Old School Players???

Discussion in 'Meet the Players - Who's Who' started by Thrillber, Jul 11, 2014.

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  1. hello to everyone :) i am a 33 year old i start player December 2009 and 2018 I from east usa 1 and to east usa 2 now everyone you have a good night take care

    by UltimateBlade or Blade JD or Steel Blade JD :)
  2. Hi JD, been awhile. You know me as Botcher on US1. Glad to see you around. I play this acct on US2.

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  3. Donald0517

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    Hi all been Playing since August 2007. Found this game after my dad passed away. Most people on USA East 1 know me as Spitfire Phoenix. My current ship name is Marvin the Martian after my dads love of Looney Tunes cartoons. My current ship carries a dedication to my deceased father. and my pet is named after the now deceased family dog (Benny). Miss u dad may u rest in peace in Heaven!!!
    I have been in many clans over the years, some of them being GTSC, ESPF, AAB, FDE, and a bunch of others. I have seen friends come and go some r not with us anymore like Steelers, Alien Smasher and JJ Dragon. I have been in all 3 companies in my time of playing currently in MMO. I am most noted for being a training Officer in most clans I have been in Teaching new players how to build there Skylabs, Pilot Bio and ships in general but never been the greatest at PVP do to a partially paralyzed mouse arm from a nerve injury when i was 19 years old. i prefer to kill NPCs , do quests and gates.
  4. Hey Spitfire! I remember you quite well. Didn't know you were still around. I just came back a month or two ago after being gone for I think 4 or 5 years myself. See you on the maps sometime!

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  5. And, Botch, we go way back. ♥ Good to see you here. And wykyd, you are gorgeous as ever. :)
  6. Good to see you too Josie. Always a pleasure. And hello to Wicked as well.
  7. Wasja34

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    hello to everyone , i am a 31 year old i start play in 2007 i know times there was x3 new :D
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  8. I didn't recognize you with the Iron_Mongrel name lol. I have been wondering if you were still around or not Botch and hoping I would eventually run into you again. We used to have some good convos. I remember them still. ;-_

    Lol Ty Josie! My avatar hasn't aged a bit, has she?

    Omg JD you are 33 now? Amazing how many years have gone by... I'll chat with you soon on Facebook. And JD it's because of talking to you that I came back on DO again.
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  9. hello to wickedwitch and to every one yes i am 33 year old now still player DO :) start 2009 and to 2018 i from east usa 1 go to movie east usa 2 now server :):);):D i love u all you have a good today god bless take care
  10. So what does the JD stand for? Lol how ya doing. Iron and WW its nice to see you both =+)
  11. i am good and to u Emperor hello :) you have a good today lol

    good night
  12. Drezi

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    Drezi. US West. EIC. was 300 -> BMB -> Kort. Used to play with the us east players during the jackpot battles. I remember when Vanja, Kippy, Leet, and Boxer won. I think the group won half of the jp battles in 2009.

    Also played with players such as burnin and EagleScream in the VA clan on both US west and scandanavian servers when they first came online.

    A few pictures are owed of course ;)

    I only come on for a few minutes every once in a while to check out the game. Not appealing anymore. I like to think one day darkorbit will return to how it was in the old times.


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  13. I remember them too. Sorry, I didn't see your reply right away. Glad to see you around. I play only this account and my main but more and more infrequently. Not much incentive to stay active, sad to say.
  14. Mr.kolari

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    -=[ Streuner ]=-058840
    -=[ Lordakia ]=-0155530
    -=[ Devolarium ]=-419657860
    -=[ Mordon ]=-2596911938
    -=[ Sibelon ]=-515697845
    -=[ Saimon ]=-21082821656
    -=[ Sibelonit ]=-3625918777
    -=[ Lordakium ]=-65253150
    -=[ Kristallin ]=-359090177270
    -=[ Kristallon ]=-817632141056
    -=[ StreuneR ]=-28031606
    -=[ Protegit ]=-32779183373
    -=[ Cubikon ]=-10435643560
  15. Wow this thread brings back so many memories and I saw so many posts from people who are no longer with us. I miss the old 2009-2011 DO. I remember when they introduced pilot points to the game it pretty much started the downward spiral. Before then the game was a blast when you could see 150 ships fighting it out in uppers and flying in massive raids. Now a days you can barely find 6 real players on any one map. Spaceball seems to be the only thing that brings out the 45 or so people who still play actively on US1..... :-(
  16. yeah, us east 1 is dead and no hopes for a merger... FEBOMB
  17. Hello All,
    I have played since 2011, not real "old school" but I see names on here that I remember as "good folks".
    I used to fly daily but maybe once a week now with the current GROUP of "players"
    There are not too many of us "good folks" left in the game.( hehehe)
    No one seems to work for anything anymore, just spend, spend, spend AND push gates and events for RANK in the "chosen one clans"also known as MCC's. (mostly clueless clowns)
    I fly by the name of FireBallXL5. Google it and you could probably figure out my age, ;-0..............
    Just wanted to say HI to those I remember.
  18. Odin®

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    @ FΞBOMB[UFC] some US servers are being merged now Where US East 1 goes or who comes to East 1 let alone when .. that's DO .... after merge a user can switch companies w/o any loss to Honor ... been there and done that ...
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  20. Odin®

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    Update: switching companies After a Server Merge still costs 5,000 Uridium and (-) 50% honor loss

    That is my account on US East-2 server to US West server
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