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Discussion in 'Meet the Players - Who's Who' started by Thrillber, Jul 11, 2014.

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  1. OrbitGuru

    OrbitGuru User

    thats amazing! lol they need to bring it back to that camera angle and all. itd be like a whole new game, instead of maps they could be different planets and such
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  2. PopUrDead

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    oh man, i've been playing for idk how long xD not quite as much as a lot of the other people here but...

    whatever happened to ONE? the EIC clan from ages ago. I've been gone for ~4 years, so I don't know what's going on anymore...

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  3. OrbitGuru

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    they all quit in the same week. a few visit once in a while but generally they all quit around 3 or 4 years ago.. shut down a whole department of support because of the financial loss from what ive heard lol
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  4. 26-10-2008 is when I started...Used to go by SpaceCaveman... Went away for several years, recently returned...and I must say, VERY disappointed! There's like NOBODY PLAYING on the east server anymore!!
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  5. DimeSlime

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    User since:21-12-2008

    US East 1, never changed my name, was in VVF for most of my time here till they went inactive like most older clans did, took a bit of a break here n there but always been around. Nice to see some of the old school people here, tho im still a noob ;)
  6. User since:02-04-2009
    Player activity:675 hours
    Server: USA East1

    Started playing back in 6th grade and now wrapping up my first year of college. Spent many summers playing this game, but school and wrestling kept me relatively busy, so I didn't wrack up the playing time that others have on the server. I do remember the classic clans like DBD, JD, LNF, and ONE, and it was always my goal to build up my acc and become a FE goli like some of those guys. Miss the old client like crazy, many good memories and long nights playing. I currently find myself working towards the unobtainable and very time consuming goal of becoming UFE. I REALLY hope DO starts advertising and getting some fresh blood on the server, its sad to see what it has become.
  7. kaansakal

    kaansakal User

    MEMBER SINCE:21-09-2008
    PLAYING TIME:3,075 hours
    Scandinavia 1
    Started playing when i was 12, now i am 20. I love you too DO :)
    Who is here? :)
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  8. :rolleyes:To the MODs. that read this Stuff..

    Truly seems that Our Favorite Space Game.. Creators/MindBenders/and Suggestion Takers..

    Need to Change the Prescription on Those Rose Colored Glasses.. :eek:

    See Ive Taken Mines off.. and Im the Best LOOKing Martian Here..o_O

    Seems that Most Servers have been Suffering the Same FATE.. We have Failed to Keep the Free Players in the Game..:(

    Human Nature of the Day.. says.. " Who Cares " ' Money Rules.. I want to DO My own Thing"..:mad:

    Old School Daze were FUN..
    Programmers DO the Bidding of the Major Stockholders.. Profit above ALL Else.
    DO Nut seem to be Working too well.. Maps are Dead, UFE Accounts sold to the Highest Bidding New Comer and Just Bully the Weak or Under Machined Old Schooler ( PC Processing Power DOes Matter).. results are..
    These Just Quit loggin in..:oops:

    But then the Forums are Cool too.. "Pew.. PewPewPew.. KaBOOM".. but No Graphix..:confused:
  9. Wow this thread bring back some memories. I don't think my "player since" information is accurate since I've lost the log in information from my original account but I started playing DarkOrbit when I was maybe 13 possibly younger? I've been uber ever since flying with DBD, NFG,LNF, and (not proud to say) a few MMO and VRU clans in the days when the game started to decline. I stopped playing a year or two ago when keeping up with the UFE's became impossible. I had a 12 drone Goli with all havocs and even a pretty decent level pet and the likes of AlienSmasher and the rest of my clan (when I flew with NFG) could still melt me in a 2v1, them being the 1. Really do miss this game and I wish they'd make some changes to make it playable again but hey, some things are better left in the past right? Just like annoy-o-matic T__T
  10. User since: 08-11-2007
    My little global europe account =)
    Miss the old times, but I dont want them back.
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  11. .Darkent.

