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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Solid_Eye, Oct 2, 2014.

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  1. padiddle

    padiddle User

    Two of us can go in there and tackle that in gate if one of us has kami in 4-5 hours or less. Without kami it takes 2 of us about 6 and a half hours. I myself can do everything but the Falcon in about 5 hours with kami. That's with x1. Neither of us being UFE. So I can see where there could be a problem with a UFE. I know there is some confusion with some that the npcs just re-spawn repeatedly and don't stop so they don't even try it. That is simply not true. The outfit gate is just like any other gate where the npcs do stop. We come out with maybe 10-15k uri a piece after killing em all. For someone like me though that is less then 5k an hour!! I would hardly call that abuse compared to what is being done to the cubes, which I haven't heard anything about, or even the battle rays. Even with as little as I make in there it is a nice place to go to get away from being blown up by other companies for a while and not have to put a whole bunch of time and effort to building one. I frankly sometimes just get tired of being blown up and this is a great getaway I can do on my own time. Maybe I am premium sometimes but I don't buy uri and dying doesn't help my temper and certainly doesn't help my honor. Also I can have clan members that can come in and out without having to wait on them to finish it. Of course I know that there may be more to it then what I know and there are people who can hit a whole lot harder then I can. If it is being exploited then I would have to ask how like everyone else is asking here or is it that you think it's more like the cubes and rays but I understand if you answered that you would have to pull the gate out. So if you can't say then I ask 2 things of you to either fix it or knowing that some problems are hard to solve even in coding just like the original forums..... Consider offseting the fact that you're gonna limit my use of it. Give us 20 gate spins and 10 log disks. Also I believe that 6 hours is too long a cooldown. 6.5 hours to do it for 2 people plus a 6 hour cool down....you would limit most of us to do it 1 time a day and if that's what you're trying to do just say one time a day and don't jerk our chains. Yes I know this was meant for an outfit but do you know how hard it is get that many people to do the LoW gate when it only pays that much? 3 hours at the most would be more fair. I know I am rambling on so I will try to wrap this up sometime today. I did see the idea of doing 1 gate in lowers and 1 in uppers. I seriously think you should consider this idea. To comment on your dumping people randomly into 5-3. People count on not being dumped in the map into a pile of npcs especially when you're a newb No this will not solve the problem. The problem isn't getting into 5-3 on east server the problem is the selfish ufes who don't wanna share. Then the newbs, who when on the map, shoot at people they have no business shooting at and gets everyone else riled up. The solution is actually simple and I know this is gonna get alot of folks mad. Spread the locations of the pally out across the map. Not all spread out like bonus boxes but more realistic like pockets on different parts of the map. This will force us to spread out and maybe eic could get a pile mmo get a couple piles and vru get a pile. As for the rays restricting the number of ints that come out ruins the whole purpose of the npc and why it was to go manic in the first place. There is a simpler solution to that also. You need to increase the hp and double the damage to the ints a little to make it harder to kill every time they go manic and eventually it becomes impossible to do by yourself. Just something to think about. Oh and whatever you do to it I am gonna hold you to the interesting, challenging and REWARDING. Too many times has Dark orbit added something and it turned out to be a dud. Anyways thanks for taking the time to read this and I look forward to seeing what you do. Thanks Padiddle.
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  2. again the devs listen to nobody , soon when there is no one to play who will they listen to then pfff, we need more battlerays for the players LOL WE NEED MORE PLAYERS U DIVS sorry typo DEVS
  3. An update to LoW gate would be nice, as long as its better than what we have now...More rewarding and something we would enjoy, instead of regretting the amount of ammo wasted for low rewards id rather enjoy turning ammo into uri at a good rate.

    More battle rays would be nice in 5-3 but limiting the number of interceptors would end another way to grind uri.

    And as for not appearing in a definite position and in a random spot in an area, does that mean the portals on the right side will be removed and smaller players no-longer have something to run to when overwhelmed by pirates or players?
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  4. whoeva

    whoeva User

    You raise a good point. Have the devs considered leaving the ports as they are for people that wish to travel normally and adding another jump port in 5-2 that jumps you into a random place in 5-3? This would be a fair compromise for players that want the ports to stay and for ones that want a random jump location (never saw this requested once in ideas forum tbh)

    Also, where's Rick?
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  5. padiddle

    padiddle User

    Clearly they're listening to someone b/c there are complaints about the battlerays and the lowers. While maybe they do have more then one motive for curtailing the battleray abuse I myself would like to see an end to it. As it's been said the premium account UFE members benefit from it only and everyone complains that it's hard for the people who don't pay to play as it is should we make it harder by giving away free uri? Also it's hard to do a battleray mission with somebody monopolizing it and they are clearly trying to do something about 5-3, however seemingly misguided, otherwise they wouldn't be bringing up random jumping though I will be interested to see how they keep someone from jumping into the middle of the mine field. Any of you think about that? How about you Solid_Eye? I know I have jumped into a radiation field a couple times. Yes I am thinking bugs because we certainly wont be reimbursed for the problems related to it. Anyways maybe our concerns and suggestions are falling on deaf ears or maybe not. At least when people leave no one can say we didn't try. Also how would u like it if Solid_Eye made a comment on here that he had to retract because he didn't make sure that others were in agreement? Now not only do all our suggestions fall on deaf ears but now the developers are liars. So put some suggestions in here or leave it alone. Though Solid_Eye it would not hurt to hear back on some of our concerns.
  6. The Battleray should respawn wheresoever...random. Lets be perchance :eek: in mid-maze :p. This would stop the farmers from becoming the next ADM :confused:
  7. PORG-44

