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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Solid_Eye, Oct 2, 2014.

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  1. JASS

    JASS User

    I had a discussion in here regarding ammo caps and was totally not surprised by the uncaring, don't you know we don't care attitude of the forum moderator. Only way to get their attention is to stop spending money. They care about the clan spending the big bucks and cater to them daily so either stop paying or quit. Then maybe they will get the idea or have to look for another job.
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  2. JASS

    JASS User

    Don't get me started on who gets banned or not lol. DO bans people who threaten to expose them for showing preference to big spenders. As far as cheats and hacks been here 5 years and the big players are still here cheating and hacking every day. Lag issues happen when these players enter maps running their crap and most people know it including DO.

    DJXL.SA.TX User

    I believe that 99.9 percent. Cloak shooters coming out from nowhere blasting players.... Mouse can not lock on Enemy ships no matter how many times you click their ship, things stop working on your game page, the Dark Orbit music goes off playing full bast on its own even though you have the setting on music off and music still comes on and the list goes on and on.

    It has always been known that DO likes some of those players

    Yes, I have been forum banned for telling the truth nothing new.

    But they should not ban for a mouse that Dark Orbits promotes that is just psychotic. First they advertise Razor on all maps, then they ban you for using it what do we call that abnormal thinking? XD. Heck I remember the Razor give-a- way they had going on mouses, keyboads pads T-shirts and so on
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  4. bigsteve78

    bigsteve78 User

    The most important thing to do in this game is DON'T SPEND MONEY. I am on Ga3 and my clan of 6 stopped playing the game months ago. spend easily $200 a month a peice.

    Here are the things that need to change in this game:

    1) Increase Boxing. If I pay the bloody money, DON'T nerf event boxes, like the FIFA event. That is when I quit the game. increase box uri by 25% back to reasonable levels. Boxing should be the main method of making money through box doubler and rebates subs. every single player should be buying these because the boxing is sweet causing huge wars (and maybe loyalty will be sweet then)

    2) Increase ammo cap to 100k of each type and drop RSB rarely from boxes. the POINT of this game is pvp and we all want the old days of mass fighting. I want to compete in huge wars in the battle maps. unlimited is stupid, because wed never buy ammo on MMH, BP needs to make cash. but keeping the ammo limits so low is just stupid, you need 100k whites to fight in this game and not have to spend 5 days building a gate to enjoy 1 hr of pvp. This is a PVP game, BIGPOINT MAKE IT EASIER TO GET BACK INTO BATTLE.

    3) Aggressively hunt down botters and battle cheats: nuff said. got pretty tired of some SF guys in my server targeting me and not taking damage although I have mass LF4's and combo hits.

    4) People who spend money need to be rewarded. When we actually buy ammo and uri, give us something for it even if its a small token. incent the player to spend money but do not nerf the ability for the poor to get back into pvp after 12-14 hrs of boxing.

    and last of all and most important.

    5) Dont make stupid events. make them insanely profitable, the key to making money is to have constant fighting so ammo is being spent. as it is now, I may fight 2-3 ships in an entire day. I actually kill my own company lol. it should really be 200-300 a day so that I am bleeding ammo and want to get back into the fight; thats when I drop $100 to get ammo and get fighting because the fighting is intense and constant. As it is now there are a few clans with billions of ammo gained from illicit staging and botting for years and I cant even justify the uri spend to fight them, so I just quit and all my friends did and moved on to better MMO's
  5. Streuner VS UFE

    How long would it take a Streuner to kill a UFE ? It would take about 2 weeks for a streuner to kill a UFE with streuner shooting UFE 24-7...

