NPC (Standard) Aliens

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    NPC (Standard) Aliens

    ImageName Location HitpointShieldDamageSpeedExperienceHonorCreditsUridium
    1a.png StruenerX-1 /X-2SEE LISTBELOW-Varies bylevel
    2a.png Lordakia X-2/X-3 X-4/ X-52,0002,0008032080048002
    3a.png SaimonX-3 /X-4 6,0003,000150-2003201,60081,6004
    4a.png MordonX-3 /X-420,00010,000300-4001253,200166,4008
    5a.png Devolarium X-3100,000100,000900-1,2002006,4003251,20016
    6a.png Sibelonit X-530,00050,000750-10003203,2001612,80012
    7a.png SibleonX-4 200,000200,0002,250-300010012,80064102,40032
    8a.png LordakiumX-5 300,000200,0003,150-360023025,600128204,80064
    9a.png KristallinX-6/ X-7 50,00040,000900-12003206,4003212,80016
    10a.png KristallonX-6 /X-7400,000300,0003,750-5,00025051,200256409,600128
    11a.png Protegit X-650,00040,0001,125-1,5004206,4003212,80016
    12a.png Cubikon X-61,600.0001,200,000No Damage30512,0004,0961,024
    13a.png StrueneR X-820,00010,000350-5002803,200166,4008

    1a.png streuner.gif

    The Streuners are the weakest and the first Alien to be found in the game,
    mainly due to them being on the starting maps, X-1 and X-2.

    Hit points 800
    Shield 400
    Average Damage 20
    Base Speed 270
    EP 400
    Honor 2
    Credits 400
    Uridium 1

    Reward and cargo reduction

    From level 7 and up, killing a Streuner in your own X-1 map
    will result in partial or complete reduction of rewards.
    Killing Streuners on your X-2 map will give you the full rewards no matter
    what your level is. Rewards from Streuner kills on home X-1 maps.
    Level Reward Cargo drop

    Level 6 or below. 400 EP , 400 Credits, 2 Honor, 1 Uridium 10 Prometium ,
    10 Endurium
    Level 7 200 EP, 200 Credits, 1 Honor 5 Prometium ,
    5 Endurium
    Level 8 100 EP, 100 Credits 2 Prometium,
    2 Endurium
    Level 9 50 EP, 50 Credits 1 Prometium,
    1 Endurium
    Level 10 25 EP, 25 Credits NOTHING

    Level 11 12 EP, 12 Credits NOTHING

    Level 12 6 EP, 6 Credits NOTHING

    Level 13 3 EP, 3 Credits NOTHING

    Level 14 1 EP, 1 Credit NOTHING



    2a.png lordakia.gif

    Lordakia are small alien ships that are made out of gel-like blue material.
    They are known to be annyoing but if found in large amounts,
    they can deal quite the damage to weaker

    Lordakia can be found in the following places:​

    Galaxy Gates
    Level Invasion Gate


    3a.png saimon.gif
    Saimon are fast, sleek aliens that are more powerful than the Lordakia.
    They tend to be troublesome when attempting to complete quests for other aliens.
    They are the fastest Alien of the Lower Maps.

    Saimon are located in:​

    Certain Galaxy Gates


    4a.png mordon.gif

    Mordons are slow moving alien ships that provide good cargo
    and EP for lower lever players.
    These cylindrical shaped aliens have orange spinning blades on their exterior.

    Certain Galaxy Gates


    5a.png devolarium.gif

    Devolarium are the lowest level of capital alien ships.
    These green alien ships offer great rewards at a high price.

    Devolariums are located in:​

    Alpha Gate
    Beta Gate
    Gamma Gate


    6a.png sibelonit.gif

    Sibelonit are the smaller versions of the mothership Sibelon.
    These ships are quick, have fairly strong HP,
    and do decent damage over time.

    Sibelonit are located in:

    Certain Galaxy Gates
    Level Invasion Gate


    7a.png sibelon.gif

    Sibelons (commonly known as Sibs) are the mothership
    aliens of the Lower Maps
    that has a large amount of HP, Shields, and an impressive amount
    of attack damage that is deadly to newer players.

    Locations D:

    GG Alpha
    GG Beta
    GG Gamma
    GG Hades


    8a.png lordakium.gif

    Lordakium are the stronger version of the Lordakia.
    These aliens are known to be very slow, but pack quite the
    damage with their homing squid attack. Fortunately they are
    passive and do not fire until fired upon.


    9a.png kristallin.gif

    Kristallin (also known as lks or little kriss) are aggresive aliens
    that are mostly found in packs and shoot any passing player.

    Kristallin are located in:​

    Several Galaxy Gates
    Invasion Gates


    10a.png kristallon.gif

    Kristallons(also known as BK and big kriss) are the much larger
    and stronger versions of the Kristallin.

    Kristallon can be found at:

    Level Invasion Gate
    Alpha Gate
    Beta Gate (x2 Strength & Rewards)
    Gamma Gate (x3 Strength & Rewards)
    Hades Gate


    11a.png protegit.gif

    The Protegit is a fast-flying companion to the mothership, the Cubikon.

    The Protegit can be found in:

    The last wave of certain Galaxy Gates.
    The Level Invasion Gate.
    The ??? map. (Also know as the Cubikon Graveyard.)


    12a.png cubikon.gif

    Cubikon are the cubed mothership aliens of the Upper Maps.
    They have extremely high HP, deadly damage output, and great
    rewards to match its difficulty. These are a passive NPC, until attaked.
    Any player that deals damage to the Cubikon constantly receives a portion of the rewards when killed.

    Cubikon are located in:

    In ??? map (also known as the Cubikon's Graveyard)


    13a.png StreuneR8.gif

    The StreuneR, a stronger version of the Streuner (found in X-1),
    are typically not a threat to any player who enter X-8.

    These npc will not attack until fired upon.

    StreuneRs are located in:

    Level Invasion Gate

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