P.E.T. Customization FAQ

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    P.E.T. Customization FAQ

    PETLOOKZ™ - new Looks for you P.E.T.
    After the successful introduction of the DRONELOOKZ™ system, M.A.S.Q.U.E. has done it again!

    enables all P.E.T.s to be individually outfitted.

    The first available designs are now available everywhere in human space:

    All P.E.T.s are retrofitted so the new designs can be readily equipped.

    What is P.E.T. Customization?

    Like the Drones, P.E.T.s can now be equipped with different types of cosmetic (visual) alterations.
    How can I use P.E.T. Designs?

    All P.E.T.s have been retrofitted with a slot that allow you to use different designs changing the looks of your P.E.T.
    Simply equip your P.E.T. with the design of your choice and enjoy the new looks.

    Will there be Stats Designs as well?

    For the start we are releasing visual designs only. These designs make your P.E.T. stand out from the crowd of unmodified P.E.T.s

    Where can I get the P.E.T. designs?
    The first P.E.T. designs will be available from Payment only.

    cosmetic Pet ARTIC.png cosmetic Pet GREEN.png cosmetic Pet RED.png cosmetic Pet set.png

    Is there a P.E.T. level limit?

    All current P.E.T. designs are not dependent on your P.E.T.’s level. You can use these no matter if your P.E.T. is level 1 or level 15.
    What happens if my P.E.T. levels up?

    Individually customized P.E.T.s are independent from the P.E.T.s level. That means that the P.E.T.’s level cannot be determined by the outer appearance.

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