Old School Players???

Discussion in 'Meet the Players - Who's Who' started by Thrillber, Jul 11, 2014.

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  1. I guess I am an old school player I dont know due to my age I still feel young. Started playing dark orbit when I was 13 years old xd On the East 1 :D

    User since:04-08-2009
    Player activity:4,181 hours
  2. GB1 only and forever.

    My first account:
    User since:28-07-2008
    Player activity:323 hours

    My main account:
    User since:15-11-2009
    Player activity:3,478 hours

    Many other accounts included.

    Previous names include:
    -=[ Elfen-Lied ]=-
  3. Old School Player myself GB1,
    had an account before my Darkhorse account for a couple of months but can not for the life find the login details!

    MEMBER SINCE:09-12-2008
    PLAYING TIME:5,821 hours
  4. KeyCarlos

    KeyCarlos User

    i dont know if i should call myself old school

    as i started playing in GLobal America 2 in 2009 till 2010 .....

    then gone to GB1 from 2010 - 2013 and stopped for 1 year now back to playing 2015 .....

    anyways my past name were

    LightBringer[VRU] (GA2)
    -Hardstyle-[SLK] (GA2)

    HardstyleGA2 (GB1)
    Cyan1997[HALO] (Gb1)
    .Key.U[ENVY]me. (GB1) < copied the name from alexbrown

    and right now im using
    Llamathrust (GB1)
  5. -»orfa«-

    -»orfa«- User

    Started in 2008 on gb1 but account was hacked 2012. Loved the massive fights as mentioned before, but jump chip destroyed all that fun. Anyways, started playing on ge3 again 2015 but I set up the account years ago so sort of a rebirth for me.
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  6. Old School player found this game on Garena nickname omairs played for quite a time server shut down then moved to us2 played for 2 years then moved on to US3 but now there aren't enough players here, so looking for a good and crowded server to start
    Old names:

  7. Back in the good old days when you could hunt x-1.

    This game has changed so much over the years. Some for better some for worse.

    Just need the good clans back and fighting. LCT, IOA, GOD, SD, WiL, 300. Back when 1000 players online was a regular thing. Populated maps beyond current players wildest imaginations.

    I remember holding hundreds of players on there x-1 base in a big boy. Fun times.
  8. You make me cry remembering those times comparing to now ;-;
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  9. I started playing DO in 2007. My main toon was Deb22056™xDD[300] and I was in the 300 clan "This is Sparta" which was EIC on the East Coast server. Our leader who started the clan was Venom[300]_R.I.P_. Venom and I made it to the top ten along with Phoenix_Dragon_DD, _wolfchanze_, admiral_picard, black- scorpion -, 76ers, engel, L -physco-dragon, and spacedoutpirate if anyone remembers those players. The 300 clan was the No.1 clan at the time along with LCT, the Legion clans, BWD, 23E, =E=, EAE, LX, USP, just to name a few of the top clans at the time. [removed] I started playing again in February of this year after playing Eve Online for 5 years. I still have access to my main toon but I started a new toon in VRU on the East Coast 1 server by the name of StormArista. Things have greatly changed in those 6 years I have been gone. No more epic gate battles and now to compete you have to be a wallet warrior to become UFE. So if anyone out there remembers me please let me know. I would love to know if any of my old comrades are still playing.
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  10. PowerMad

    PowerMad User

    Member since 17-09-2008... East Coast 1. have always went by PowerMad, originally VRU, now MMO... certainly miss the good old days.
  11. MEMBER SINCE:23-02-2009
    PLAYING TIME:12,544 hours
    No, I never botted. Double tank citadel in palla and put on diamond lol. Never went inactive until they took away shield degeneration.
  12. lol i know right? I did the same thing, but the less intelligent players who played even during those times still think i botted XD
  13. im a old member of darkorbit 1-29-2000
    im a level 24 on my other account :p
  14. Holey Kolyme...2009 here...lucky You had 1 advantage :D
  15. DarkOrbit didn't exist in 2000.
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  16. Playing since 2009, but started to play it seriously from 2013.
  17. Started playing since 2008, but got more into DO at 2011. :)
  18. Ya sure bout that lol
  19. Pretty sure, considering this is our 8th year
  20. I couldn't find the founding date of DO anywhere, but I am pretty sure that DO was founded 2006 or 2007.

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