Open Beta Test - Equipment in client Feedback

Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by wiley_wiggins, Jan 19, 2016.

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  1. xuhu99

    xuhu99 User

    did they reduce price of upgrade?
  2. So the equipment is very good , graphics are very good firstly it wat a little difficult understanting how it's work but its not bad :D
  3. Manouk77

    Manouk77 User

    you really have t change or remove the ingame cursor. because its so small
  4. What good is opening the Test Server for only 2 Hours if you want GOOD feedback on proposed changes? By the time most people knew it was open it had already been closed. I still feel the change to In-Game Equipping is a mistake as the platform is so unstable and too many people continue to have connectivity issues, meaning being logged out while trying to equip their ships. I have frequently been asked to create a new connection or logout while dealing with Skylab transfers at 5-2 Base, what is the difference when dealing with the equipment?
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  5. Toudi

    Toudi User

    I wasn't on yesterday beta but did dev team removed upgrade system ? My friend told me that there was no upgrade button like on first EiC beta server.
  6. IT WAS GREAT MAN! the upgrades doesnt take time anymore! hehe:p:D
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    Up to upgrades this ok but for over its pretty crap to do all what u have to do its pay for change hangar at least u r at base wat point is buy hangars now what happen with all players who bought hangars they will be have to pay for change ship or go back to home maps and change a ship where now we just log off and log in on over ship after on this test server impossible not for use
  8. Have to remember the ONLY reason D O makes any changes in the game is because they want MORE MONEY. They reduced the cost of the Hangars when the purchases decreased to where they were not profitable to them anymore and now have to find another revenue source, and since they know we are bypassing the one way gates (using the Hangars in the Pirate maps) they want to collect money for this. The pleasure of the player is no longer the desire of D O, it is strictly how much money can we generate with this change? The ONLY purpose of the Hitac event is to sell Capsules as the BIG prizes are only available to 112 of those.
    There was supposed to be a change made where we could change Hangars in any map as long as we were not under attack, but since I have not been able to access the Beta Test site, I have not been able to see this myself.
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  9. I know man im just saying, would be nice if they open the test server more often that way we dont need a "server merge" more ppl in test server = more people for fight = more fun xD
  10. how can i get to play in the server???
  11. Watch announcements of it being open in the HQ section or watch for TEST server in the list of servers to select from. Remember this is a NEW account when you go in there for the first time, but you do have tons of FREE stuff in there.
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  12. hold on hold u have to pay to change hangers or fly back to base!! WHAT ABOUT THE TEN HANGERS I PAID FOR ALREADY !! which bright spark thought that up ? When do i get my refund? Answers on a post card pls : Watching paint dry as its more fun than dark orbit:(
  13. There were too many issues brought up and has put his on hold for now.
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  14. Alpha testing is for Dev Team Beta is where we see the improvements.
    The Hangars seem to be free now (at least on the Beta Site) but trying to activate cosmetic designs is useless. They said the Frost designs were available (which they are in SHOP) but you can not select them for use in the new hangar system. Each and every available ship/design is listed in the main page of the Hangar with Available/Not Available/Owned under them so it is going to take forever to select which ship you want to use if you have not activated it the first time to put it on the top of the list.

    My Opinion of the New Hangar;
    1. I don't like it as you have so many ships to scroll thru to find what you want to.
    2. Cosmetic designs are not selectable (even when mentioned in the O B post)
    3. Seems harder to do than the current Hangar system
    4. WAY TOO confusing on how to get ship into Hangar for equipping (Select, Activate, Manage) just to find you forgot to remove equipment from other ship and need to do it all over again.
    In my opinion this is a major flop and should be rethought. Next TEST should allow us to customize the ships not play with ship designs already equipped to the ships (which is what I thought you were trying to test but found it to be false). Bought the Goliath Frost Design from Shop and have no way of seeing I own it except in SHOP.
  15. WARHAWK™

    WARHAWK™ User

    I cannot log onto the in game screen.
    User ID: 102212025
    it just keeps saying establishing connection...
  16. open the test server and no one can log in lol how annoying ...
  17. same for all and tbh the back page hangar looks a big mess now was better before
  18. RickDekard

    RickDekard User Team DarkOrbit Team Darkorbit

    Thanks for the feedback!

    Please keep in mind that all usability feedback (which you do provide) is definitely welcome and wanted.

    Comments and suggestions on the user flow of the management, activation, selection, etc of ships are welcome.

    That said, the direction we're currently taking is factoring in a number of necessary changes (and interface challenges) that are required for us to clean up the distinction between ships and designs, while looking ahead to future features and content.

    We absolutely expect that there will be some growing pains / adaptation necessary in this transition, and we expect that we'll iterate over time.

    Long-term, these changes are expected to make the distinction between Ships (functional design) and Designs / Skins (aesthetic variation) and any eventual customization options, much much simpler and cleaner.

  19. Okay so a question I have, Why change the entire Hangar/ship selection instead of separating the skins from the designs and having a second drop down menu for the customization? I thought the TEST today was to test the customization feature and low and behold I can not perform this task. I bought the Frost Design but have no way of equipping it to the ship, either the Sovereign G or the Goliath.

    I did notice that I was given a second Hangar for the G but if it had no equipment on it the Hangar disappears. Is this the way it is supposed to work? Are we now allowed as many hangars as we have ships with equipment on them? I think, unless this is a very gradual implementation, the confusion going to be created will be the final straw in the Orbit for many players.

    I would suggest having better instructions on what we are supposed to be able to see and do with these TESTS as I walked into this completely BLIND and fought for the entire time trying to figure out why I could not do the task I thought was the intention of the test, functionality of customization in Hangar.
  20. RickDekard

    RickDekard User Team DarkOrbit Team Darkorbit

    I just looked at the Open Beta Test Information post on the forum and agree with you, we need to provide more specific instruction in the future.

    The instructions and delivery mechanisms (Breaking News, Layers, etc) need to be improved, especially given the number of people that don't visit the forums or visit the forums prior to hopping into Beta.

    That said, some of the confusion that you've posted above has already been helpful (as @KrisKelvin and I sit here and discuss your post - and future communication improvements). There are definitely some presentation and flow changes that will make the changes clearer / cleaner.

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