Old Darkorbit NPC issue

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Seraphim, Mar 31, 2014.

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  1. Seraphim

    Seraphim User

    Not a big issue but i presume many people would remember devolariums:

    Yeah see that huge retro-green coloured elongated tank.
    well it used to have a huge locking range, meaning players could click virtually anywhere on the devolarium to lock on to it.

    now observe the new design:

    A lot smaller than they once were.
    That's not the point though.
    The issue is that the new devolariums have the same locking range as the old ones did. if i was to click on the mordon on the left shown in the above picture, i'd lock onto the devolaium. I've tested my hypothesis over 50 times and all show the same result. The developers haven't corrected the locking range for the devolariums and it's not a trivial issue. If an enemy player was hiding under a devolarium i would click them but lock the devolarium, the same applies to locking other npcs when a devolarium is nearby.

    I hope something is done about this.
  2. I miss the old devs, they look better than the new ones I think. Everything now looks too compact. Have you tried moving around so that the mordon isn't as close to the dev? What exactly are you having issues with, locking on to a dev or the range of their attacks?
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  3. veritas

    veritas User

    I agree, I've noticed this. You can't click on an NPC or anything right next to a dev without locking the dev. It's a bit annoying. I do move away to get them to move out of range of what I want to get, but it doesn't seem right.
  4. Seraphim

    Seraphim User

    My point is that if the devolarium was a sibelon, i would easily be able to lock the mordon as close as it is now to the dev. but when the devs there, i can't lock the mordon. Instead it'll lock the devolarium.