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  1. Hi all,

    New thread for various open beta tests not specified in its own thread.

    Please post the date of the test and the feedback.
  2. Test date 10.01.2017

  3. I noticed the feedback button on test server at the time was for Refractor zone.

    I shot the demaner grabbed some boxes but im not sure if people were taking my boxes or if under some rare circumstance my boxes just wouldn`t drop or display after the demaner freighter was destroyed.

    So far I couldn`t intentionally recreate what I was seeing. First demaner freighter did not drop a box for me after I used to Advanced jump cpu to get to 2-4. The next one I flew to the map and saw the box. But the 3rd one after having flown to the map did display a box for me but it vanished under a pile of ships. This happened a several times where id either not see the box or I would see it and it would just vanish. I was never able to see more than 1 box so i`m not so sure players were taking my boxes when they were just vanishing.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.