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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Malaikat, Jun 10, 2020.

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  1. DarkMarsGR

    DarkMarsGR User

    Downloadable out-dated flash "gaming" client. Yep. My WebCam finally feels secure.
  2. Unfortunately keeping track of all the files created can be a daunting task, particularly when you have several dependencies that all create their own sets of files and directories.

    I can agree this was entirely preventable in this case. The installer should force a sub-directory in your chosen install location, and only proceed if it doesn't already exist.

    For example, if I choose to install at "C:\Games" the installer will forcibly change this to "C:\Games\DarkOrbit", and place its files in there.
    So long as "C:\Games\DarkOrbit" did not already exist, then it is guaranteed that all files created in this directory are that and only that of the client's.

    doesn't prevent files you place in this folder afterwards from being deleted, of course, but you should not be putting arbitrary files in program directories anyway.
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  3. does this works in macs? asking because i've been trying all day to download it but the it just wont download anything
  4. anduril

    anduril User

    Yeah, well, that is what is expected of professionals. No matter how hard it may seem - it isn't really that hard.
  5. coobo99

    coobo99 User

    Only problem I found was that if you have a page loading and you change which tab you are in, it will snap you to the previous loading tab once it finishes loading.
    It won't be a problem most of the time, but it would suck for that to happen in the middle of the fight.

  6. I guess I did miss that, but I would agree with anduril. Every time I used an uninstaller, it would not clean out my whole drive, so I quickly proceeded thinking that would be the case here, too. This could be detrimental for players with important files who are even less tech-oriented than I am. So there are two issues I should make clearer.

    The first issue that started this off in the first place a -2147483645 render error code where the log-in page would not open. It was difficult to find a solution, but I managed to ask a CM who asked admins or developers for a fix, who said to simply reinstall and also did not know the issue. This error may have been because I was not able to properly change install location in the installer to a non-default drive (ie. I changed from my default SSD to hard drive), rather than the install process creating the folder itself in the desired location. In other game installations, all it took was clicking a different drive, and the installer set up the folders needed.

    The second issue is what anduril mentioned above, which is the strange uninstall process I had to go through to fix this, where the uninstall does more than just uninstall the installed files (without warning from the moderator who communicated with admins/developers, which would have been nice).

    Please fix these!

    Additional note: I'm working on using Recuva, but it will take half a day to properly recover what it can, which may not even be perfect. If anyone else is in this situation, you can go into Recuva options to recover your files back in their original folders. I'll update if anyone cares.
  7. PFL_PFL

    PFL_PFL User

    Why in WIN10, Microsoft Defender SmartScreen, did not allow the client to run, marked it as dangerous;

    Not giving any specific information as for why.

    I hope Bigpoint resolves the issue.

  8. Azarameus

    Azarameus User

    Due to the importance of clearing the cache in this game I would have expected this to have that functionality. Apart from that it works fine for me, but hopefully the Unity client will be sooner than later.
  9. PIT76

    PIT76 User

    It doesn't run in 32bit pc just 64bit
  10. Lol, i mentioned that as well. It says its not commonly downloaded, and its "unsigned" by the developer, so thinks its dangerous.
  11. I totally agree. The only thing worse than that is to have imbedded a 'format C:' command.
  12. Rawlinson

    Rawlinson User

    That could explain why it doesn't work for me
  13. Why is there more lag when playing on the download than there is when I just login on my browser? I thought the download would be less lag or no lag as I have very little lag when playing on browser.
  14. I did not see an Uninstaller. Brought up a Command Prompt window, got into the folder where I installed this thing, tried this:
    dir /s | find /i "uninstall"
    No output.
    Also tried in a Cygwin window:
    find . -iname "*uninstall*"

    I see no way to change the "Master password", so I want to uninstall the whole thing, including applicable Windows registry items.
  15. I just tried the client, then deleted it. No issues, the devs must have changed it since you tried it. That, or you did something wrong

    On install it said it was installing to:


    I changed it to D: same file string.

    On delete the darkorbit folder was deleted, but D:user/myname remained, had to delete that by hand.

    I think we just need to remember this is a work in progress, there will be mistakes. By both them and us. We need to be careful, and we need to report so the devs can fix. As has happened here it would seem.
  16. lol my computer won't even let me open it after download.. gives me a warning and doesn't let me even have a choice to open it.. it recognized it as an unsafe program... guess ill just being giving up for good on this game.. either that or step up the game.. unverified servers lol cheaply made
  17. Several people, myself included have had that issue. But, 24 hours later it worked fine. My suggestion is to wait a few days, then try again. It may just take a few days, or a system security update for the client app to be recognised as safe. It's so new, it might take a while for all the security details and recognition codes (if there are such things) to filter down to every computer out there.
  18. So, 24 hours after I received a message saying the same, i tried the download again and it worked fine. I guess the devs have listened, that or it simply took time for windows to be told that it is safe.
  19. ok my bad... i tried a couple times and gave up.. thanks guys for letting me know LOL sorry about that.. im down to play
  20. I'm sorry but " Almost guarantee " doesn't cut it. No disrespect or accusations intended but , for all we know you could be a hacker looking to exploit a vulnerability in the system.
    Since there seemed to be some concerns with the security of this download , I decide to delete it out of an abundance of caution.
    Luckily , I read your post before trying to uninstall it. Therefore I went with a system restore instead. Back to my last windows update and that seemed to work just fine. I did have to manually delete the thumbnails and the item line in the uninstaller but , that created no issues.
    I can't be sure but , if you run the restore now , maybe you'll get those files back including the DO download . IF that works then I would attempt a system restore to a date before you downloaded .
    Because I don't have a dedicated graphics card I did not notice any increase in fps (20-30) So for me the download has no appreciable benefits .
    I will stick to the tried and true browser until I get a better PC and I can be sure of the security of the download .
    As Forrest Gump would say " And that's all I have to say about that "
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