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    NPC: Pirate Maps

    Interceptor.pngInterceptorall 5-X60,00040,000300-400Base players speed -207,5004025,00020
    Barracuda.pngBarracudaall 5-X180,000100,0006,00043015,0005690,00025
    Saboteur.pngSaboteurall 5-X200,000150,0004,000?22,50072125,00045
    Annihilator.pngAnnihilatorAll- 5-X300,000200,00015,000-20,00035075,000128250,00065



    Interceptors are Reaper aliens that can be comparable to Protegits,
    these aliens are unique compared to others as they fire rockets as
    well as laser ammo. They are small, fast, and deadly in swarms.



    The Barracuda is a Pirate alien that is known to go on a 'death run'
    when at critical health. Instead of fleeing, this pirate goes out
    with a bang and detonates after either 10 seconds or when it gets
    near you, inflicting roughly 20% damage, equivalent to a mine.



    Saboteur is a Reaper alien that has a special ability, it shoots a
    blue debuff orb at a players ship that dramatically decreases your
    speed, virtually holding you in place. An EMP will disable this effect.



    Annihilator is a Reaper alien that is poor all round for rewards.
    This alien hits much harder than most boss aliens you will find and
    can fire Elite Hellstorms.



    The Battleray is a Pirate mothership alien. Once in battle,
    it attempts to defend itself and deploys a swarm of Interceptors,
    just as the Cubikon does with the Protegits.
    It attacks with x4 ammo.

    The respawn rate of this mothership is 5 minutes.

    The Battleray is only located in 5-3,
    on the bottom right of the map.
    There is a Pirate symbol to indicate its location.
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    Battleray Rework FAQ

    Where is the difference between the old and the new version of the Battleray?
    The new Battleray is weaker than the old version as it deals less damage and has less hitpoints/shield. The rewards for killing the Battleray did decrease, too. Furthermore, it spawns only a limited number of Interceptors. The ranking points and the cargo box content remain the same like before.

    Is there still only one Battleray and where can I find it?
    The Battleray will still spawn on 5-3 maps but there will be four Battlerays distributed throughout the map.

    Where is the challenge for advanced players if the Battleray is now weaker than before?
    Advanced players will find a stronger version of the Battleray on PvP maps, the Deadly Battleray, which will be really challenging.

    What is it all about the Deadly Battleray?

    The Deadly Battleray is a stronger version of the Battleray and will spawn on a random PvP map. If it is not being killed within 20 minutes after it spawned, it will disappear and re-spawn at full health on another random PvP map. Of course, the rewards as well as the ranking points will be higher than for a regular Battleray.

    Did the Interceptor stats change, too?
    No, the strength and rewards for Interceptors stay the same like before, no matter if they were spawned by a Battleray or a Deadly Battleray.

    How do I know where to find the Deadly Battleray?
    Go to your settings and activate the notification for Deadly Battleray spawns. If that’s done you will get a server message in the game client once a Deadly Battleray spawns to inform you where it is located.

    If a Deadly Battleray was killed will a new on spawn directly?

    No, there will be a delay of about five minutes until a new Deadly Battleray will spawn.

    What’s the benefit of killing a Deadly Battleray?
    Despite of getting higher rewards than for the regular Battleray you will be able to get three new achievements for Deadly Battleray destructions.
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