    PORG-44 User

    Low gate: Initially meant to be a group gate... therefore have it like Hades, all members of the group have to in there for the gate to activate but by making an outfit commit to it then up the final rewards? (set a minimum number in outfit to be present in gate as well)

    Battleray: Simple, to stop the farming, have the Inters only spawn a limited amount of times, say 3

    At least its nice to see DO engaging with players again:)

  8. SauronL

    SauronL User

    I think they need to increase amount of uridium from NPCs , like x2 or x3 , and same for boxes and other stuff , cuz game , is still too much expensive. And not many peoples wanna pay thousands of money to be the best
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  9. Can someone correct me if I'm wrong , But isn't this the October Dev Blog Feedback thread. And as of yet there has been not a 1 answer from the developers team.

    I can sum up Oct well not just Oct but lets just say the last 5 months fast with a four letter word!
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  10. Ricky Diehard left DarkOrbit to do Krankinstein. It takes 9 months from birth to conception...give the new crew some time.
  11. These ppl are "trained programers" they should know how to do what there profession requires. That is what there paid for right? I can understand a few mistakes at the start, But to continue these mistakes over and over is unacceptable. If they worked for me they would be hitting the job search line! Have you ever see any other company of this nature to act and do the things that have been going on here for the last 5 months? I know I haven't. And then to go to a game show and lie to boost profits is a big no no. Ea sports lost big time for doing just that.

    I just think they need to step up there game, And right there wrongs. If they dont saving face will be a thing of the past!
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  12. I have been playing darkorbit for just over 2 years now, and now that i'm strong enough to solo cubicon, i'm hapy about it (now, to the point), i'm not going to lie, i like the LoW bug, as well the fact that i can do cubicon on my own, But it seems that changing the 'bug' and all, it's just not a good idea, what else must i do to earn uridium relatively easy? Look, i know bp is not trying to be annoying (understatement) but you have to admit that it would cost bp more, in terms of players, if they change too much...
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  13. As a fellow programmer, it's no as easy as you may think, it takes a lot of time to make or update a website, or in this case; a complex game...
  14. Reprogram bad code. Line after lies is hard :rolleyes:


    I am looking forward to the updates and can't really say anything since nothing is released yet, but 1 thing would be pretty important to me:


    -Oh and maybe increase the range by a few %?
    Spearheads can get away from everything pretty much....
  16. Sine the discussion of the ammo cap was brought up again I like many others are wondering when this is planned to happen, is there any timeline set in place? The box doubler is one of the games best investments yet not once your ammo cap is reached. While you do see benefits of higher gate spins and uridium, you miss out on tons of ammo. If the game is to move forward in the fare game play setting that the newest support has voiced then the ammo cap should be one of the plans. Not everyone is able to visit the palladium field due to some servers being over-run with clans that have a monopoly on them or most servers I have visited, there are far too many heavy hitting ships that patrol those maps. I understand that in the end every map outside of the x1 and x2 should be considered a battle map yet I also call on support to keep in mind the semi free to free player base that should always be part of the core base they strive to achieve.
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  17. I like the ammo cap limit being removed hopefully before the event box's start coming.
  18. What is the Lord of War issue?
  19. Not it is not that easy but is a lot easier then you may think. Being there code is written in githubs and hack pads that gives you a heads up to broken code. I do my own fair share of programming and have for years. Though most of my programming is old school c++ And VB. I to tinker in AS2.0. And updating a website is not all that hard. However adding new functions is a little more pain staking. And for me when i dont understand a program or function I decompile it and figure out how it should work and find the issue preventing it from working. Just as i did with the Lag issue the server was plagued with a few months ago. And in that thread everyone kept bashing me saying i knew nothing of what i was talking about. Just to have a Mod later confirm my findings was right on the money. These ppl are paid to do a job and to do it right the first time!

    Just a thought If you had a roofing crew come do your roof and the week after all the shingles blew off. Would you say they did there job right? I would hope not! You would want it fixed and your money back.

    Its always faster to do it right the first time, then to have to keep coming back and fixing the little things that are making it a larger issue.
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  20. Im really intersested what is going to happend to darkorbit in the future. At the moment I really want unlimited ammo capasity as fast as possible (i think many other players agree me :D). But there is couple of questions about this update:

    1. Does this also affect to rocket ammo capasity or only laser ammos?
    2. We have Veteran Designs to Aegis, Citadel and Spearhead. Those designs gives 5% more XP, Hon PLUS More laser and rocket ammo capasity. Now when you are going to remove at least laser ammo capasity, what is the plan with these designs: are they getting new benefits, like even more XP and HON or maybe some extra cargo space or nothing?
    3. I can remember that in this forum, at leat one year ago, there was already said about removing ammo capasity completely. So how long we need to wait to get this update?

    Just like always, I'm really information hungry player, so c'mon: FEED ME MORE >:D
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