Pally zone in 5-3

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by livingdead94, May 13, 2014.

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  1. The reason you need a pvp map is so that people cannot escape during a battle like most people do. ALot of players run to a port and jump, PVP maps do not contain any npcs, hence the name pvp map.
  2. Well, well you noobs cry "omg i hate dying, make it so i don't die!" The best answer is, "It's a PvP game, shut the hell up and take it"
  3. SPSAT99

    SPSAT99 User

    Isn't it both a PVP and PVE game?
  4. It's mostly PvP that's the original purpose of this game. but like ALL PvP games. there is a way to make money for more upgrades and such for PvP.
  5. I am so tired of hearing about 5-3 drama. First and foremost when many of us started playing we either HAD to BOX URI or SPEND MONEY or KILL ALIENS to get uri.

    Noobs now a days are GIVEN so much more than we were when we first started. When the older players started x1's weren't safe maps... You died if you left base!!!!
    Now you are given a safe map!!! You can NOT die in 3-1 unless you are dumb enough to shoot the enemy.

    You are now given missions that give you free things to put on your ship!!! No many of us had to join a clan or box in our x1 maps to gain uri (OH and did i mention they WERE NOT safe zones)!!!

    So now dark orbit introduced palli... You do not have to box or spend money to earn gates spins you expect us to let you sit up there and collected your gates.

    Let's me put it in another way... If you do or do not spend money on this game you are still getting something for free.

    However, if we let you sit in the palli field all day and all night and all day the next day and all night ... ect ect ... you can build a full fe and ufe ship.. Okay so now I am letting you get palli for free so you can go and kill smaller ships or even bigger ships???

    No wrong we all have to either pay or work for what we got one way or another. Some of us are more fortunate and can spend money where others can not....

    MY SUGGESTION : YOU CAN HAVE 8 players in a group!!!! GROUP up when one person is shooting then you can group up and kill the player...

    Invest in a good clan who can go help you out... TRY ACTUALLY PVPing and learn to escape fight and depend on others for help!!!!

    Nothing in life is free the same can apply in this game...
  6. OMG someone said it, if i were to go there, i would have to bring some mean words into it. This is exactly what people need to understand.
  7. All of that, and some. The missions were reworked earlier this year. Before that there were no PVP quests in the pirate maps, none in 5-1, 5-2 or 5-3. That was one reason players assumed and sometimes mutually agreed to no shooting in palli. Once the new missions came online DO/BP made their intentions in the pirate maps clear, they want us to PVP there. There are too many quests to kill enemy ships there to expect otherwise. I seriously doubt they will now make part of that map demil after they went through all the trouble of adding those new quests.

    Adapt or die, it's simple.
  8. Jugglaz™

    Jugglaz™ User

    again i have to disagree i personally do not care if i pop or if someone else does, i was thinking that the idea might make a change in the game, something a bit different. while i do agree it is a pvp game i think it needs to be spiced up a bit as it is getting stale

    and constantly calling people noobs and telling them to shut up is not exactly the best way to conduct a civilized conversation over ideas and suggestions. . .

    yes it would be difficult to work an idea like that into the game but it would not be impossible, as pointed out when they first brought out the pirate maps there was an impromptu truce of sorts but as players got past all the quests they had the truce dissolved which is leaving lower levels difficulty doing the same quests we have already done, why not give newer players that helping chance to get into the game and hopefully stay playing it before DO dies . . surely it couldn't hurt to try
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  9. It would honestly ruin the game. And yeah there are a few missions by the way, so um... This will never happen, okay?

    Oh, and never said i wanted a civilized conversation ;)
  10. What ♥SτΆrŽįĖ♥, said, 'You died if you left base!!!! ' --- Yup - bitchin'! or else.
  11. bunn95

    bunn95 User

    The point I was trying to make is that it is not primarily a PvP game for as follows

    I would take an approximation and say that at any given time about 60-70% of the people on my server ( I cannot make any assumptions for any other servers) are engaging in PvE activities, such as boxing, killing aliens, doing gates, etc.
    This would leave about 40-30% of the people are engaging in PvP activities

    Now from Math class we should know that 70% to 60% is > 30% to 40%
    We should also know that the definition of Primarily is for the most part; mainly. ( from google dictionary )

    Based upon these two things I would say that 60 to 70% is the most part, so for the most part of primarily this is a PvE game it doesnt matter what the purpose behind a game is ( The purpose of a game may have been to defeat other players, but what people do for the most part in a game is different) in reality it is primarily a PvE game based upon the above information

    on a side note can you please try to be a little more respectful to others you constantly calling people stupid and noobs is not helping your argument. This forum is a place for civilized discussion of how to improve everyone's Darkorbit experience.
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  12. Omega

    Omega User

    no I can't since ur so dense that u can't understand the meaning of a game u play for 2 years .and I have a limit also .when I'm sick of noobs and players like you that just don't get what this game is and was about .we all explain it to you guys . and u just don't get it , and I really couldn't care what you think of me . go ahead do what you want . but u would understand why I'm saying this , if u actually knew what we are talking about
  13. i have seen u many times been rude in ur posts mate
    and some other times u r ok
    i suggest you to try to keep be polite as i can see that u can do that - not realy hard to improve it - u know that mate ;)
  14. i also reported him
    plz all be polite here in our forum
    Last edited: May 26, 2014
  15. I agree with this Idea completely. I'm a UFE and no matter how long i fend off the eic from palladium area, they always spawn back in massive unbearable packs and either chase me to port or pop me through the mines. not even a group of 8, (which is hard to get in a lonely company) could help solve the problem. There is so much unevenness in the 3 companies because of palladium. we all saw what happened with the company influence event. The dominant company put the other two companies to dirt. seriously, the two non dominant companies had only 10-5% of what the dominant one had.
  16. Uh that influence statement, on GA1 EIC owned pally, got destroyed, MMO has nothing, came in 2nd, VRU uses battle maps, dominated with 230mil.

    Never said they were legit in doing it though :p
  17. bunn95

    bunn95 User

    It occurred to me last night that fighting with you is pointless, you are going to believe what you want and I am going to believe what I want. So I figured I would just be the bigger person and say that this is my last comment on this thread. You can take this any way you want to as a defeat, victory, whatever. Hopefully the next time I read one of you comments you will have realized that what you said before was wrong.
  18. poP U 5 times - after that is pointless... :oops: wrong sever :p:cool:



    noobs are giving more? but now it takes a shit load more to get UFE or FE then it was about 6 years ago and now nobody has a chance unless you do spend a fortune on this game you cant say this is not true 1.5 million uri to get all PP is fn crazy to spend on a game..
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  20. I'm going to take it as a victory and no, i still don't think what i said (because you found it to be offensive to some) wrong.
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