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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by wiley_wiggins, Jan 19, 2016.

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  1. mi5007

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    I find that should have autopilot 3 types of autopilot (people using card )or (Completed missions) credit or uridium .................................................this will be very cool if did that:cool::cool::cool::cool:
  2. Cargo is bugged in the test server. I understand its a test server but you should really not disconnect basics.
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  3. Okay so the TEST SERVER is back up with no notification of why you have it up. My friend HelpMeHelpYou tried to switch to it and was kicked out of the system and now is frozen out of everything. What the Heck are you doing? Guess if you can't get us to quit on our own you will make us quit by not giving us access to the game. He has changed the server in the address, cleared the history (chrome clears flash as it is imbedded), reset the computer, tried another browser and all of it gives him the same result, STUCK ON THE LOGIN PAGE. HelpMeHelpYou sent a ticket to Support (fat chance that is going to do as he was not in-game to get the security information embedded in the message) and 2 days of no access is going to really suck. HelpMeHelpYou has tried and and is always sent back to but can not get the system to allow him into any of the 3 servers but continues to send him to

    Hopefully the TEAM is looking at this thread today and they can resolve this issue for him and others who have experienced the same thing recently (other thread dealing with them locked out).

    What really sucks is I can use his computer and access my account but he can not use my computer and access his account so the problem is obviously not on our end but on the server itself. Guess it must be time to say adios to Glitch Orbit if we are not allowed to play it. Just too bad we invested time and MONEY into this uncaring game.

    Okay so we are told to kill Lordakia, Saimon, Lordakium, Kristallin, and Kristallon as these carry the ores we need for assembly. HOWEVER, when we try to collect CARGO our hold is too FULL to collect it (5 pieces of ore with a capacity of 3156) and I have to sell my cargo what is up with this. So much for the TEST of assembly for me. IT is a MAJOR FAILURE on top of not allowing my friend to access the game. PLEASE refund all monies I have spent on this game as you are forcing players out of the game with no justification. I will post a total spent later as I do have every payment receipt in my inbox just for this reason. I will also be informing my other RLF's to do the same thing as this is a Rip Off Game at this point.
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  4. Solid_Eye

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    There really is no need to get down into name calling every time something doesn't go off without a hitch.
    The best bet is if stuck on the test server and unable to navigate so much as the backpage to get back out of it is to contact support and ask for assistance getting back to your home server. You do not "have" to be logged in when contacting them, but if you contact them from another email then yes, they will need you to confirm it as a security precaution.

    It is a test server, bugs and issues happen.

  5. The issue is HE can not get off the main Log In Page. Every time we try to log in it returns him to that page and does not allow any other function. IF he was able to get to the Back Page then he could change servers and play any of the 3 that are currently available (us2, us3, or Test2) but as it is he can not even get to the back page. And as this is happening to other players also it is more of a problem than it should be. The other thread "TEST SERVER" and ŦĦ€*ŴЇÐØŴ♥МÄЌ€Ŗ™ is having the same issue as HelpMeHelpYou is. He would report the issue himself but is unable to access the forums either (since I was the last one in it logs him in as me).

    Waiting for support is not right as the last ticket we made (4 RLF players) sat for 2 weeks before it got the first response from support.
  6. and i went in today to have a look at the crafting as it interested me greatly and im stuck back in there
  7. Yeah, when they get a flood of "like" tickets, they can sit for a bit until a universal solution can be found.

    I go back to my comment, the basics should be fine when testing new features. We understand you might want us to focus on "new" product but assembly is pretty all encompassing. As for notification, they announced the test server being open on Twitch, which they announced yesterday on Facebook because all players are somehow connected to the game on Facebook and look at the page daily. :rolleyes: They announced it was open so people could work on assembly. Unfortunately with the issues in the server, Cargo, those like me exited after about 10 minutes. I like free credits and uri, and spins as much as the next player but I rather go work for it on a server I know the issues of before logging in.

    If you saw the twitch about assembly, they mentioned they were spreading around the npc's that drop the same resource. Unfortunately what they still have failed to fix is how often. Of course with assembly, players assume that it will drop with every kill. It takes a good amount of a resource to make anything. Drone designs take 90 of one item that comes from bk and sk. That's 90+ kills you have to make in order to make that design. Can you do it, yes but I was averaging 1 resource to 7 kills. 7X90= about a week of playing for me as I can't just sit all day, got work and family also. That plus the cargo issue told me to go back to main server and work on event missions that take a long time.

    I hope HYHM gets back in. I rather he don't miss the event.

    Oh, my suggestion for the future with this problem is this, instead of exiting the browser when that happens, keep going back to the previous page until you get back to your working server. And never log out from the test server if you can help it. Always from a normal server. Too many issues.
  8. All he did was to select the Test2 server and was automatically sent to the external log in page and has not been able to get back into the game since. This has now been 4 hours of trying to get back to the game and he is actually using my forum connection to post here because he can not get his access to the forums either (clicking the "forum" bottom of log in page logs into my forum page).

    SO yes you should never log out in the Test Server but you should not be kicked from the Back Page just because you changed the server either.

    How did you get unstuck? This is the second time I (HelpMeHelpYou) have experienced the issue but the first time I have been unable to get back to the regular game.
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  9. Well 10 hours from the time support ticket created to the time they correct the issue. But they won't let me know what caused the issue as they closed the ticket as soon as they sent the message it was fixed. Just glad it let me get back into the game, won't bother to log into the Test Server ever again.
  10. Welcome back. They probably got everyone fixed, hopefully, so will not be issuing any explanations to individuals. Most businesses are like this in this type of situation.
  11. They should have fixed the issue not just focus on the persons affected by the mess up.
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