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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Solid_Eye, Oct 2, 2014.

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  1. Solid_Eye

    Solid_Eye Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    Greetings Spacepilots,

    We do have a new dev blog post today, and we would like to hear back from you

  2. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    I understand you want to fix bugs, but have you ever considered what the LoW gate actually does for people? The cost of this game is too much, an issue you seem to have not touched upon, yet the LoW gate provides people with a reliable source of uridium that they still have to work for.

    Did you know that in 2009 it used to only cost around 1,000,000 uridium to get a full ship (not including extras - which were easily got off trade as they are now). Do you also actually know how much a player needs to get a full ship now? Well nobody does, because of the teams decision to make chance a critical part of the game - a thing that is almost unanimously hated by all players. However the estimated amount of about 30,000,000 uridium.
    The cost of the game has increased about 3,000% and your current focus is how to make it so players can make less Uridium from the LoW gate which they still have to put the effort in to complete regardless of bugs.

    Your development team is not popular with the players, have you ever stopped to wonder why?
    I would say it's a plus you are attempting to communicate with us more, instead its a disappointment when your main concern is how to limit peoples ability to grind uridium.

    As for the changes mentioned about 5-3 and portals, I think they are valid and well thought through.
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  3. blubbi99

    blubbi99 User

    True story

    Since there are pservers with everything fixed bp definitly lost..

    I think they need to think through the whole mechanic.

    I suggest make a rent-service with daily-prepaid-payment and unlimited ammo and i am in again else you'll find me farm uri somewhere else..

    but back to topic.. it's almost the same you did to the kami-gear for pet. player found a way to use it better then excepted and you patch it away. xD seriously..? it's a typical bp-move
  4. make cubes to respawn only 10 per day pff..
    lower all rewards from npcs 50%... shut down all ways to make uri in game yeah pff
    limit amount of palla we can colect per day and bonus boxes.

    dear do team you do everithing wrong......
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  5. Jurjstyle

    Jurjstyle User

    They do what is good for them ;) . For players only mistakes of programming / thinking before they are patched .
  6. fusion82

    fusion82 User

    i do not like the low gate cool down nor the idea of adjusting the rewards. players have played the game and developed a way to beat the gate in a very efficient manner using what dark orbit gave them without cheating!!!. this isn't a bug or a glitch this is players advancing in knowledge and tactics just like in the game, just like a fe player cubing solo AND WINNING. we need new players that have something to look forward too, a way for them to grow without having to break the piggy bank wide open. the kami used to do 90k damage at one time which was a big boost for players. having to have premium ($$) to make kami worth using just wasn't enough and so that was fixed/corrected to do no more than 75k for the benefit of dark orbit, this did not help the players at all , it restricted them. re working the low gate does not help us either. next cubes will be re configured so they can no longer be soloed by any one person eliminating the ability for players to earn uri efficiently. removing the possibility for a player to get good ammo, boosters, upgrades and other desirable items with in a reasonable amount of time. how many BK's or sibs does a player need to pop to get enough uri/credit to purchase an lf3 or a bo2 then factor in the time it takes to do that now what are you left with? not a very exciting game considering it takes forever to get ahead. and now you want to make it harder.

    the battle ray i have some of the same views on however one player fighting the battle ray is not going to make very much uri as you need more to really start to produce any uri. might i add you need premium ($$$) to do this also and it does use a lot of fuel. making more of them available i would agree with. maybe let them roam the map in the same fashion as a cube with a de cloaker like the hi tech to keep things interesting.

    dark orbit, newbies will always be complaining about veteran players having an unfair advantage of some type, either because they don't have the skill, know how/knowledge, or experience to that of a veteran player. i have not heard one of them complaining that the lf4 they received was un fair because their adversary ufe/fe/non-fe did not get one also. lets not forget the more damage your ship does the faster you advance in the game. is that an unfair advantage? no, so why should this be any different. if they know how to play all aspects the game, the forum and support would not hear complaints about matters at hand.

    im no genius, but if you make it too hard for players to advance they will stop playing as you see this now with over hunted newbies they don't play for more than a few weeks before they loose interest in what appears to be an unobtainable goal (UFE) and stop playing never to be seen or heard from again(='s less $$ for DO and less players to play the game with). the free/free with premium players are left out in the cold with this. a newbie can not solo a battle ray alone neither do the low gate alone so the rework of the low gate and battle ray interceptors will be of no benefit to them or to DO. this is going to affect the middle player between fe and ufe who has spent a very large portion of time building their account up to a point that it is now an effective earner that allows that player to purchase the necessary items for that player to boost their playing experience. if dark orbit feels that it gives player an unfair advantage then give/post a thread with directions as to how to do it so everyone can obtain/enjoy in the rewards. the low gate doesn't really give out much experience, honor, credits and the payout in uri can be done cubing in a equal time comparison.

    are cubes next?

    questioning DO intentions,
  7. fusion82

    fusion82 User

    i feel big points money and resources will be better spent fixing built in lag issues in the game that are affecting everyone along with producing more events that have more interesting rewards. i would love to see new bigger and better npc's along with new and improved ways to help players grow etc... not find ways to limit their players experience.
  8. "First question relates to the LoW gate problem. We have received a number of reports of possible exploits there, so that some players can get inadequately high rewards. While we don’t want to remove the gate or balance down the rewards, we would like to make sure that all players can enjoy it and don’t get unjustified advantages."

