Open Beta Astral Ascension Update Feedback

Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Oddessey, Jun 7, 2022.

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  1. Oddessey

    Oddessey Team Leader Team Darkorbit

    Hello Space Pilots,

    Please provide your constructive feedback here for the Open Beta Astral Ascension Update. As a reminder, here are the questions our game design team have defined:

    1. Game Flow: Did you feel confused/lost at any point in the mode? If yes, which segments and why?
    2. Did you have trouble with any bosses? If so, which ones?
    3. Game Flow: Did you feel confused/lost at any point in the mode? If yes, which segments and why?
    4. General Difficulty for the whole mode: Were there particularly difficult waves/rifts? If yes, which waves and why did it feel difficult (enemy too much hp/deals too much dmg? etc)
    5. Rewards/Worth: Did you feel that the amount of rewards obtained is worth the effort needed?
    6. Any major flaws with game flow/systems
    7. Gate Selection/Variety: Is there enough variety of gates types?
    8. Enemy Selection/Variety: Is there enough variety of npcs?
    9. Are the bounties offered of a reasonable strength?
    10. Were there some things you wished you could do, but couldn't?

    Your DarkOrbit Team
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  2. PacificNW

    PacificNW User

    Given only one life, do we have to assemble the CPU again after each life or is it assembled once and is good for infinite entries?

    If I understand the FAQ, this mode is separate and has no influence on regular game play. Is that correct?
    But we do have to expend regular game uri and materials to gain entrance(?).

    Do NPC kills is Ascension give EP, uri, materials like regular NPCs and if so are they only assessible is this game mode? Would any EP gain in Ascension count toward EP needed for me to level up?

  3. Does your game boosters work for the ship in the gate and are your lasers and rockets being supported by minerals from your in game ship?
  4. jayherbo

    jayherbo User

    Looks into the future and sees us hiring ships for a subscription or similar, no thanks. I'm not paying to rent a ship. This is all part of the Great Reset, to get us all to pay rent for everything and I mean everything.

    Shove your new world order reset, build back better and all that garbage.
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  5. kusimitama

    kusimitama User

    Open Beta is good but the event/ new update is trash.

    The idea of a new type of challenge is nice. But why would I want to use a weak ship, through 45 waves that is given to me instead of my own that I ahve fought and farmed for years?
    And the reward is nother booty box... really? One of the worst thing to put another into the game. We already have too many. And there is 0 reward in it that would be worth it. And also not one but 2 new materrial... we cant even keep up with the new matterials there are way too many, and there is not even any craft recipies that would be worth it to farm for.

    "There will also be more purpose to use Astralite at full release of the feature." This means that the devs/ leaders have no idea what they should do with the new matterial, but they want a new one. Also they forgot that "Polychromium" has only 1 purpose -> to create the CPU ...

    Meanwhile older stuff is still not being fixed. like: drone repair CPU, drone damage on the UI is useless since it not exist anymore, Jackpot is still on game UI etc etc.

    I love this game, but the people who make decisions about new features and updates are just .... i dont even have words for them. they are BAD
  6. Excessive

    Excessive User

    Official announcement - Test server is open
    Yeah NO it isn't
    Link in Discord announcement is useless.
    No "test server" in drop down list

    Good try - Failed
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  7. jayherbo

    jayherbo User

    Use (Server Switch) on back page top left next to (Home):rolleyes:
  8. Yes. I got into the Test Server from the server selection mode that the other servers are listed in. However, I could not locate any of the pre-configured ships in the Hangar; I also could not locate the 'Astral Gate' which I was under the impression was in the company X-1 map.
    Unable to locate where the keys for some invisible gate are to be made. Eventually, the Assembly locks up and both the client screen and the backpage must be aborted and one has to re-start Dark Orbit.
    Could the Information on how to start playing the Astral portion of this game be posted?
    Someone in chat said to go to the Astral Gate. Then it was make the keys in Assembly. I am unable to find what is required to make the keys so the Gate magically appears, so I can get into the Astral Gate to test something.

