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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Solid_Eye, Oct 2, 2014.

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  1. Doods

    Doods User

    must be all free players in here complaining. ammo cap? seriously? none of you must have over 40 million ammo. ammp cap getting removed does nothing for paying players that support all the free players. battleray getting fixed? bout time. LoW gate? lol i only touch kappas now. LoW is for new people/broke people while it is nice to see some changes for the new players. the loyalty idea sounds weak. been playing since jan of '08. would like to see SOMETHING for the long time players that didnt get ship banned or staged.
  2. <== both a Pay-to-Play and a Free Player.. I have more than One account.. and I enjoy my Free Player account the best..

    There is NOTHING more Enjoyable.. then Watching my Repair Botts.. DO the "Repair TANGO" while I sell what is left in my Cargo Bay.

    But I hate Seeing my LOG read: "YOU CANT Collect any Ammo because .. .." .. when my only investment is a BOX Doubler.. I get 10 of these " Double of NOTHING " reports in a Row.. and have pasted these in other Threads on this Subject.. between me and my SOUPed up Boxing Pet profile..

    When a Business can't/won't give GOOD Service to it's Customers.. even if it's Costing them NOTHING..
    What Should a GOOD Customer feel..

    These Pilots post because they or I .. see the comments and the ingame complaints from others.. less than 1% of those Playing this Game across all Servers will Post more than 20 times in Forums.. but We LOVE the Game we have been playing since 2008.. and Fear it's losing most of those We have come to know during that time..

    DUE to poor Customer Service Management.. and Respectfully attempt to BEE The Voice of those that Wont Post their Feelings/Concerns..

    I guess I could sell all my x2 laser Ammo and empty my Rockets but what will I use against these UFE.. my Leo is not full Lf3s are Bo2s yet..

    Damn, I need to STAY off Forums and Play more.. click..
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  3. While I may not spend hundreds or thousands on this game I am not a full time pay for play or free player. The concept is to remember this game is advertised as free to play and if you have no incentive for free players then you as a game company will see the amounts of players on servers as they do now. The ones who bash upon the free player such as yourself are the ones who fail to help the new players with anything. Since you bring up total game time I have been here since it was a few months old. No gates, no whites, no drones and say then as I say today that we need to keep the free player in mind. No one will spend money on any product they know nothing about so keeping that in mind there must be some incentive for people who find this game and wonder how well can they do before they spend money. Let us also keep in mind that requesting more information on a topic that support offered up such as removal of the ammo cap is not complaining in any way. Having 4 ammo or 4 million is not the issue. Battleray farming is something has been exploited since players learned how to do that. LoW gate has its ups and downs. I agree that people who have not been staged or banned should have something brought to them yet what would that something be exactly? The wallet warriors as many call them is what I can think you might be by your reactions Doods is not who supports the free players, advertisements puts in more pennies then all the credit cards combined. There is a direction here I hope you can see your remarks going and that is flaming people for discussing what was asked to discuss.
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  4. Omega

    Omega User

    the only think that sucks is that some players on my server still use pixel bots .not gonna name the ,but they do . u see them collecting bonus boxes in pvp maps all day and if u shoot them they stop . die . repeat ..
  5. Doods

    Doods User

    I dont disagree the game is too exspensive. they should lower the costs. the stuff for older doesnt exist. is the loyalty thing they want to indroduce count retroactive time? i have been mmo for over 5 years. I have never been staged or ship banned. I may be called a so called wallet warrior. This doesnt mean i dont think things should be cheaper. i WANT more people to play. All is ee are continuous changes for new players while i take the shaft. I took the shaft when they first changed ranks. i lost 2 years worth of rank points. then they change it again to take out certain aliens. which i understand for balance but it was at the cost of my time and money. lost all wiz rockets when they changed them. again uri down the drain. clans besides cbs being added and now being a joke have literally been unchanged. yea consider new players but i would actually like to see something for us older players who have to continually eat it due to Bigpoint, cheaters and exploiters.
  6. Doods Paying players do not support the free players. All the paying players do is feed the pockets. The adds support the free players. Like the new tab in galaxy Gate gen where you can watch a add for a free gate spin. Each time this is pushed the owner of the add agency pays out. This game would be totally self supported with out paying players. Do you know how much profit they made off of the 9th drone the first 4 days of release (nearly $2.7 million). And with the adds they make 48$ per 1000 visits just to the home page, Now figure in the click adds which bring in 68% of click price. So if the add pays 1$ thats .68 then say 100000 clicks are made a day = 68000 a day. Like I said paying players make there yearly bonus and expensive trips possible. Save your money And see the changes made. Keep paying out and keep getting low quality service.
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  7. You'all just Got to Luv DaMummy..

    Sir þå®å§¦†£,
    Thanks for placing Perspective into this thread, many Paying Players have gone to the same type of Clans. .

    Hunt Free players out of the game, Drama-Tize the remainder of those that are here to build their Companys and Farm.. they wont Fight each other because they DO-Nut want to waste what they have PAID for.. easy Weaker players are more numerous and cost effective Kills..

    This Muli-Company Clan Infection was talked about Ruining the Servers many months back..

    What we have is a wave of very common selfishness that once it's Runs it's course.. will cause BigPoint to Rethink its Own Strategy..

    Any Smart Company will look into ways to Tap into FREE Money.. and Click for Pay is one of these.. Free Players are Clicking away to try to get ahead.. but If Buyers don't Materialize.. Sponsors will pull away as well..

