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  1. What does the occupation on your pilot license mean?
  2. Freaky-do

    Freaky-do User

    It's asking you for your occupation.. Job title!
  3. But it already says that I am a free agent.
  4. Freaky-do

    Freaky-do User

    Hmm wierd!
  5. Do you have the same thing?
  6. Are you in a clan? If not in a clan it should say free agent when in a clan it will say what clan you are in
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  7. -Pacman2-

    -Pacman2- User

    Hi Arch^Angel, I also have the occupation as free agent I believe we are free agents because we are not in a clan.

    I guess if a player is in a clan there occupation will be what they have as a discription in their clan page.
  8. That makes sense. Thanks for bringing that to mind. Although I still don't understand why its called occupation.
  9. Hello ~~Arch^Angel~~

    Thank you all for assisting with thread.

    The little space where it shows occupation/clan describes your status whether you are part of clan or not.

    If you are a part of a clan it will show as below:
    Clan: ABC (Clan name)

    If you are not a part of a clan it will show as below:
    Occupation: Free Agent

    Do you have any further questions?
  10. Nope, you may close. Thanks!
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