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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Malaikat, Jun 10, 2020.

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  1. Malaikat

    Malaikat Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    Hello everyone,

    Please let us know what issues or differences you have come across in the open beta test.
  2. AVIT

    AVIT User

    you never let me test it lmao
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  3. EchoSinger

    EchoSinger User

    Is the server open? Won't let me login
  4. There was apparently an announcement on the Spanish forums stating that it's been taken offline temporarily because of several problems that were causing issues.
  5. EchoSinger

    EchoSinger User

    okies. Thanks bud.
  6. new download many feel>
    everyone Just going to post it here so its easier to see. The new client looks to be probably less secure than a regular browser. Client itself seems to be more or less a stripped/bare bones browser, similar to something like Maxthon Nitro. I would not trust its information storage in the slightest.
    Do not save your passwords on it, and definitely don't use the Master password feature like it asks when you login. This is a new client, and they've probably cut a lot of corners. I would not trust them yet. Your information likely isn't secure.
    Just as a warning.
  7. Hello, web developer here. I can almost guarantee that it's fine. Just don't use any passwords that you use elsewhere, as is already recommended practice when it comes to account security for everything.
  8. As per usual the FEEDBACK bar does not work.

    Seems stable overall

    Assembly does not work. It seems like I will never have all prometheus and BO3s and their upgrades in neither the normal server neither in the test ones. Give us the materials needed for everything please. And fix the assembly too.
  9. It is early, but so far it works okay, especially in the client screen.
    One (and only once) hiccup has to do with some error that caused the backpage to drop out to the log in screen; then just a relogin showed text in german.
    - Quitting the client and backpage and doing a full relog from the download seems to have reset the language issue.
    - Chat text was not affected.
    Seems to be running smoothly. (this may be because not a lot have had the chance to run on this and see if there is a clogging issue)

    I did go back in and tried the Assembly.
    - I created an Isochronate within the 5 second time it showed without issue.
    - I also upgraded a Magmadrill laser with no problem.

    If this is just going to be another version of a browser; should get the security protocols in place. Just being cautious and safe. ;)
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  10. It ok but i dont like the fact that you cant open full screen
  11. it seemed a bit choppy to me, I have a higher end computer I use for video production and it still seemed that way, I will test the various graphics settings to see if there is a difference
  12. I think that the biggest think it needs is fullscreen mode if I kinda don't miss it out somewhere. Gonna test more so I can see what it needs to get better with.
  13. Rawlinson

    Rawlinson User

    Tried downloading just came up as error, just ignored it managed to get darkorbit icon but then the game will not load after logging in.
  14. tired it seem very smooth on ryzen cpu with rx5600 max setting no lag at all
  15. As for me, tried to down load the new client. And my system, windows smart screen defender says "Not commonly downloaded and not signed by the developer" As such, it says its dangerous and wants to delete it.

    So, won't install or use until my system sys ok. If that means can't play the game, so be it.
  16. The Beta client is great the only thing I've noticed is when you try to go to full screen mode it keeps poping up the message about hot keys being enabled other than that zero lag and kept a good 60-61 fps.
  17. They need a way to keep track which server you are on while playing and the client. If you play several, you can get turned around and forget.
  18. Uh, this may be a very urgent thing, but for some reason, I pathed the download to my hard drive rather than SSD, and the client had a render error. I was recommended to uninstall and reinstall it. The client worked, but all of my files were removed from my hard drive, not just the client files. There were only 2 empty folders left with nothing in my recycle bin. Any help on recovering my files would be greatly appreciated.
  19. When you run the uninstaller, it gives you a very clear indication of what it will do. If you didn't install the game to a subfolder, but instead the root directory of your drive, then yes it will have deleted everything on that drive.


    You may be able to recover these files with something such as Recuva.
  20. anduril

    anduril User

    It doesn't matter if it says it will delete everything in the install directory. Why? Because an un-installer should only remove what was installed, not do the cheap and easy thing equivalent to "rm -rf" in the target directory. To me this is unprofessional coding practice. I've been a software engineer for over 35 years, and if I ever saw this in a code review the submitter would be promptly reassigned to help desk duties or fired. There is no excuse for this happening.
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