    If there is a way to exploit the game, should not those players who took advantage of this to be punished for it, as it says in your rules?

    If you do not punish those players who have earned several hundred thousand Uridium on this.
    The only ones who will suffer for this, is those who followed the rules of the game.
  9. "Fixes" ???


    When they spoke about addressing the group LoW problem I thought it was going to be the other way round.

    Idea for next update: make Uridium payment only and remove all NPC rewards
  10. also idea for next update: why bother with ammo cap just remove bonus boxes
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  11. elendilx71

    elendilx71 User

    If thoose that exploits dont get punished, whats the point in having rules ingame? The rules clearly says to report bugs, and exploits are illegal..
  12. whoeva

    whoeva User

    KrisKelvin, could you be a bit more specific on what you mean by possible exploits and inadequately high rewards because if you are just referring to a players ability to go into the gate and just solo the falcon for 5k uri that's not really an exploit as others have pointed out. If it's something more and a glitch is being abused then fix the glitch. Perhaps the cooldown isn't a bad idea since the gate is supposed to be a group gate (although only 5 can enter since you never increased that when you increased the max outfit size) but 6 hours is way too long. Maybe a cooldown on how long it would take a max outfit to complete the gate fully would be fairer, possibly 30 minutes?

    Don't really understand what you mean by "make sure all players can enjoy it and don't get unjustified advantages." There is currently nothing stopping anyone from enjoying the LoW gate besides not being able to get an outfit. Unjustified advantages refer to my previous comment. To be able to solo the falcon you have to have invested a decent amount of time/money so how would that then be unjustified unless you are referring to something else that's happening in that gate?

    As for the 2nd question about the battle ray: Finally you have recognised that there needs to be more than 1 on the server. To fix the farming issue why not just have it stop raging inters out after the third wave or something? Have you considered putting some rays in 5-1 as apart from a couple of quests that's a dead map as most have other hangars to avoid having to fly through it.

    +1 for actually getting a post out asking for feedback on what you're thinking about doing but perhaps you should spend time reading through many of the previous feedback threads and try to get some of the more serious things sorted out first?
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  13. SauronL

    SauronL User

    So they will allow us bugging falcon lol ! yay , im gonna to do some right now . And braying , yayyy some guys wont anymore farm uri or rank points on it

    I just wish to reset rank points for interceptors so all guys which were brayin for rank wont have any benefits from it against new players , etc
  14. noob quest 40 uri .. what can you get with that bin a noob? needs changing, npcs need more rewards cubes are solo now because of all the updates no one is willing to help anyone because of the cost of the game ,
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  15. SauronL

    SauronL User

    yes , they increased uri needed for game , but they didnt increase npc rewards , quests , etc - i really dont see point in gettin 15k uri for 400 ubk , usk quest xD

    btw i like it , its hard to reach ufe title
  16. Eh... I really do not see how this is an exploit. If someone is intelliqent enough to realize that by shooting stuff in that gate is best way to get uridium then so what?
    Should people be banned for killing cubikons if there are few people who do not know that you can get lots of uridium from cubikons?
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  17. whoeva

    whoeva User

    That's why I asked what KrisKelvin meant when he was talking about exploits as I agree, just going in and solo killing the falcon seems a legitimate tactic that is possible only because of all the expensive updates they brought into the game. Maybe if the rewards for normal maps were increased or the number of cubes were increased people wouldn't feel pushed into LoW to make decent uri.

    What about leaving LoW how it is (maybe with a cooldown but certainly not 6 hours) and making a new LoW gate for upper maps that is impossible to solo and requires an outfit? Beacons activate the next beacon in the same way that hades gate works for example.
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  18. POLICE

    POLICE User

    About low gate i say 100% no limitations. because players must have freedom what they want to do. if it come many players will stop play do. If you want do this you will become a fatal fault.
    If you put a limit on low gate. what will be limited next? Kappa's, zeta's?
    If it come i will stop play do.

    About 5-3 i don't know bcuz im never there.
  19. If you shoot NPC´s in the gate to complete the gate and to earn Uridium on it then it's no problem.

    But if you shoot 4 of say 100 and ensures that the final boss bugs out so you can easily shoot down the boss, and this will only take 10-15 minutes each time.

    Then it's a way to exploit a bug in the game. Which is not allowed.

    I do not want that BP ban players who made it just that they will recover their EP, Honor and Rank Points and ensure that they have to pay back all the Uridium as the've received because of this.

    And for the gate a cooldown is a bad solution. Ensure that the gate works instead.
    One wave of NPCs when the wave is done then the next will appear and so on until the final boss will appear, just like a gate.
    Simply doing so that it is not possible to skip 90% of the gate.
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  20. funnytnt

    funnytnt User

    I totally agree with u proinc:)
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