    Social Marketing has proven Businesses can get Paid for just causing a Clicking of a " Like " Button..

    click.. it or Ticket.. Fasten your SeatBelts.. we are in for a Bumby Ride.
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  8. Actualy if you include that you get everything with uridium like lf-4 upgrades hercules havocs zeus apis pilot points it will actualy cost you around 100,000,000,000 uridium :/ this means without buying rabate or premium!And this is just to much :/ iam playing this game since its begining at it was great game and untill then 3 of my accs got hacked....latest was couple of months ago idk how iam using bit defender total security...i buy best antivirus and lose my acc....my last acc someone hacked and tested bot on it:( and darkorbit banned me... they didnt even want to help me they said scripts got my acc that it was boting... and i never use any illegal programs and only answer was then some hacked me and they just didnt want to help me :( i asked so many times for help... and this all hepent after i was almost full hercules i was need 3 more and i play 10 days in LoW Gate 15 hours a day to buy zeus when i buyed zeus next day my acc banned... due this 10 days i did get 2-3 times a day DC from the game, and 5 times in this 10 days i had to do complete relog this means or someone was entering my acc or darkorbit scripts understud my LOW DOING as boting..and this game was so much for me....So this is my way to say good bye to darkorbit there is no chance iam gonna play again,because trying to get full acc again from nothing is imposible!

    DJXL.SA.TX User

    Hold up - Hold up with that thought there Nelly.... Don't mess with my cubes that's the only way I get uri for this game.... Uri is bad as it is and you want to make it worse. No way hosay that idea is just out of the question. In that case why not remove all NPC for that matter dude, and events too.

    Dark Orbit is not trying to lose players they are trying to attract more players to the game. By lowing NPC will not help the game in anyway but hurt it NPC kills don't pay as it.
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  10. DJXL.SA.TX

    DJXL.SA.TX User

    As for the Falcon in lower gates that is not an easy kill for one or 2 players..... I have tried to kill that on my own and it is almost impossible to kill for one player... I don't see a lot of players hunting in lower map as it is but it is necessary to have that lower gate to complete task.
  11. DJXL.SA.TX

    DJXL.SA.TX User

    Not only can scripts get you banned but the type mouse you use can get you banned too... The Razor Naga MMO gaming mouse will get you banned due the the fact that it uses Macros and the Bot identification software is scanning for that software as well.
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  12. Damn and Ive been Saving up all my empty Seprom Containers and a few Beer cans.. to buy that Mouse..

    Perhaps I will contact RAZOR and let them know that BigPoint is Banning players for the use of What they Wish to Sell..

    Why cant we Be Told the Rules.. Why Cant BigPoint send us a System Mail of these issues.. Why are We not Important to them.. Why DONT we have a Thread called.. " Equipment You CANNOT use on this Game "..

    I think I better Take my Old Gym Socks off the Wifi Attennas before I get Banned for IMPROVED Signal Strength Modification..
  13. DJXL.SA.TX

    DJXL.SA.TX User

    I see

    I guess Dark Orbit tells players once they get banned lol you can not use that Mouse from Hell...

    Oh might as well tell you the rest so no one gets banned

    I think your Old Gym Socks on Wifi Attennas are safe if they don't have macros lol

    No Razor Naga professional or expert programmable key boards. pads, or mouses allowed

    MACROS has built in Automatic so they say
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  14. DJXL.SA.TX

    DJXL.SA.TX User

    As for the ideas that development team has in mind

    Removing Ammo cap is an excellent idea... Imagine all the box doublers that are going to be sold for that matter.

    Now my quest is on that ammo cap being removed

    Is it only going to be moved once a players buys Box Doubler or is it going to be removed for all player to have the same advantage?
  15. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    Why would they do that, they have never mentioned ammo cap being removed and the box doubler in the same sentence.
  16. when is the ammo cap coming off?
  17. DJXL.SA.TX

    DJXL.SA.TX User

    You ask why would that do that? To make more money of course and sell a lot of box doublers

    I read somewhere in forums on a post that they were going to sell it with Box Doubler wanted to see if that was true
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  18. whoeva

    whoeva User

    If that is true then it's seriously wrong. Just because a mouse has software that is capable of running macros doesn't mean that you have to use macros on that mouse. It's the running of macros that is a T&C violation, not using hardware capable of it.

    It's like saying that driving a really fast car will get you banned since it is capable of going faster than the speed limit. Providing you don't exceed the speed limit there should be no problem just like using a mouse capable of running macros should be fine providing you don't use the macro functions.
  19. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    You don't get banned for literally using the mouse as a normal mouse, you will get banned if you admit in chat or forums that you are using the macro capabilities of the mouse. So you are right in thinking that they don't and it would be crazy if they banned people based on what their mouse could do not what it is doing.

    On a side note though, for things such as fighting, macros are really, really bad. They would really mess up with people fighting and make it so they can make changed during the fight to adapt to their opponent.
    DO still shouldn't be giving out mice and keyboards that if you admit to using their capabilities it will get you banned though. They are always completely mute on the subject when asked about it, "if we imagine it doesn't exist it might go away".
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  20. DJXL.SA.TX

    DJXL.SA.TX User

    Good point of view and explanation on this subject. I was not given all the details on it. I was just told that by support that the Naga MMO gaming mouse, pads, or keyboards are not allowed in this game. I asked them why it was not allowed they told me because it has a software called Macros. I will not say who told me to protect their identity.
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