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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by HappyTurnip, Mar 14, 2014.

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  1. I do the same thing to your clan so guess neither can open their mouth huh?
  2. hahaha not when im there ;) come on dream you know i love you! hahahaha
  3. -Pacman2-

    -Pacman2- User

    My 2 pence worth.

    The pet is little better than a legalised bot.

    Being controversial as most have a pet these days:-

    The pet did not add anything to the game.

    In my opinion it was a alternative to an illegal bot for those that chose not to buy the illegal bot.

    We only need to look at the kami
    It was designed to be a last ditch once only attract on an enemy.

    A glitch it the programming allowed it to be used as a continuous splash damage weapon.

    Who can honestly suggest that the kami was even meant to be anything other that a 1 time last resort attack on an enemy?

    So anyone that ever used the kami to pop lets say cubes and prots. was abusing a glitch /bug.

    Do chose to allow that to not be punished as bug abuse ( in my cynical opinion because players was buying the pet to gain that advantage.:rolleyes: until they stopped making more than the pet was returning)

    We have ended up with this sad excuse for this once grate game because enough will pay to feel like they are better.

    For anyone that owns a pet:-
    You all proscribe to the game being a farming game. The pet does not add to your skill as a space game participant.

    For anyone that use to park their ship in the mist for hours to collect palli without doing anything:-
    How is that different to a bot?
    A bot would have been banned you get away with keeping your pet.:rolleyes:o_O

  4. I dont agree with you where you say the pet is not used as a skill in battle. But actually there is many ways that the pet is really useful in battle ;). it can even decide who wins and who loses the match in the most important battle of the game which is the jackpot.
    everything else is kind of good.
  5. pecanin

    pecanin User

    Ahhh Pet Genocide favorite subject...

    Pet when released was best thing BP ever made except for bio (my opinion)

    I remember days before PET when collecting uridium really paid

    Lots of you also remember days when Phoenix with its one engine could collect between 5000-10000 uri in X2 .....jump into Nostro and that amount gets close to 10 000 every hour...i remember days when Vengy could get 20 000 uri in 4.3 WITHOUT PET or bio ..then came bio and that jumped to 30 000 - 40 000 p/h....Pet made it into 60 000 p/h ... When PET was released i got it few days later ,opened all slots on it and did God knows how many gates so i could use lvl 3 stuff on it....12 collectors ..12 radars... all gears...45 slots to open ....then came Suns and i sat in middle of 3.8 and watched that pet going all over map and collecting boxes. This was back in the day of massive raids ..remember ?...when this game USED to be PVP...and not BOT v Player or Script v Player ....

    Then came American Venture Capitalist owners ...

    Pet died ,boxes died was put into greed induced coma

    My pet has no fuel point when boxing loses you money ..even with box doubler
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  6. I think the auto logoff was one of the better updates.
    the server I mainly play on VRU has the entire pally field tied up. So that was their benefit knowing no one would come in to pop them so they could sit and be lazy all day and let the PET do the work.
    The only PET update I really grr about was the cool down time for the kamikaze :cool:
  7. To what you said Pecanin,

    It seems any update that inadvertently makes a user more of anything in the game than was originally intended by the short sight of the owners, than no sooner is that thing/ability/tactic somehow nerfed, or removed completely.

    Its not our fault that we are more insightful and creative in how we use the features of the game, than the people who created it in the first place.
  8. -Pacman2-

    -Pacman2- User

    It is exactly this kind of attitude that created the global recession.

    The pet was not designed to be used while AFK.

    So anything you do which allows you to us it in this way, is against the terms and conditions you sign up to.

    In the hay days of DO, anyone doing things like this would have been penalised for it.
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  9. I thought the Ponzi scheme / artificially inflated housing market caused the global recession. AKA shady sub-prime predatory lending practices that were packaged and sold of as derivaties in some wacko overseas futures market.

    I didn't realize I was so important.

