Old School Players???

Discussion in 'Meet the Players - Who's Who' started by Thrillber, Jul 11, 2014.

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  1. derthvader

    derthvader User

    dertvader like 2009 hi took long break totaly diff now
  2. User since:27-10-2008

    USA west been known as many a name currently flying as -PØK€YJØ€- but yea been around for awhile always on the same server
  3. AtomicZoe

    AtomicZoe User

    East 1 Same name since 2009
  4. Name
    Player stats
    User since:09-12-2008
    Player activity:199 hours
    Rank:Chief Captain

    ORIGINAL ACCOUNT: 2007-09-09

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  5. 7of9

    7of9 User

    USA West 12-22-2008 VRU and still plugging along... Miss some of the Good ole peeps
  6. Germany 1
    Germany 5
    USA West

    Global America
  7. =Aspazja=

    =Aspazja= User

    PL1 - since 7-06-2009
  8. east 1 since 06-12-2008
  9. 2008 player here. GA1
  10. Mr.kolari

    Mr.kolari User

    -=[ Protegit ]=-32594977847
    -=[ Cubikon ]=-10390939090
    ..::{ Boss Streuner }::..45942376
    ..::{ Boss Lordakia }::..49343736
    ..::{ Boss Mordon }::..85994792
    ..::{ Boss Saimon }::..87455960
    ..::{ Boss Devolarium }::..161462336
    ..::{ Boss Sibelonit }::..125036036
    ..::{ Boss Sibelon }::..201673340
    ..::{ Boss Lordakium }::...243418184
    ..::{ Boss Kristallin }::..128377100524
    ..::{ Boss Kristallon }::..3270722624
  11. Gudinden

    Gudinden User

    Sk2 since 10-3-2011 and still on Sk2 :D:p
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  12. -=[ Protegit ]=-3757822734
    -=[ Cubikon ]=-10123812380
    ..::{ Boss Streuner }::..416666664
    ..::{ Boss Lordakia }::..4317312692
    ..::{ Boss Mordon }::..8236418912
    ..::{ Boss Saimon }::..8699255936
    ..::{ Boss Devolarium }::..16131521040
    ..::{ Boss Sibelonit }::..12313237584
    ..::{ Boss Sibelon }::..20144328860
    ..::{ Boss Lordakium }::...244447106728
    ..::{ Boss Kristallin }::..1217744212928
    ..::{ Boss Kristallon }::..324036129152

  13. This thread is wonderful and it's making me so nostalgic. I don't really like all this UFE business. :p

    I started in 2007 on East1, but my account got deleted due to inactivity.
  14. been hoping for a comeback of users for the longest time, logging in here and there in between events just to check and log. haven't played, but was just a routine thing to log in. the early years have been a great ride. Thanks for the fun.

    User since:21-08-2008

    Signing off, Long live the VVF. Fly safe and Take care.
  15. I started either late 2008 or early 2009 originally. East 1 I was in mfv the entire time basically. went up to become co-leader right until Aegis came out. I left right after the new ships came out, and came back, left, and came back now in East 2. Makes me wonder if there are still some people I remember back in East 1. I was originally afuturepilot, then Dustfinger87, then Armazindy for the majority of the time.
  16. gumby

    gumby User

    I sure remember you @Boжея_Baby†
  17. MEMBER SINCE:17-06-2008
    PLAYING TIME:3,247 hours

    US EAST 1

    Oh man reading this has made me nostalgic. I've been playing since I was in the 7th grade back when gates didnt exist, BIO didn't exist. WitchKing was #1, and now I'm in my last few years of university. I remember waking up early in the morning just so I can do less than 1mill bids on irises. In my prime, I was in UFC aka IOA. I've been in PE$, S*D, DEA for a little bit, but mostly UFC with Vanja. TS made the game even more funner with the clan hunts and company hunts(Very fun going on hunts with UFC and G0D before the civil war). Spaceball was actually fun back then and the battlemaps were fun and always busy. I even remember watching Eraser as a kid because of his dope videos. Had to quit when they introduced BIO because they took up a lot of URI, and now with all these new things, it made it even harder to catch up. Sad to see this game go down like this. 12 clan and UFC even started the first ever clan battle(Glad to be a part of it) . It's a shame they took out the old forum =( I spent just as much time in the forum as in the game. I miss everyone and the old days. They were good days. I was addicted. I even saved up money to buy URI just so I can get more x3s for clan hunts lol.
  18. Its been a long time since I've seen that name =+). You've been around for a long time, when you start forgetting when you arrived! That or your getting really really really old =+)
  19. What server do you play in?
  20. Tsamsiyu

    Tsamsiyu User

    From the first Server. Germany 1: