Pally zone in 5-3

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by livingdead94, May 13, 2014.

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  1. Could there be an update where you can make pally zone in 5-3 where you can't attack each other. I went in the pally zone today for my first time and some bullies killed me and wouldn't let me get any pally. I went in again later a few times and the same happened. Please do something about this because it is just not fair. There should be a system in pally zone where you can turn PVP on or off in a little side menu. For example if you would like to kill some one turn PVP on and they have the choice as well to do the same, and once there being attacked it can not be turned back off until some one dies. I think this way it will be more fair because big players like to kill the little players in pally zone and they don't get the chance to collect like others. Or another idea is there could be a PVP pally zone and a demilitarized pally zone, but i don't think the makers of Dark Orbit would like this last idea. This is what i think would be nice to happen i just hope maybe some one would like this suggestion very much. What do think of this idea? Post your response in hope this can get attention.
  2. its crap do think pally as a gate building resoursce so it cant be given without risk
    pally maps are pvp maps if u dont want to die change to dominant company or clan
    as u can see quests there are many quest in which we have to kill enemy in pirate and pally maps
    everytime someone comes with this idea because they got killed
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  3. Im sorry, I have to disagree with you there, this is first and foremost a PVP game, if you make 5-3 a demil zone, you are taking away from the basis of the game. However I do agree with there being a safe zone within 5-3 that is similar to 5-2 but not as big either.
    I empathize with you, and I think I am right when I assume that you are not a strong ship and for that reason, you are seeking this safety, but remember this, you are entering a dangerous map with big rewards, and with big rewards come big risks. Also, if the map became demilled altogether, then there would be no players in the regular maps hunting or playing. Im sorry, but I have to disagree with you on this one.
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  4. I understand... but i do agree with you of having a safe zone.
  5. why you want to be on 5-3 ?
  6. 5-3 it is PvP map! I usualy kill enemy corporations in this map!
  7. LordOfFire

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    5-3 is my scoremageddon map :) loads of nice kills in there :)
  8. Stop complaining, it's a pirate map, not a free roam map. This has been requested and denied hundreds of times. no one likes a crying noob.
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  10. livingdead94 the palli field can be tough for a new player but with a little strategy
    and the right ship you be palling in no time. For starters get the fastest ship, good sheilds and some emps then go when not to many people on:cool:
  11. Want a strategy, get a pet, auto resourcer, cloak next to mist, and there ya go.
  12. I used to whine about this stuff, but now I got a new respect to PvP based games after watching something, I'll quote it (some of you guys may recognize it XD)

    "High enough numbers will make you invincible. MMOs that use a level system are unfair in that way."
  13. Well you know what i think little players deserve a little respect because you guys spend money on this game and there are some who can't but would still like to have a bit of fun. Also no one likes a person who thinks there better than every one else and can say that we whine, we don't whine we just want some thing better than what is going on right now. You guys don't think anything of the little players, but just for yourselves.
  14. Actually, we know how the game works, we know how the things were released, we aren't crying, im not a wallet warrior so get your facts straight. Stop crying, don't like dying in a PvP game? Quit, sea ya, bye.
  15. Really??? You should move on to another post because i didn't ask for your non sense comments.
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  16. That is true, but the PET uses fuel aka uri and if you are visible - you can use the pirate kills to pay for the fuel. Devil is in the details. And open to afk/or not raids.
  17. I have had no issue with pet fuel. When you get a gate, you make enough uri to get pet fuel and still have some left over when you get another gate.
  18. SauronL

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    if u dieing here , use faster ship , pally is battle map for all , i dont like it but its true , peoples just sitting here and different maps are EMPTY so we really cant hunt somewhere
  19. Look, yes Palli fields are rough for players who dont have proper gens on ship and dont have good strategy in the game. But regardless, the pirate maps are not meant to be easy, infact the only map that is meant to be easy is your x-1 maps. Im not saying there shouldnt be a safe zone, but it most definitely should not be close to the palli zone, maybe at ports, but thats all. If you make maps too safe then achievements do not get completed
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