Old School Players???

Discussion in 'Meet the Players - Who's Who' started by Thrillber, Jul 11, 2014.

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  1. Thrillber

    Thrillber User

    looking for some players from the past. RazeHell aka Don
  2. did you play west server ?
  3. EAST 1 Old School right here :) user since 9-11-09
  4. Old school means prior to the bio and backwards :D User since: 09-12-2009
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  5. you can kinda call me an old player XD User since: 27-12-2008
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  6. I was here before BIO. I was here when promi was the best rock and FE ment you could hang with the best.
  7. SauronL

    SauronL User

    MEMBER SINCE:04-04-2009

    I was afraid to jump to 4-3 and i remember how i went to 4-2 and then to 3-5 how i was afraid to jump in :D
  8. Oh yes before the Advanced Jump CPU, you never knew how big of a stack was waiting on the other side. Now all the pvp maps are dead :(
  9. I started playing 2 weeks after the game started in December 2006. But I didn't get addicted till April 2007. And I played for 4 years before "retiring" then coming back for 2 months and then leaving again till I came back recently.
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  10. MEMBER SINCE:30-07-2007

    I was ranked number 1.:rolleyes:
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  11. kona-king

    kona-king User

    player since 07-08-2007. Remember when green lasers were the strongest, and a lot more players played the game. Miss the old days.
  12. Qwsazxcde1

    Qwsazxcde1 User

    User since: 15-06-2008
  13. Are-U-Sure aka Don aka VRU_Legend
    RazeHell aka Patrick
    The legendary leaders of LCT on US East 1
  14. I started in 2008, old npc's and ship designs, back when you could park bks bbks, and them stacks, they were so funny. Massive fights that lagged the game out in battle maps, the game has deffo gone downhill, still trying to figure out the whole "reloaded" thing.

    You cant polish a turd, but you can roll it in glitter.
  15. Doubt you would know me, I went by many names:

    Possibly even more, but I am KilerStreak now :>

    PS: FemmeFate, if ya happen to see this, remember me? :>
  16. I came in just after bio came out...
  17. Started the game "User since: 09-07-2009" was named stevo_13 for awhile then changed my name to MûяĐєяĐσĻĻš around late 2010. Used a few other names but aren't known.
  18. I´m not very much following this english forum:D But this waked me up.
    User since:04-09-2009 UsaWest
    I´m playing online and offline all time.
    I´m playing 4 servers all time; one day at server then another server a day or so, begin to play 2008!
    I Love this game!
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  19. -grudva-

    -grudva- User

    play since 2009 on east 1 member of IOA with Big Mike and Vanja Car and others bt i stop play cuz durante and money from jack pot arena . Im casual player now