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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by ZabusXant, Dec 9, 2013.

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  1. ZabusXant

    ZabusXant User

    Can a switch be introduced to change between old and current laser graphics?

    I really miss those big old fats we used to have.

    If the answer is no then please explain why..

    Let me hear you? :)
  2. No just No. Games have to change things every once in a while. When the old fats changed to the current ones, no one liked them at first but they begun to from on people and now more and more people like them. I know for myself I love them. They also changed all the lasers the thin and thick lasers because they needed to change them to improve the game. For example the old thin lasers had bugs and problems with them and they needed to change them. However they couldn't change the thin lasers without changing the thick lasers because it could of caused problems for some people.
  3. Game is evolving, so the old things are replaced with new ones, deal with it :)
    Life is change :)
  4. Exactly my point well said :) because if there were no updates people will get bored and quit the game
  5. ZabusXant

    ZabusXant User

    well I didnt lose anything for asking :) thanks for the opinions
  6. There is nothing wrong with making a new idea it's always a help for the people in the game :)
  7. No, this has been brought up thousands of times and the answer will always be no. I don't understand why people feel the need to post the same things over and over and over again. The answer was no the first time and its not gonna change...
  8. I think that it's kind of obvious that the fat lasers will not change to old ones :L
  9. -Pacman2-

    -Pacman2- User

    I guess you have not followed want has been happening to DO over the last few years.:rolleyes:

    By a very long way the updates not boredom, is the major cause of players leaving the game or not staying for long.

    However; of all the thing the op could have made a thread about, fat should be way down the list.

    It would seem at the moment, the new forum has produced a desire for many to post quantity rather than quality posts.

    So I guess we will see a few more such threads before it settles down
  10. I liked the old fats... :(
  11. ANgry.mN

    ANgry.mN User

    yea We miss old fats
  12. cooljak96

    cooljak96 User

    Everything has changed as far as graphics. The old fats wouldn't look in place with the new updates they have made.
  14. He's right. Besides this idea had been suggest a-lot of times, but it won't be implemented 'cause 1: they got rid of the codes for old lasers when they changed the graphics 2: it wouldn't look right. Lol
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  15. although id like to see them i dont think they would bring them back
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  16. BP can put in display options "Lasers" here you can choose between old and new, this will be great because so much ppl dont like to shoot new lasers because old looks great and powerfull

    also my opinion is that with old lasers i had less lags than now with new

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