Old School Players???

Discussion in 'Meet the Players - Who's Who' started by Thrillber, Jul 11, 2014.

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  1. My ship was old UFE before I returned in october of 2020. I currently have almost all proms including pet, most of which are lvl 16, 1 17, and I even got pet lasers for outside invoke competing damage which 2 are lvl 16 and the rest 13 cause i don't have oil :'(

    Farming gates is not that hard, I did it in the past time before they added the weekend % off. People are just trash are grinding in this game, hence why they botted for years on end. I know what I'm doing, which makes it simple enough. You need, what, 150 abr for a lvl 16? That's literally nothing.
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    Farming gates might not be hard for you, but accumulating enough energies to actually build them - for some - is quite tough if you don't have the uri to spare on spins. And, as I said, for some gates you only get a very low amount, such as 2, for them. It's ridiculous.
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    Doesn't that only give indoctrine oil?
  4. BP and mission objectives and sometimes event missions will give more abr.
  5. 20 each
    and also in the battle pass, there is also fast, easy and you can get a lot
  6. Its been awhile. Hopefully i'll see you in the game. You can message me there or here as well. Its good seeing some familiar people still come around here. =+)
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    Don't get much more old school than me. Played a version of this game, before this game was online. Was a demo version, on a CD-Rom from the back of a computer magazine in the mall book store,lol. I think it was 2007.
    ROCKIN-RON here.
    Hello my friend, ΣVÏŁ_ŠİŦĤ
  8. Old player myself.
    Unfortunately my old account is long gone.

    Username: Ð♦È♦Ä♦†♦H♦W♦Ì♦§♦H
    (Note: This account is not related to the old one.)
    Company: VRU
    Date created: 12/11/2006 (American date wise.)
    Country origin: USA (Ft.Richardson, Alaska.)
    Server: USA West Coast 1
    Rank: Colonel
    Account abandoned: 5/17/2014
    Account status: Automatically wiped from existence by console due to inactivity.
  9. As someone who has this pleb on his server, he's not that old school a player and is a known liar lol. Claims to have been lvl 34 when it didn't exist.
  10. I'm sorry, do I know you?
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    MEMBER SINCE: 03-12-2012
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    Yeah, I played the single player version that was preinstalled on a computer back then by wildtangent. I've played this since summer of 2008.
  13. Hey brother!! How have you been???
  14. The beta for this game came out in December 06.
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    Things have been crazy but but much better now. How about you?
  16. Doing real good. Retired..started a new job....wasted time on here.
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    Very nice, glad everything is going well.
  18. Member since 2011 with current SK2/GE3 account, first account was a year older but back in the day I didnt know you weren't supposed to take those grey cargo boxes and got millions of negative honor and decided to just make a new account :D

    Do you know what the cd looks like or is it playable anymore? I recently found out abut this singleplayer demo CD and have been looking for one, currently have 2 promotional CD's in collection and neither of them work anymore