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Discussion in 'Speakers‘ Corner' started by TheRealSic, Nov 27, 2022.

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  1. TheRealSic

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    It's Sicilian, CO founder of NFG, a ex member of 2012, LNF, etc, Friend of AlienSmasher & Jjdragon. RIP both, good brothers. cptcooter an so many other's, I'm attempting to make this post ( old player ) for help , knowledge/education, etc.
    I tried returning to game an ran into some issues. So I had to use an old backup. Seen many things have changed... After years of being gone, I no longer have same pc etc an dont remember any of the old TeamSpeaks etc. Anyone out there from this Era or and who knows me? Reach out, message me. To those who can't seem to login under old username/password. I recall once before Alien gave me a different link an it worked but after that departure from game tts been long time an my OG username n pass doesn't work. I'd give more details but that has to be in private. Just a old player started D.O. 2011/2012 on my original. Was always more into wars,hunts then gates etc.
  2. Hey welcome back, I showed this post to SCOOB[NFG] he said he remembers you very well and we still play, please reach out to us so you can join our discord. Do you know how to use Discord?
  3. TheRealSic

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    My discord 曹操#5952 if any trouble adding me give me yes n I'll add u.. An yes I remember scoob

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