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    Outfit/Group fAQ

    group 1.png

    If you are not in an Outfit you will get the basic screen. If you wish to invite a player you can type their name in the text box, or clicking on them will automatically add the name to the invite box(1). To invite them click on the letter icon(2), they will then be sent an invitation to accept. You can also block all Outfit invitations by clicking on the icon with the people (3).

    When you invite someone, you are able to cancel the invite to them by click the X next to their name.


    When you are in an Outfit you will see an new window. At the top you can see the names of the people in the Outfit with you(1);
    In the center you can invite more users into the Outfit if you are the Outfit leader (9). At the bottom there are a series of icons; from left to right:​
    • Members of your Out Fit -(1)
    • Status - Hit Points & Shield (mouse over then will tell you their current HP/Shields) (2)
    ** Ship will change depending on the Ship the player is Flying.
    • Leave Outfit (3)
    • Change Invite Settings (4)
    • Ping, you can ping your location for other Outfit members, or ping a place on the mini map to show a destination (5)
    • Follow, you can follow the outfit leader automatically (6)
    • Nominate Leader, you can choose another member as the Outfit leader (7)
    • Remove member, you can select a member and remove them from the outfit (8)
    • Invite - In the center you can invite more users into the Outfit if you are the Outfit leader or the lead has opened invites for all - (9)
    You will only see all 9 options above if you are the Outfit Leader.
    If you're just a normal member in the group you will only see 1 to 6 options above.

    Chat feature-
    As soon as you join a Outfit Group you'll be automatically sent to the Group Chat that will open up as a tab in your chat box window.
    Only the people in your group will be able to chat in here.

    How many people can be in an Outfit Group?
    5 is the total amount. 1 Leader and 4 players.

    Why do I only see 4 people in the Outfit group?
    You will see all other player but not yourself. It is the same for everyone - they see all other players but themselves.

    I tried to use the follow button but I didn't move.
    To use the follow function, you must first click the player to follow - then click the follow button. Which is # 6 (as shown above)
    ** You might want to do this several time when following, as players do move and the follow feature will only take you to the last know location.
    Why does the ship change colors?
    While getting attacked or attacking a users ship symbol will change color to red:

    Why does the Ship on the left look Grey with lines?
    That would show that ship is Cloaked.

    Why does the Outfit Box show the HP/Shield to the entire outfit?
    The box to right of the Ship is HP/Shields,this feature shows if a player is losing HP/shields and may be in trouble. Which will give you the opportunity to hit follow and assist them.

    Do you all have to stay in the Same map to be in an outfit?
    No you do not have to be in the same map as other users because you will be able to see what map they are in, whether they are attacking someone or just hanging out.

    Can I shot players in your outfit?
    No you cannot shot your own outfit members.

    Can we do quests in an outfit?
    Yes you can do quests in an outfit. If many players are doing the same quest, the kills will all count toward each players quest.

    When in an Outfit do you share the Kill?
    The rewards will be shared between all members of the Outfit. Exp, Honor, Credit uridium and the cargo will show for all of you as well.

    **Remember the more members the more the rewards will have to be shared out.

    When in an Outfit do we share Player Kills?
    No, player kills are not shared in the outfit.
    However, the cargo will still appear to the entire outfit.
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