    .Darkent. User

    User since:19-10-2009
    Player activity:120 hours
    well it was a funny story... back in `09 i broke with my gf, she broke my laptop so i was left with a low spec pc, which couldn't run normal games.. sooo i found that flash games could be a lot of fun! i have no idea on what server i'm playing on, but i'm part of EIC. i just recently came back to the game to find that almost all of the EIC players are gone... To be honest its not much fun and im still wondering if i should invest time here.. Anyway, i hope to see the glory of the past! :)
  12. You could find what server you are on buy using the GLOBE icon in top left of Back Page and looking for the highlighted server or looking in the address and the first portion is the server, like us2 or us3.
    I am not quite as Old School as you, but it was a lot more enjoyable when we had 4 G G's to be done, Skylab to get our credits and Boost, and people had to invade enemy maps using Jump Portals instead of Jump Chips. The game has come a long way from back then, and not all of the change has been for the better. I know progress has to happen but I think D O took a wrong turn somewhere and lost sight of the ENJOYMENT we old timers used to have in the game. This is evident in the numbers of us that have left the game for better pastures in other games. I keep hoping for them to come to their senses but have stopped feeding the monster called GREED.
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  13. USS-Aries

    USS-Aries User

    Started playing from almost the start of DO and flew just credit ships until the lenov was launched and spent 5k uri (original price) for the Jedi fighter look alike and hunted vengi's and big boys on my home maps for a few weeks then the Lenov got nerfed as it was to powerful. Then came along a copyright issue and DO had to change the design of the Lenov. There was no skylab, boosters and more time was spent collecting rocks to refine for speed shields and weapons and BB's were just a by product of rock collecting. HH was so random and rare if you blinked you would miss it and of course the Sunday afternoon lag with mass map invasions. If you had three rings you were a God and if you spotted some a red player with three rings you ran with the hope you could get away and jump to safety. The good old days had there ups and downs but were a lot more fun.
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  14. Odin®

    Odin® User

    Been here 7 yrs myself before the server switch and gate wars was fun as heck .... I got some pics of running some of the gates in 1-4 back then and to see a hundred or so enemy ships [eic] one day or [vru] another was awesum .... There was no Advanced Jump Chip-1 and green ammo was the Boss ammo ... I used to be in clan [NOLE] and went to clan [ODIN] ... [NOLE] , [ONE] and [GOD] clans were constantly warring and I had little chance of building a ship worth flying .... I finally went solo and boxed up enough uri to purchase a Vengi and 4 Irises , couldn't shoot blue ammo yet but I had a start at a fair ship that cuts like a knife ... At that time I was playing a game called Final Fantasy 8 and about midway in that game appeared a character named Odin that came to save the day and disposed of an unbeatable foe. That's when I did a clan search for the word Odin and found a clan called [ODIN] , read the clan description .... It was a MMO ship building and social hunting clan so I sent my app. and a description of my ship and equipment to demoyre - clan founder . I was accepted into the clan and banking got me to FE/Fully Equipped for my Vengi... 10 lf3 .... 10 7900 speed gens and 16 bo2's .... I used to do escorts for other players to the upper maps back then and ran into a player called maudel22 .... after some support and chatting she sent her app to [ODIN] ... as one of the clans routine we would assemble up on Sundays at 1 pm Eastern time at the port-gate to the 3-4 map and clan hunt ... heck there was demoyre , FreeFlyingFool , oddd58 , Lokism , maudel22 . idahofiregod , and myself .... Yea ! those were the days .... the good as well as the bad ;)
  15. OH your making me cry from the many great times then. Fly Safe, Tobydoby
  16. ]eggy[

    ]eggy[ User

    Hi everyone I'm cyberspace from gb1 server played this game from when it first came out was great fun ..quit 5 years ago with all the other big spenders on gb1 ,,now just log on now and again on my cyberspace noob account much more fun than being uber elite ;) but still think the game is too expensive for a flash game lol any way back to my other game for now ;)
  17. Dynabi

    Dynabi User

    I played 2008 to 2009 and came back about a year or 2 ago.
    og af ;)
  18. Odin®

    Odin® User

    I would like to thank JosephineEarp and OrbitGuru .... for this .... I'm looking to see
    if this can be played in another platform on today's devices
  19. This must be a different incarnation than this as the first year of this Dark Orbit was 2006 not 2001.
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  20. Twotam1

    Twotam1 User

    Think I started playing in 2009 or there abouts. Played a couple years anyway, got to FE. Account was deleted years back.

    Played USA East, Daddyo, VRU, Etched Hull Clan. They had two clans going, one for players lvl10 and below and for 11 and up. Was cool looking forward to being able to move up with the big guys.

    Those were indeed the fun days to play.
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