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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by VESPID, Mar 9, 2020.

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    VESPID User

    Is anyone else having problems applying the DMG-MTCH01 module to the Mimesis ship?
  2. Oddessey

    Oddessey Team Leader Team Darkorbit

    Hello Space Pilots,

    Please post your constructive feedback here for the Mimesis Mutiny event on the test server.

    Here’s a little list what we would like everyone to have a deeper look at:
    • Look into the balance of the escorts - are they too slow, if there is too much/too little Mimesis enemies, are they too easy/difficult to complete
    • Look into the difficulty of getting the new items - are the recipes too expensive/ cheap, is it easy to get Byte Remnants
    • Look into whether the new ship upgrade modules are good or too overpowered
    • Are the Elite Mimesis too difficult, is it easy to get a key, how long do you need to get a key
    • Are the sprays and emotes cooldowns too long, would you prefer having them smaller/bigger
    Your Darkorbit Team
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  3. hi is test server not open
  4. Mod-Rogue

    Mod-Rogue User

    Hello @-kisbebe14-

    Unfortunately we are facing some technical problems and the start of the Open Beta will be postponed to 4 pm (CET) this afternoon.

    Regards Rogue
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  5. what day does the event start
  6. Darts.

    Darts. User

  7. milcsi14

    milcsi14 User

    is go opentest is 4 pm ?
  8. Based on world time zones, it is already after 7pm CET. Still troubles?
  9. Mod-Rogue

    Mod-Rogue User

    The Open Beta will be postponed to tomorrow, 10th March. We will inform you as soon as it starts.
  10. milcsi14

    milcsi14 User

    tha Open beta is on hour ?
  11. S.K.M

    S.K.M User

    I have no prometheus laser or havoc or spartan so it's hard enough to try the event ...
  12. not able to log in test server
  13. I found it difficult to see the attacking npc's, probably due to the number of player ships required to stay in such a small space of non-radiation.
    The protection zone needs to be a bit larger.
    Have at least two different colours to highlight the targeted crafts. Far too much red circles.
    Instead of little gold boxes that appear, seemingly at random intervals, if they are a loot box for certain damage level, auto-assign the loot.
    One item to consider is, rather than having all the ships trying to keep pace so they are not destroyed by radiation, have the freighter drag the player ships along with it. This would give players time to line-up npc targets.
  14. Then your still building your ship and these event's are not for you yet. keep building your ship one day you will know when your ready
  15. whats so beta mimesis? I dont acces :(
  16. Hi, where is the log in at for test server
  17. urban_jes

    urban_jes User

    AAP1 doesn't do 500 damage to all NPC only to this evet NPC when is equip in the PET only 175 in normal NPC. You never stop to say half of the true and always try to trick the players especially with items description info.
  18. View answers above.

    Peronsally i hope there will be some voucher code to allow small player to get the leonov module, cauz they can survive like 20 sec in this map...

    U need to remove the "target" market which mimessis NPCs apply (is a pain for the eyes with all those stuffs)
    Maybe removing the radiation zone (i cant see any sense for this) or increase the rage of the safe zone.

    Some quest event will be really appreciated. :D
    When someone spawn in the map (after dead), get also full shield and not only HP.
    Remove the option that u can join the map only for the 1st 5minutes of every hour.
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  19. angeri

    angeri User

    BUG Report: NPCs are gettign randomly stuck to rad zone and dont appear in minimap
  20. KIŁŁĘ®

    KIŁŁĘ® User

    The map takes too much time, it gets boring after a while.
    There is too many Mimesis ships, they have too much HP, shield and they deal too much damage to the freighter.
    It is pretty difficult to get the byte remnants. And as for the new ammo it gets depleted after one entry. So I could imagine that those Mimesis in the map could give some ammo back.
    I cant test the modules because I dont have them and cant bother grinding them on a test server. But they look pretty sweet.
    The elite Mimesis are quite difficult and I am UFE, I cant imagine weaker killing them. If you want people playing the event I suggest making getting the key easier.
    The cooldowns could be a little shorter and emotes a little bit bigger. The sprays are fine as they are.
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