Old School Players???

Discussion in 'Meet the Players - Who's Who' started by Thrillber, Jul 11, 2014.

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  1. US West.. about 3 months after it started on my original acct. Actually had 1 star Leonov (it_slices,it_dices) and my 2 star main (bloateddead) at the same time.... before hangars. >.< Bring back an old client server! I'd pay a subscription for it!
  2. Wilken2002

    Wilken2002 User

    I have been know by many names:
    ώïlќεṉ2øø2™€ÐĶ²-LDR, HEKTORofTROY™GTSC, Casper™(EDK), ĶÁ~ßŐŐМ™[12]

    I started in 2008 on GB1, moved to USA East 1 in 2009. I was also on USA east 2 when the server was 4 hours old.

    My clan on East 1 is named [€ÐĶ²] Elite Destruction of your Kingdom never reach a high rank but we managed 9 clans totaling 300 plus members till the release of the pet and lf4 which killed this game.

    I made BOMB clan on west server with the help of AZsteeler (a very well know player from 12 clan on USA East 1) and we reached the 4 spot on clan ranking I believe until the game soured many of my members again causing them to quit.

    I am currently playing USA East 3 as BΛÐ●ÇOMPΛNY™[βØMβ] In the No.3 ranked clan [✪PoU] Punishers of Uranus, still finding a little enjoyment in the game but I wish DO would start making the ships easier to build for new players. Player numbers are far too low and the game is getting really boring.
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  3. They are leaving cuz of the 80% of UFE's flying around and popping them even in x-2..
    The balance is out of hand and it makes them want to quit..
  4. Here I have been playing sense 09... Makes me remember of the time when the game was truly equal. Now you have to ether push to ufe or get left behind.
  5. -Pacman2-

    -Pacman2- User

    Game Name ...Zeus...
    Player statsUser since: 07-05-2008
    Player activity: 5,166 hours

    mostly stopped 2010 all but totally stopped 2012

    uk server 1
    first played in 2007 but forgot the password on that one so decided to start again.

    2008 -2010 was the best of darkorbit. with around 2009 being the most populate time for the game.
    I had ( I guess still have ) an accounts on US east but that was more of a chat account. than a competitive game account.
  6. Blasphemer

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    My game name is ROCKIN-RON, and am definately an old-school player. I have been playing DO almost since it started on one account or another. I was originally in NOLE clan in MMO. I have been in all companies over the years, but now have came home to MMO, where I started. I am level 22 UFE , on EAST 1 server, and used to play West server , also, so hello to all my my old west peeps :)
    User since:22-08-2009
    Player activity:7,119 hours
    Rank: Major
    Last edited: Dec 17, 2015
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  7. Name
    Player stats
    User since:28-07-2008
  8. Dogcat

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    played before any goliath designs, blaslzy. remember when enforcer came online, it was pretty cool. didn't play for a long time and my account seems to have been deleted. i would have been pissed if i had paid real money, but yeah, lost an old full elite. everything is crazy now, huge levels of mountainous tedium to grind, seems endless. pets, cool. bio, cool. lf4, why not. extra drones, ugh. upgrade everything with uridium subjected to a fail percent, ok, seeing a trend here. i hate the concept of drone formations but the way is plays out is really cool. designs are super cool, a variety of ships is what we needed (since it was always about the top ships).

    what brought me back is the very fundamental nature of the game, not big fish little fish part, but the moments of zen: the simple maps do a good job of conveying a sense of endless space, and the game provides a feeling that nothing is safe.

    i miss the old blind auction though, it was unique.
  9. Boxer Baby! What server are you on now!? And yes Old school East 1. When greens were the strongest and promi was the best ore. There werent even any galaxy gates lol. I remember fearing DiscHead... And I remember later popping him and 2 of his buddies all at once.
    User since:05-09-2008
    but bad thing is lol
    Player activity:1,770 hour
  10. us west server
    People are not leaving because they are getting pop it was like that when i start playing ...people are leaving because the price to be competitive is to big back when i start all the top gear could be acquired from auction only pilot points and ammo that was separating players Now you have to do almost 150 gates to get full LF4 then another 40 for hercs and 40 for havocs after all that you need to upgrade them
    100k uri per LF4 (45x100k) 4.5 million
    100k uri per B02 (15x100k) 1.5 million
    100k uri per drones (10x100k) 1 million
    110k uri per gate (213x110k) 213 million
    then another 2 million for pilot points
    Total 222 million uri these are average cost because the gates are still depended on luck
    Glad i was able to build my ship in waves to acquire the gear if i should start now i would definately quit
    and that is the next step for me i stick around to reach top 5 on my server so unless the game start growing i will just move on i have nothing else to prove in this game i am down to $12.99 on boosters 2-3 hours a day cubing 1000 cubes a week and once i am completely bored of that i will just QUIT
  11. still here. just me and my crickets :D user since 7-17-2008 . original name was Flanker27m. switched to current name in 2010 when i came back to the game after an enforced absence.
  12. i am [SG1]STARGATE[ONEIL] ive been on the game 5 years now im old school love the game :)
  13. morbitron1

    morbitron1 User

    21-10-2010 dont know if that s old school but many many of the players are gone and all the new ones have lots of cash in thier ships i really cannot compete since i only play not to often any more more of a money game than before huge ships with lots of equipment only bought not deserved as i see it iv put in a thousand some hours since i started lagg is still bad when icys or a really loaded ship comes by still fun but pretty costly good to see low prices for a week of premum and doublers thats the only way i can keep an account since i have to work a real job and pay bills
  14. The majority of new players don't have "Cash" just "programs"
  15. Pyro

    Pyro User

    MEMBER SINCE:24-02-2010
    PLAYING TIME:1,822 hour

    Do I qualify for this?
  16. AS alot of yall know xGEMINIx[GUN] :p, "ex trouble maker haha" anyways 2007-09-09, anyways the game is a pile of... at this time, so i play my xbox :p
    Oh yeah EAST 1
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  17. Rookie_vG

    Rookie_vG User

    east 1 Oceanus in God clan. Those where the days i recently came back
  18. H-Town

    H-Town User

    Creation Clan

    Yo, just a DO head. 21-04-2009
  19. The original Wild Tangent game is described like this "The game came out in 2001. There is another completely different game with the same name, but more recently developed. That new game is a 2D space MMO. However, the original Dark Orbit was a sort of 3D top down shooter that took place planetside, with you controlling a mining vessel. Here are a couple screenshots." When that was sold to bigpoint, the version of Darkorbit that we know was created. So, the game has been around for a long time. My husband has been playing since the beginning, 6/16/2001, and I came along a couple of years later. Took me a while to realize the game was more than I thought from watching him play. My husband, going through some intensive rehab after a terrible accident, found this game and started playing it while he was rehabbing from his paralysis from the accident and has been playing ever since in one incarnation or another. Our current ships do not reflect our original start dates, but we've been here what seems like forever. We both remember no outfits, no skylab, no x4s or rsbs, no pilot bio and the coolest ship on the maps was the big boy. If you had x3s you were a god. We ran from The Punisher, The Contender, Bad Company, Captain Cooter, Memphis, Captain Howdy and QDL4. You can check out the original game using this link.

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