P.E.T. Level Update

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  1. Baracus

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    P.E.T. Level Update
    The techs have once again found a way to squeeze even more power out of your P.E.T.s. The level threshold is now at 20, and a brand new selfless gear has been discovered. Who knows what else these mad geniuses have up their sleeves...

    P.E.T. EP Requirements
    Level PET EP
    *PET EP is equivalent to 5% of regular EP gained. This means 2,460,000,000 total EP must be gained to level up from 15 to 20.

    Slots and Passive Bonuses
    Level Weapon SlotWeapon Slot CostGenerator SlotGenerator Slot CostPassive Bonus
    1610-1898,000 U.14% Damage
    171140,000 U.19110,000 U.16% Shield
    1811-20124,000 U.16% Damage
    191248,000 U.21140,000 U.18% Shield
    201222158,000 U.Level 4 Access

    HP Increase
    Level HP Unlock Cost
    16210,000 50,000 U.
    17220,00050,000 U.
    18230,00050,000 U.
    19240,00050,000 U.
    20250,00050,000 U.

    Repair Costs

    • The cost to repair PETs from level 16 - 20 is 350 Uridium
    • Repair remains free for Premium Pilots

    Sacrificial Flame – New Gear

    When selected the PET will become passive and wait for a damaged player to come into range.

    If a friendly ship with less than 50% shield is in range then the PET will fly towards the player and explode. Friendly ships count as players in the same clan and / or group.

    Upon death a % of shield is transferred from the PET to the friendly ship.
    Level Range from PET Shield Transfer Cooldown Price
    135030%909,000 U.
    240040%7512,500 U.
    345050%6045,000 U.
    4*50060%4570,000 U.
    *The level 4 gear is currently not available in the shop, it will be added at a later date.

    Protocol Changes
    • The Fuel protocol (AI-ECO) has received some changed to level 1 and 2
    • Level 1 will now grant a 3% reduction in fuel usage (was 1%)
    • Level 2 will now grant a 3.5% reduction in fuel usage (was 2%)
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