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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by wiley_wiggins, Jan 19, 2016.

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  1. The frost design for aegis is selected from the elite aegis design in hanger but the ones for spearhead and citadel are mixed up.

    I am not sure of the point of this setup. I went into the test server thinking I was going to going to test hanger in client and instead its backpage. I never know what I am to do in the test server anymore. It would help if they gave us a popup upon entering that said what they wanted. Lately, I can't do normal stuff and it takes me an hour to figure out why the test server was even open.

    I have, or at least thought I had all the regular ships but now since I had gotten the designs as well, it tells me that if I want to use a regular ship, I have to buy it again. Not that I want to as I am used to using designs but really?

    Anyways, too many new projects on the board. I am going back to the regular servers where I know what is broke and what I am supposed to do.
  2. This TEST did specify NOT ALL Ships owned would be available, but I would have thought the CUSTOMIZATION would have been functioning as the Post did specify Ship Customization. Was I mis-reading the post, I even went back to it 3 times to verify what I read and still I could not add the Frost to my Goliath ship whether plain or design equipped.
  3. RickDekard

    RickDekard User Team DarkOrbit Team Darkorbit

    I'm not sure what's going on in this case, since (and I mention this in response to you on another thread) this exact thing just worked for me.

    I didn't own the Goliath yet, so I clicked the buy option below it. I then bought it from the Shop. I also bought the Frost Design.

    I returned to the Hanger, where it is now marked as Owned. Upon selecting it, I also see now see the drop down menu for the Design.

    I then repeated the process for the C-Elite. That said, upon selecting that design, it morphed my C-Elite into a S-Elite... which is clearly a bug and will be reported to QA. o_O
  4. RickDekard

    RickDekard User Team DarkOrbit Team Darkorbit

    Yeah, this is a valid point of confusion that we'll work to clear up on future FAQs and info presented to you. It also ties into some of the challenges we are dealing with behind the scenes.

    The observation you've made is correct. The new Designs will be specific to each Ship.

    The goal is to clean up the distinction between what's been a Ship and what's been a Design.

    In the past, the Ships have been radically altered by their Designs to become what's basically a new ship.

    In order to further customize these Ships / Designs in the future, we'd then need to either create a complex assortment of Designs or allow you to customize the Design that's customizing your current Ship...

    Instead, we decided to take the initial "hit" of breaking them all out cleanly into Ships and Designs.

    So that then, when I want to alter the look of my Venom (for example), it's a more straight-forward and consistent process and interface.
  5. @RickDekard SO basically instead of doing something good for players to have easier way of equipping a ship and using same config saved when u change to another ship, you are now doing it really really slow when we need 10 sets of lf4s and bo2s full upgraded and havocs/hercs for each set ?? I think new owners are even more dumb compared to old ones
  6. RickDekard

    RickDekard User Team DarkOrbit Team Darkorbit

    Nope, absolutely not. Any issues with configs will be addressed in a way that provides the same level of access / ease of use as before - and ideally improves it with a concept like a config Load-out System at some point in the future.
  7. This is going to be a major flaw in the future of the game if it does not change. If you have a Goliath ship equipped and you switch designs (now called ships) they should auto populate with the configs of the other Goliath ship not make us un-equip and re-equip for every "Design" change. You are forcing us to choose a single ship to use or have equipment for every ship we may want to use. This is not right at all.
  8. RickDekard

    RickDekard User Team DarkOrbit Team Darkorbit

    When @KrisKelvin gets in tomorrow, we'll discuss the plan for this and communicate it as part of our responses to the community on the change. I don't want to speak out of turn, since he just left for the night.

    Keep in mind that we're currently soliciting feedback. That's what this sort of discussion is about.