    That is what it is like to be a peanut. Noobs should be given more fire power
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  6. JASS

    JASS User

    Don't be so arrogant. This game started out free in the beginning. Your attitude towards players that don't have big bucks to spend is the reason we now have empty maps. You know why?? Because there is not enough paying players to keep the game going. So to be so stupid as to think you are so much better than free players I suggest you get your buddies into the game and start spending more becasue if you don't you can whine in another game when Dark Orbit is history.
  7. Doods

    Doods User

    Free players pay salaries? Im confused. also im not whining, i play 3 other major games (cant name them or i would) how about you spend some money and then you and all your buddies can whine about not enough stuff for free and new players. old time players free or not along with me got shafted many times. the new stuff coming in is just more quest grinding. how about i been here since 08'. it was as free now as it was then. I am just gunna wait and see what happens.
  8. JASS

    JASS User

    For your information I do spend money and plenty of it to have a better experience.But you can't blame free players for the issues.MY buddies don"t whine about free stuff.They whine about the money people running noobs out of the game because they are bored because the game does not offer more wether it's free or not. You need to let newbies get a chance to grow like we did.Not use them as easy targets.
  9. TitanAce

    TitanAce User

    First question relates to the LoW gate problem.

    6 hour cooldown - Good idea, for those who don't really need to make URI. Now what are you planning on putting in place for those without hundreds of dollars to throw at galaxy gate spins and boot keys so they can have a chance at getting Apis, Zeus, LF4, Havocs and Hercs. Without a means of making decent URI in a PVP free environment many will be further disadvantaged.

    Idea for LOW;
    Halve the amount of NPC's that spawn, spread the spawns so that once a certain amount of existing spawn is destroyed the next wave spawns. Then change the way the Falcon spawns so a large percentage of other NPC's have to be destroyed prior to it spawning.
    It should be balanced so that a group of no less than 3 need to be present for the power relays to be activated. (at least 3 members of a group need to shoot the relay at the same time for it to activate)
    The repair station present in the gate should be able to be used to re-spawn upon destruction and for group members to run to when in need of repair but with a limited "safe time" to discourage just sitting there while others do the killing of npc's.

    - - - - - -
    The second issue I would like to discuss is the Battleray availability.

    Access to the Battleray due to clans or companies dominating 5-3 is less of an issue than access to the palladium. When high ranking members of your company suggest you "switch to X Company" if you want to palli, it shows how unbalanced some servers are.

    Having a group jump into 5-3 and appear at random places around the map is not going to help.
    The problem of gates being camped is the re-spawn position after being popped; you as a member of MMO (who's portal is at the top of Palli) get popped in 5-3, you respawn on the closest portal (or 1-8) which happens to be EIC. So unless you are going to grant all companies Demil Zone privileges on all portals in 5-3 (a bit silly really) changing the way you enter the map from 5-2 is somewhat pointless.. In fact jumping in from 5-2, the only way to enter 5-3, is relatively safe - you enter to a demil zone so can't be shot until you leave it's safety.

    Regardless of where or how you enter 5-3 , the fact 1 Company or group of clans from 1 company dominate the map is not going to change. As soon as that group see your group on or near the Battleray, you are as good as back in X-8.

    Split Palli into 3 sections (MMO, VRU, EIC) with entry portals and respawns appropriate to company. Each section would be separated by a mine field like the one leading to the exit portals. This would still allow enemy companies / clans to invade other sections of the map for PVP but at the risk of the mine field.
    Each section would have a battleray with no need to reduce the amount of interceptors. The battleray would share rewards with whoever is shooting it, thereby discouraging any individual or group from holding it for themselves.
  10. If you nerf or make the LoW gate and battleray even harder then it won't be worth doing. It already very hard to complete on your own, but some honest players have spent hours working out strategies and maneuvers to beat it. If you mess with it, there will be no way forgood honest players to get good enough to enjoy the game PvPing because without a source of uri to improve, those who bot will be rewarded.

    Does bigpoint want a game where good honest players suffer and cheaters are rewarded?
    I sure hope not, because if this is the case then we all may as well just quit.

    The game is already difficult enough, especially with those players who have become rich while botting was unpunished, popping all those who play honestly, fairly and properly.
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