    PS ...I didn't buy a house I can't afford what you said isn't relatable to me Pac ..sorry.
  10. As I do like Dream Demon as a friend (don't know anyone else here), unfortunately I agree whole heartily with this fix to the pally field as I've been saying for months my reasons for killing in pally were that; why should I allow those that are AFK to earn their LF-4s and Hercs for free when I paid thousands.

    :p keep up the good work BP, and apologies to any friends I may have in here who pally but facts are facts.

    Oh and an addition to the post, this new update means I don't have to go kill in pally as there aren't half as many in their, they are actually out on the maps killing NPCs now YIPPIE :D

    About time people left the Pally and actually make the game active.
  11. SauronL

    SauronL User

    no more free kills :(
  12. As Getting 6,000 FREE ship kills off pally field in 2 months was fun it gets really boring.
    I prefer to actually get shot back; even if the opponent has little or no chance. :)
  13. lol in the hay days od Do we would not have a pet
  14. -Pacman2-

    -Pacman2- User

    I posted "It is exactly this kind of attitude"

    You are not important, I would say its quite sad really that you are openly suggesting it is OK to break the T&C you sign up to.

    I did not suggest in any way that the pet was around in the hay days of DO.

    I was saying that in the hay day, bug abuse would have been punished.

    Using two ships to override the log out so that player can continue to farm palli afk is an abuse of the system.
  15. sorry my bad. Did not realize they were going that far just to have pets palli for them, but i dont know why you get palli faster just using doing it yourself plus pet instead of just sitting there.
  16. Omega

    Omega User

    exactly what I was thinking.. they were just farming .building clans with naps alliances just so they can farm .where's the pvp in that
  17. pecanin

    pecanin User

    Actually what happened with pet was result of bad programming or as it is known by now rushed DO update

    When pet was released it was released with one major flaw cooldown in same people that exploited every single thing they could (bots/scripts and so on) bought one and exploited it to death

    I was one of players that campaigned for cooldown in combat as it destroyed any semblance of pvp ,all you needed was two ships working together ammo no rockets no effort and once you got target in Bmaps there was no running just death.

    Pet used with auto lock meant free rank points for abusers ,none of which ever got banned for it.

    Then they exploited X 1 protection by bringing pets in and allowing noobs to shoot pet and detonating it or firing those red noob rockets on streuner and then using kamiif enemy ship came close

    Then they abused everything else ,that meant 24 hours boting with pet in tow

    So in short we got sold unfinished product then had our money stolen when they adjusted everything with pet ..this is called bait and switch and is classed as fraud but why would BP worry as there is no Internet Governing Law that would prevent it ..

    Then came "Adjustment" of Kami in gates which meant that you lost uri as kills didn't register

    Last straw was boxes

    Bu this point anybody that trusts anything that BP says on release day of anything should see therapist.

    If BP had good Business model like they think they had they could have milked lots of players to this day ...instead they turned to short term profits and result is what you see today ...same hundred or so players per server killing each other over and over.
  18. Although I agree that sitting for hours afk in the pally field was an exploit of sorts it was one that was entirely created by BP's own development team intentionally to make people collecting palladium vulnerable targets. The exploit in this case was an unforeseen by product and unexpected by DO's dev team.

    A friend of mine used to utilise this exploit frequently and is now banned and has been told it was for botting though I have never seen his ship act like a bot in any way and both of us have assumed the ban was for utilising this exploit.

    Way to go DO create a glitch intentionally to circumvent people farming palladium and them punish them for exploiting it, if it wasn't for the extortionate cost of building a GG it would be funny. Either way am still laughing as I refuse to spend very much at all these days.

    I would also urge BP to take a good look at their business model with regards to value for money compared to other games and passtimes, I feel with the new crop of space orientated mmo's arriving soon DO has a lot to do in order to compete esp with the current pay to win model which get ever more expensive as time go's on.
  19. BORG1

    BORG1 User

    Pet costs more than to be a basic fe wheres the sense in that lol.
    Pet is a uri eater is it really worth buying ?
  20. Actually it is, PET makes a huge difference once you get the needed things for it.

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