    Stating that we're trying to force this or that upon you, assumes that I haven't been sitting here responding to you instead of going home and eating dinner. ;)

    We're going to be reading and listening to feedback, determining what or which changes need to be made prior to launch, and also looking at what additions or changes need to roll-out as part of iteration to the system over time.
  9. USS-Aries

    USS-Aries User

    I have found one possible major glitch when last on the test sever for the crafting system and when leaving the test sever my active design was the surgeon, with the new proposed custom feature I found that my basic goli was now gone and needs to be repurchased to put the designs on it that are available under designs in the shop. I can see a lot of frustration if players are going to loose there basic goli if they have a skill design as the active design once the feature go's live.
  10. Sorry that you took it literally, I am just pointing out my observations of the conversations being presented, and the current TEST is showing that we will be having to re-equip any design change we make (I did say the CURRENT) which since we are not getting the entire picture is all we can comment on. Part of what I thought was happening (like was done with the drones) was we would be able to double design our ships (meaning a Goliath design, not skill, could be frosted along with having the benefits of a Veteran Design) but the current Test is not providing this, only the base ship can be customized.
    This was covered in the announcement of the Open Beta Test that our prior owned ships may not be available but that they are still there just not for this functionality Test.
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  11. WARHAWK™

    WARHAWK™ User

    USER ID: 102212025
  12. Sorry for your issue. I would have assumed Rick may have looked into the issue or had someone do it for him. But I guess you will have to wait till the Mods send it to Tech to rectify the issue. I know there is some issue with people in Gates when the server is shut down that prevent them from getting into the Test Server the next time it opens, is this possibly what happened to you?
  13. HeyItsMe!!

    HeyItsMe!! User

    i would like an option to sell unwanted ships..
    i like this concept, the standard aegis, citadel are cheaper easier to the newbies to get one of them or both and at least, they are able to last a little more while an UFE is attacking them.
    but i think after buy the elite and veteran designs the standard ones will be almost useless then, thats why i ask for an option to sell and keep my hangar clean
    i missed the assembly option
    and there must be something which make the difference between the Old Designs Now Ships and the Designs Still Designs, this could confuse newbies and also help to save uri :)
  14. The confusion is why they have decided to make them ships. Designs will be assigned as they are now, from a drop down tab on the Ship selector page (new Hangar page) where you can decide if you have ALL available ships or want to BUY more from SHOP. They have decided it is easier to do this than to add the "c" or "s" like they did for the drones and looks like they have done away with the Purchased Extra Hangars or at least on the Test Server.

    The NEW designs will be Cosmetic changes versus the Stats changers or Skill designs (now shown as ships on BTS). Personally I would have thought having the double drop down tabs would be less confusing than to scroll thru all of the available "Ships" to select what you wanted to fly and then customize from the second tab.
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  15. WARHAWK™

    WARHAWK™ User

    No, my ship is in 3-4
  16. Might try a Refresh/Reset of history/cache and computer as this has been seen as a problem along with the server can have too many people on it and not allowing anymore into the Maps. But I have not had the issue during my 4 hours in and out of the maps.
  17. mi5007

    mi5007 User

    i have not received no update
  18. Hi :)

    I think the interface could be better like that:


    With a selection of the type of the ship on the top and without the writing that passes over the ship.
    I also think it could be nice that the buying button show the ship's price and don't redirect to the shop page.

    I think it's better than the actual window:

  19. USS-Aries

    USS-Aries User

    Feedback on the proposed ship customising feature

    The hanger overview was simple to understand showing exactly the ships that you own and the availabilty of further ships.
    Management of ships I found a lot more user friendly as there was no need to refresh your equipment once removed from a ship as it was there ready to equip another ship selection if desired.

    Ship configuration could be made better as when you have more equipment in your hanger as required for example multiple CPU's of the same type, more speed gens, lasers and shields than can be put on your chosen ship they are no longer greyed out when you want to add them to your second configuration.

    An adjustment to the auction system could also be considered such as moving the basic ageis, spearhead, and citadel to the hourly auction and leaving the elite and veteran versions on the 24 hour auction plus the movement of the skill designs from the weekly auction to the 24 hour auction as these would now be ships in addition add some of the rare items that no longer sell to the weekly auction.
  20. KrisKelvin

    KrisKelvin User Team DarkOrbit

    Hey all, thanks for feedback!

    I just wanted to pop in to confirm what @RickDekard said - I am also here and reading these comments.

    There are several very good points mentioned, and we're looking into that right now with the design team.
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