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  1. back when goli was the ship everyone wanted and yes i also remember jumping through a portal to find about 8-10 red names there and instantly spamming the jump button again xD
  2. Oh Man.. Ive bean away Way too Long.. now Ive lost my Account Info... Still Searching but Seems like what We all Feared wood happen to Our Favorite Space game of All time.. Has Happened..
    Today is 3-02-2022 and seems like the Very Issues we Fought.. Wrote and Pleaded Admins Address.. has taken Hold.

    Yes Im ΜΞĠΛ♠ĦÙЯ╫ʐ of the MMO West Coast Server.. Server Champions Overcoming Years as the Servers UnderDogs..
    I hope All my Friends and Enemies are Enjoying a Peaceful Healthy Life.. I know We have Lost some to Covid 19 and I dont Look much Better.. lol
  3. im new compared to you all xd i started 28082010 i think thats when bio was new xd
    whan i started there was no battlerepbot for example xd

    this is from 2nd acc the profile xd

    greets fonik 911 / robin199444 was 1st name xd
    ps im from sk2 to whats now ge3 and now playing on pve server becus im more of a pve player xddddd
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  4. im 25 i happy that i lost no one ig but irl i lost my grandmother to it i called her moeke
  5. this is me btw xd

    for the info (LID SINDS: 28-08-2010) srry for me native language xd
  6. -BlazeIce-

    -BlazeIce- User

    I’m about, I wonder what ever happened to johnny1980 and marz attacks

    What up boxer
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  7. Paladin from KMCD clan...wonder where they all are now :confused: :cool: :eek:
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  8. i played this game when it was new for a few months, i was a regular player but somehow my account vanished n my descent stuff gone lost soul for it after tht just click n boom no descent trading and crafting system mining is not really a thing in it either, the game is good for passing the time it has alot of potential to be something a whole lot better!! if they want new players they need to sort out trading n crafting! thts why eve online has so many players because everything is player made and traded im starting this game over from the start again and it feels like nothings changed except u have pets now! n lots more ships, im only playing right now cos nothing works on this rubbish laptop im using and i cant log onto eve online... id play this game over eve if they just gave us better trading and crafting i like this game its not the worst game in the world its just lacking in a few areas!
  9. 90% of the ships are controlled by bots, they don’t fight with them, there are still cheaters who wind up anything for themselves, so it’s a very bad idea for the players to trade themselves, even at the current auction most of the bids are made by bots
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