Old School Players???

Discussion in 'Meet the Players - Who's Who' started by Thrillber, Jul 11, 2014.

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  1. saturn7

    saturn7 User

    23-08-2008. Don't think I've ever spent a dime here.
  2. Bruno[APO]

    Bruno[APO] User

    Been here since January of 08. Started my sixth grade year and am now in my second semester of college. Most probably know me by my current name. Missing the huge PvP battles and not being charged an arm and a leg to keep up with the big boys. Then DO got greedy and the turd hit the fan. East 1.
  3. Late 2008 on US West... back when you had to shoot bk's for promi to hunt.. if you were hitting 28k you were a boss! DO's greed has just about killed this game off. New players have ZERO incentive to stick it out and even get 1/2 UFE. Not only is it even more expensive than ever to be truly competitive in PVP, I hear most servers now are being ruined by a few players declaring war on everyone and laughing when they get people to log out cause they are unable to do their thing in the game. DO seems to be ignoring it while the servers quietly die off. Good job DO.. I hope those few players that are bullying the noobs to quit are dumping enough $ into the game to keep the servers whirring.
  4. User since:04-03-2008
    US East1

    I miss CM Pegasus :c
  5. I've been playing since December 06 global europe. My name on Global Europe was .lightslayer. .lightslayer.1 .lightslayer.2 .lightslayer.3 lightslayer .darkslayer. I believe my first name was LightMatter.On west server my name is Revival and on west I have played since 2012. Damn near 9 years since I've been playing. I don't use forums much and I have messaged support countless times. Where in forums can I voice my complaint because?
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  6. i play the game with my old account since 2010 and the game isn't so changed i can't remember a lot of changes besides aucction
  7. Had multiple free accounts on different servers finally spent a little change on US East 1 in the fall or Winter of 08. Like to
    send some shots out to RAGE clan in MMO my old clanmates, Woodster56, Iceman22 and all my solo killers there.
    Also shouts out to One clan, SD and 12 for all the awesome fights.

    Retired that account in 2010 Now I'm on US East 3. So shots out to LSF clan and our allies on East 3
  8. Hello to all i am Black_Werewolf eic lvl 8 and im from Macedonia-Skopje
  9. Swarlson

    Swarlson User


    Great_Predator from US East 1. Started on 20 March 2008 (2588 days since registration).

    Residing in GA5 Server currently. :)

  10. I first joined DarkOrbit (GB1) sometime in 2008 , I can say for sure I miss how simple everything used to be in regards to the interface and client in general back then, everything seemed to be more lively too for some reason. Although I didn't spend an awful amount of time online as I only got to level 12 before I quit until this year. Sadly I lost my old account(s), but I'm finding making a new account more enjoyable now, it was a bit more difficult as a newbie pilot I found back in the day. It seems leveling up between the levels of 1 to 10 now fly past as apposed to back then I found it a bit more difficult to try progress through the ranks, but nevertheless the game remains to be awesome!
  11. Been here on East1 since the game started.
  12. Started 2006 on Global Europe server, Moved to Global America when it opened then later started on US east coast were im still looking for a good fight ;)
  13. User since:10-05-2009
    Player activity:6,526 hours
    I have been playin a little longer back when ...

    lost my first 4 accounts.. PC burnt up, in a Battle with a Cup of Coffee.. :rolleyes:

    Hey, has anyone Seen ==> "BabySealHunter".. I finally found my Skin :oops:.. and I'm Itchin fer some PayBack..:mad:
    RodHammer and a Grip of others were my Buddies and Heros..

    aww [Ή€ĿĿ] the "Good Ole Days" were so much Fun.. Defending Home Map.. 1-1 against both EIC and VRU.. Raids in the number of 40 ships.. We sent em Packin.. now.. its hard to find anyone on the Maps.. :mad:

    West Coast Baby.. :cool:
  14. Hi all,

    The foot master here player since 22/11/2008 GB1. Started of in CS (Cosmis Samuris) then went to I4I (Eye for an eye). That was in year 1. The joined RAGE been there untill very recently when i joined SOLO to get AP in the top 30 lol. Will be re-joining RAGE again soon.
  15. Seems like forever i have been playing this game . Cant find anything else that hold my interest .
    User since:30-01-2008
    Player activity:4,717 hours
  16. MEMBER SINCE:17-09-2009
    PLAYING TIME:2,754 hours

    im not 2 old school lol i did starts be4 then on another account called the sweeper named after a film i watched a few days be4 now im on gb2
  17. MEMBER SINCE:26-12-2007
    PLAYING TIME:7,465 hours
    Guess I qualify as old school. Wish I had started a month sooner and I would have been in the 'first year' group. Play East 1 but have other accounts on 1, 2 and 3 and used to play GB1. Only playing my main on US 1 these days. About all I can deal with there...lol

    Really miss the environment of the game back then. So much better. I was lucky to experience it, making many friends along the way.
  18. relax

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    User since:30-08-2009
    Player activity:10,099 hours

    Am I old or not ? Never used bot, never exploited bugs, never broke any rules.
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  19. Hello to all im DarkOdmetnik eic lvl 7 from Macedonia- Skopje
  20. OrbitGuru

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    i started east 1 when urageek and buddha were the big bad, oh and x-1 maps were NOT safe.. so terrifying leaving port in those days haha
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