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Discussion in 'Meet the Players - Who's Who' started by Thrillber, Jul 11, 2014.

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  1. Pinz32

    Pinz32 User

    That was the original "Wild tangent" version of the game. It was a standalone single player game. Bigpoint purchased the rights and launched it as a multi player online in late 2006.
  2. User since24-07-2008
    Player activity:4,959 hours
    Smitty/ WarPaint/ EyeballPaperCut/ and a half dozen more. Played a different account originally, but this was when i committed to the game. Man oh man, the joy, frustration, outright anger at times if I'm honest. GSC for comms, or even using chatzy to have private-ish chat outside of the company/global options in game. I have played 20+ servers over the years, held colonel or higher rank on 4 different ships on 3 servers at one time. Yeah, I had a problem...lol.
    Great to see Daddy and SpaceCaveMan from the old ETCH days, Bloated from out West, and Moose (KAL) Boxer(SD and others) AZ, Eraser (12) from East . SOD as my clan became has fostered hundreds of players into the game across East/West/GA2 primarily. I've quit this game nearly as many times as Ive returned. top left port in 3-7 was a flurry of activity, if you could get up there thru battle maps. Stealing a cube cargo for some prome to hunt with , then boxing up some ammo, good stuff. Check that avatar ! Damn that Goli looked awesome didnt it?
  3. OMG the GSC days lol, it wasn't a bad way to communicate, but TS became 10x more useful lol.

  4. YO Boxer Baby! Long time! U still playing?

  5. Funny isnt it how much the game has changed over the past 8 years. I was watching a 1 vs 1 Vid before and they went for like 5 minutes. Must have to spend 12 hours doing gates and collecting resources these days just to stroll through the bmaps. Id hate to think how long it would take someone to max out a ship from scratch now.
  6. USSR 73 here :) still old shool in usa1
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  7. -Hellkite

    -Hellkite User

    Wow, the number of US1 names I recognise in this thread. I'm going to drop by and say hi. I think I was early 2008-ish. I've since lost my original account and can't retrieve it.

    I'm -Hellkite- and that's pretty much the only name I've used with the exception of satirical bursts. EIC all the way through, and I played as the clan's Vengeance bait and chase ship.

    I hail from an era where:
    - MCC was frowned upon and KOS by everyone.
    - Green pewpew meant business
    - Ships looked like they could actually fly in space
    - Sibelons looked like an elaborate toilet bowl and people portal bounced flakes
    - Everyone, their dog, and drone, who had at least one gun was eager to jump in on the pvp action anytime anywhere

    I guess I can now admit I enjoyed:
    - Camping 3-1
    - Stacking with MMO to kill VRU in 4-X
    - That retro GSC / TS2 experience
    - Running. Alot. My K:D was around 100:1 nicely padded with dead Phoenixes

    Ok, I didn't just bash noobs. I spent most of my time in battlemaps with [D†K]. I'm also the guy who hated gates, and completely refused to do them. The clan collectively quit shortly after the introduction of Pilot Bios.

    CAUTION. Images may stir nostalgia and cause mass uprisings.

    1) Some random time when I still flew the Goliath (yuck) but at least the stacks were real:
    2) Random contribution by a friend:
    3) Ending the game with 2 stars and missing the old days which won't ever come back

  8. Howdy, I played when the graphics were as bad (good) as they could be and when 8 drones was the limit, when 40k was the hardest anyone could hit and when you saw someone from another company and shot, rather than being on the same clan >_> Neotoxicblitz was my name and I was ranked around 250 until my pc gave up, only recently come back as vaargo blight... pretty sure I won't be 250 again but I'm not going to be botting to get there.
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  9. Wow, it's like the who's who of dark orbit
  10. I'm the same, been a player since 06-12-2008. Got you beat by 21 days LOL Glad I am not the only one. Remember when there were only greens lasers as the strongest?! Now it's mid tier laser. hahaha

    Wow!!!! Big Mike use to pop me all the time back in the day! And it was an honor to be popped by Vanja Car!!! I died trying if you want to call it that LOL My username use to be JoelBeBadd in EIC on the East server. Wow...good times man, good times:)
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  11. Mr.kolari

    Mr.kolari User

    i start skandinavian server 3.8.2008 Many years many years :)Here info how many little aliens i have kill :) And i have do 482 fighting base
    7,840 hours
    -=[ Streuner ]=-047300
    -=[ Lordakia ]=-0123510
    -=[ Devolarium ]=-415136052
    -=[ Mordon ]=-2503110062
    -=[ Sibelon ]=-511405700
    -=[ Saimon ]=-2847516950
    -=[ Sibelonit ]=-3455513665
    -=[ Lordakium ]=-65213126
    -=[ Kristallin ]=-352065156195
    -=[ Kristallon ]=-815564124512
    -=[ StreuneR ]=-27211442
    -=[ Protegit ]=-32393771811
    -=[ Cubikon ]=-10374137410
    ..::{ Boss Streuner }::..45402160
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  12. strahotno

    strahotno User

    User since:30-05-2012
    Player activity:1,696 hour

    Alien typePoints per killKillsTotal points
    -=[ Streuner ]=-027990
    -=[ Lordakia ]=-076540
    -=[ Devolarium ]=-47803120
    -=[ Mordon ]=-232326464
    -=[ Sibelon ]=-55542770
    -=[ Saimon ]=-245219042
    -=[ Sibelonit ]=-321336399
    -=[ Lordakium ]=-64262556
    -=[ Kristallin ]=-31105233156
    -=[ Kristallon ]=-8401232096
    -=[ StreuneR ]=-2834116682
    -=[ Protegit ]=-32135264056
    -=[ Cubikon ]=-102032030

    ..::{ Boss Streuner }::..44151660
    ..::{ Boss Lordakia }::..44621848
    ..::{ Boss Mordon }::..83512808
    ..::{ Boss Saimon }::..87666128
    ..::{ Boss Devolarium }::..161151840
    ..::{ Boss Sibelonit }::..122603120
    ..::{ Boss Sibelon }::..20661320
    ..::{ Boss Lordakium }::...241694056
    ..::{ Boss Kristallin }::..1290610872
    ..::{ Boss Kristallon }::..3233810816
    ..::{ Boss StreuneR }::..8212817024

    For the time I have played in total compared to you...I win. Lol
  13. Mr.kolari

    Mr.kolari User

    Yes im waiting you couple years if you play so long :D
  14. Sapphire

    Sapphire User

    False. Even if I double your regular aliens (because @Mr.kolari doesn't have anything else either, I didn't counted the boss + uber), you still have killed less aliens than him. Roughly for you it's 10 years of playing, vs. @Mr.kolari 9 ½ years. :D
  15. Odin, If you find that it is, let wyatt and I know. Thanks a bunch!
    Wyatt had the code for it and it would run on a virtual machine, but with the new Windows incarnations, it's hard to run.
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  16. nhy1320

    nhy1320 User

    User since:21-01-2015
    Player activity:111 hours
  17. OrbitGuru

    OrbitGuru User

    MEMBER SINCE:24-10-2009
    PLAYING TIME:3,169 hours

    been hard to play the last couple years. nothing worth doing these days
  18. nhy1320

    nhy1320 User

    im a noob
  19. NATASKILLER, here and reporting for dutie...

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