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  1. Oddessey

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    General information

    After years of research, the folks at R&D have finally figured out a way to make Blacklight technology work with our own P.E.T. tech! All P.E.T.s are henceforth upgraded with High-Efficiency Armament Technology (HEAT), making them more efficient the longer they're in use. Also, P.E.T. Gears can now be added to the shortcut bar. Finally!

    This update presents new P.E.T. items as well as a better overview of your P.E.T. gear in the shop and the inventory. This update also improves the existing P.E.T. feature and provides strategic gameplay with the help of your P.E.T.

    New P.E.T. Window & Hotkey toolbar

    Together with this update, the P.E.T. window has been improved and a new hotkey toolbar has been added to make it easier for you to switch between gears.

    The P.E.T. window provides you with an overview of your P.E.T. The bar displays important information - its hit points, amount of fuel, shield stats, experience and HEAT level. Activate the P.E.T. by using the Play button. Get more fuel using the Quick Buy button next to it, and select and activate P.E.T. gears using the dropdown on the right.


    The new hotkey toolbar is added at the end of the list. There’s an arrow to scroll to the right. The hotkey toolbar can only be seen if you have a P.E.T.


    When clicking on the P.E.T. symbol, the gear appears in the hotkey toolbar.


    The following P.E.T. gear will be shown in the hotkey toolbar:
    - G-FS1
    - G-HPL1
    - G-KK1
    - G-MM1
    - G-RT1

    Please note: All pet gears will share a global cooldown timer and active gear cannot be switched out while on cooldown.

    New P.E.T. Heat Levels

    Using blacklight technology we have discovered a way to enhance the P.E.T. by using the heat generated by it's usage to enhance its systems. The more it‘s used, the higher the heat rises, further improving the P.E.T.

    When the P.E.T. is not being used, it cools down and the heat level will decrease.

    Your P.E.T. starts at level 0. To gain the bonuses, the required heat level must be reached. The bonuses gained each heat level are adding up, e.g. at level 5 you get the sum of all the bonuses from level 1-5.

    To reach and maintain heat level 4 and 5, you constantly need to hit a minimum heat generation requirement. If you don’t hit this minimum, the cooling delay timer will start counting down. And if you don’t meet the minimum heat generation rate that is required for the next level, the heat will not increase, and you will not level up, even if you have the maximum heat for the current level.

    If your P.E.T. is disabled, it will start losing heat after a cooling delay. If you restart using your P.E.T. during that cooling delay timer, the timer is reset. And if you restart using your P.E.T. while it’s cooling down, the cooling down is stopped.

    If a P.E.T. is destroyed, the cooling delay starts counting down as long as the player leaves it unrepaired.

    If a PET cools down to a lower heat level, the cooling pauses, and the lower heat level’s cooling delay starts counting down. It starts cooling down again after the lower heat level’s cooling delay is over.

    Heat Level Bonuses
    Heat LevelBonusCooling Delay
    1+ 5 % NPC Damage12 hours
    2+ 5 % Hitpoints24 hours
    3+ 5 % Shield Penetration24 hours
    4+ 5 % NPC Damage
    + 5 % PvP Damage
    + 5 % Evasion
    Heat Slots active
    15 min
    5+ 5 % NPC Damage
    + 15 % PvP Damage
    + 10 % Laser Accuracy
    + 10 % Hitpoints
    Heat Slots active
    5 min
    Heat Level Slots
    With this update, a new Heat section has been added to the P.E.T. tab in the Hangar. Here you can find new Heat Level Slots that you can use to equip lasers and shields. BUT: the Heat Level Slots are only active, when your P.E.T. reached a certain Heat Level.

    But nevertheless, you can already equip the slots if the P.E.T. has not reached the correct Heat Level. However, the equipment and its bonuses won’t be counted until the P.E.T. has reached the appropriate Heat Level.

    Heat Slot Unlock Cost (Uridium)

    New P.E.T. Items
    The new P.E.T. items can only be equipped on your P.E.T. and will only be shown in the P.E.T. tab of your hangar.

    P.E.T. Laser LF-P01
    Small laser designed especially for P.E.T.s: Causes up to 280 damage points per round.

    P.E.T. Shield SG3N-P01
    A compact shield generator designed especially for P.E.T.s: 11,500 shield strength / 80% less damage.

    P.E.T. Booster P-EP-B01
    Gives an additional 5% to experience earned by the P.E.T. for the next 10 hours of gameplay.

    P.E.T. HEAT & HP Protocols
    The HEAT Protocols increase HEAT generation:
    - AI-AH1: increases HEAT generation by 1%
    - AI-AH2: increases HEAT generation by 2%
    - AI-AH3: increases HEAT generation by 3%

    New Level of HP protocol: AI-HP4
    - AI-HP1: increases P.E.T. Hitpoins by 1%
    - AI-HP2: increases P.E.T. Hitpoins by 2%
    - AI-HP3: increases P.E.T. Hitpoins by 4%
    - AI-HP4: increases P.E.T. Hitpoins by 5%

    There will be new items in the game together with the P.E.T. Expansion. These items will be available in the game in the upcoming events from October onwards and there will also be a chance to get LF-P01 and SG3N-P01 from Bonus Galaxy Gate rewards. There will also be special sales during the next time which include item packages.

    Please find an overview of how to get the new items in the following table:
    Chance to drop from Bonus GG
    Event rewards
    New Tiered spender
    Chance to drop from Bonus GG
    Event rewards
    New Tiered spender
    Event rewards
    AI-HP1 Level 4Payment
    Event Rewards
    AI-AH1 Level 1Event Rewards
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