people will not want to sit through a long LoW session, I have trouble sitting through an Alpha in one go, let alone the thought of spending a couple of hours shooting effectively the same NPC but with different shields and HP.
    My suggestion would be make effectively an "Alpha, Beta and Gamma" version, for lack of a better expression, of LoW, so if the players are in the mood for a long gate then let them do it, if they only have maybe half an hour before having to go out then let them do the "Alpha" version etc.
    Although if this was done you would have to find a way to make the Gamma slightly better than the Beta and the Beta slightly better than the Alpha in terms of the average value per run of the gate. Maybe you could do something unconventional like in the Gamma version the NPC cargo would drop something that they wouldn't normally. That then encourages the player the kill and collect the cargo and not just race through it to the end boss.

    Edit: Is it really worth us giving any feed back for your plans for LoW when it is already in motion?

    <item name="msg_groupgate_not_enough_players_in_group">
    You need to be in a group of at least 3 players to enter this gate

    <item name="msg_groupgate_cant_activate_relay_because_npcs_are_alive">
    The relay can only be activated, when there are no pirates on the map

    Looks like you already have the gate planned out ...
    Why do you make this stuff secret? Why is it so hard to tell us what your idea for LoW gate actually is, it obviously involves a minimum number of players and having to clear complete waves - why can't you give us an idea of what you intend those waves to be like?

    Yes you will get criticism no matter what your plans are, but this way of keeping updates that will effect how thousands of people play get their uridium in this game effectively completely secret is a bad plan.
    In a game where the majority of players are sceptical from the years of game destroying updates we had between 2011 and 2012, keeping updates secret doesn't help anyone. However it will hurt you, the developers, the most if it goes wrong and people don't like it.
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  8. `Luke

    `Luke User

    I strongly support increasing the battleray's strength and reward. The poor NPC is neglected sitting in the corner not worth anything. Making it have a few million HP, and give out a few thousand URI, it would create a nice clan hunting NPC. We certainly need more bosses in the game that are worth having a group to kill, the ubers are honestly not a challenge anymore.
  9. good example of a bad up date TA was stuck in there for hours and wasted boosters logged out restarted comp and was there till server restart
  10. bigsteve78

    bigsteve78 User

    This game does not reward paying players. look solid eye, I'm from canada and I pay a lot of money for uridium that doesn't go far. you like eating food right and paying for your baby and your wife? Well I would like to help you pay for that cost in your life but not for what I get for $100 on mhh.

    The way I see it is that high income paying players are punished for paying money to the game, box doublers are AWFUL. it takes me 2 hours to make 20k uridium? wow. ok you want me to pay. I get it. those free players and venz ships are not going to pay your rent. but at this point in time I cant realistically come back to the game and my 3 clan mates on GA3, bushman, straphe and mr.zit who all paid good money to big point at SUPER HIGH canadian rates just can't justify it.

    We really want to pay money and enjoy the game, but we are going to need to see something a little more for our fat paypal transfers to you. Let us know if BP will ever change this for us and we will start funneling $1600-$2000/month back into your system.

    L8r dude, hope you guys figure out this game, it is unique.
  11. 20k uri in 2 hours, that seems pretty dam good.
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  12. Jurjstyle

    Jurjstyle User

    Yes but years ago , it was a lot better .. + after 3-4 hours the profit starts dropping so more than 50k uri per day is pretty hard .
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