    This, to me, is a very strange and awkward setup.
    I have read the forum information on this and cannot see how anyone has been able to get started at the testing.
  9. jayherbo

    jayherbo User

    Please don't ever introduce this idea at all, it's a piece of none thought out garbage.
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  10. jayherbo

    jayherbo User

    You're not missing anything, it's a piece of garbage, that's the best I can describe it:eek:
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  11. MrBlack_7

    MrBlack_7 User

    Wave 18 and i had no more lasers equiped… ??? Sinds you only have one live i think it is a waste of time playing this game mode… Also you dont get ep honor uridium. Probably need 50k uri on retrievers to acces it in real game. No more for me
  12. AVIT

    AVIT User

    JUST ban the bots please ! ..That should be the priority before anything else .

    Although i am enjoying the weekly events and their rewards ,so thanks for that .
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  13. When you go to test server you have to craft the cpu to open the gate in x-1 it's there i played it for a while it's ok and the rewards are ok i found anyways, yes npc's don't give xp or honor but i am sure being in top 100 will have it's rewards.
    I like the gate cause players can't cheat in it and maybe later on they can introduce some other event's where as we have to all use a choice of the same ships and equipment.
    When you enter the gate you choose one of the ship setups they offer!!!
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  14. Sgt~Ocker

    Sgt~Ocker User

    Sooo. 1 hour 30 mins in rift's. 14 completed.
    Using "generator portals" doesn't give generators, more likely to get ammo, ship upgrades (not for the ship you are using, so useless).
    Last 2 "laser portals" also gave ammo rather than lasers. Last "HP portal" gave HP but didn't repair lost HP, jumped out with 34k hp and no way to repair before next wave which due to lack of speed/shields meant I couldn't outrun or tank npc's in rift 15 for long enough to defeat them.

    Overall - repetitive, rewards from rifts don't match the portal chosen. no real progression/rewards can be seen. Rift booty keys have pretty ordinary rewards, 10 used - nothing worth keeping (for anyone other than real new players) received.
    This new "content" seems to be aimed at new/er players who for the most part will have little understanding on how the game works. Yet the game play of the content favors those with a reasonable understanding of how the game mechanics work.
    Really not sure who decided half finishing what is supposed to be new content before releasing it to the test server was a good idea.

    If in fact this is working as intended, I wouldn't expect to see it used a great deal after the first live server release unless the ONLY reward is given more uses (for the majority of players).

    Remove the "ship upgrade" rifts OR make them useful for the chosen ship. I ended up with 3 upgrades (after only selecting one "upgrade rift"), none of which was able to be used on the ship I was using for rifts. Out of all the "generator" rifts I selected to do, I received 1 speed gen, the rest gave ammo ( in really small amounts)

    This "new content" needs much work before release to live servers
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  15. Useless event with an additional useless ore. Just shows that the game is completely abandoned.
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  16. [​IMG]


    killed the last boss, the reward was given as if I had lost to him:(
  17. SkyDrop3r

    SkyDrop3r User

    Hello guys i dont see any test server at top left server select. Is there need to done first to get it or how i can get into test server ty. I check like 5 time at all servers list and nowhere i got test server ..[​IMG]
  18. Just another hand out to the bots as usual. Botorbit is the name of this game.
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  19. It has been closed week ago or so
  20. Yes, eventually I found out the gate had to be crafted. Double checked and at the time there were no instruction that crafting was needed. Seemed devs were too excited about what was in the gate to be bothered with anything (probably a carry over from discord fever... lol) First wave through did not seem bad; went on to the 2nd 'wave' and the jump through the portal wiped out all weapons from the ship. At that point the test was crap. Several others I talked to had the same thing. It was something I feel the closed alpha testers should have seen and gotten fixed before beta test was even considered.
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