Pally zone in 5-3

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by livingdead94, May 13, 2014.

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  1. Omega

    Omega User

    look . now noobs are offered 2 weeks premium . lf3 bo2 .free repairs .good quests to level up . a smaller range so they can get away .a way better auction system for noobs . free maps . not as many bot users. paladium . and 5-1 5-2 where they can farm npcs all day .finish quests and most of the time nobody is there to kill them . also getting fe ( 8 iris full lf3 and at least 16 bo2) its easy .should not take more than 2 months . so cmon now . instead of them wanting everything easier .let them work for it . its like an old saying . you give them a finger and they take the whole hand. by which it means .they saw that new updates happen that help them and are in their favor .now they want more and more
  2. I still can't not seem to grasp the idea of where people are working for things. Palli is given free to everyone and yes I guess you "have to work to collect it". The same thing is applied to boxing and aliens.

    Yet you all want 5-3 to be a peace zone but yet you allow the other people who are out killing aliens and boxing and also working to build their ship. Then I guess we all should all not kill the people boxing or killing aliens because they want it for free. They want to build gates and make uri the same as everyone in 5-3.

    Back to the point this is a PVP game no matter which map you are in your should know that it is not safe. If you are red you are dead!!! Simple maybe some will be peaceful maybe some one.

    You don't want to die break out the credit card, ask mommy for money, get a job, do whatever you gotta do then that way you don't have to leave your gates or your x1 maps.

    I cant get this give me attitudes. Work for it the same as everyone else has to work for it.
  3. Case closed.... Read it...

    Nicely explained ♥SτΆrŽįĖ♥ :cool:
  4. If your going to neutralize 5-3 you might as well take all PvP maps out of the game.

    i disagree with the idea.
  5. Seraphim

    Seraphim User

    why does this thread still live!?! It's a dead idea which has been repeatedly suggested countless times with the majority saying NO.
  6. For all those who says it is hard to become FE, Here is what I have to say:
    "My little Brother became FE in less than 1 month, well, in summer holiday,
    But still he did it in less than 1 month, when he started, he was killing streuners and collecting their cargo and selling them until his lvl reached to a point where his rewards are reduced, since then He already have 1 iris and still in a phoenix, he went on to x-2 and farms for a little longer, then he got leo and he mass farm sibelons then he got stronger slowly and slowly, then he found out he could bk in suicide config with full speed gens by circling, so then he started mass farming bks and never stop till he becomes FE, then he is pallying and doing gates now and he can beat most of the stronger FEs Hands down, and btw don't say that your company doesn't own the pally map, can't you change company? Even if he can do it, who is alot younger than you are, you better be ashamed, you noobs. All these noobs just sit and whine in the forum, I'm getting tired of reading the noobish posts over and over and over.. Stop begging, Go work for it! Or Buy for it! Or Whine for Nothing! Thats it, Anymore and I'll get rude, but thats not my thing.
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  7. Seraphim

    Seraphim User

    That wasn't needed. It's already crystal clear how easy it is to become FE. The people saying it's hard are just whining and WE ALL KNOW ALREADY (that includes bigpoint btw). The best anyone can do from this point on is not reply here so it flushes down the loo and wait for eternity before an admin closes this thread.
  8. Needed or not, I don't care. And btw Lets not reply.
  9. its a game that puts players against NPCs and Players against Players.
  10. First of all Dream Demon is the rudest person, I have ever met in these forums, but on another tangent I would like to say this idea is horrible, you should not be in pally maps at your early stage get basic fe at least, pally is so valuable because it comes with danger without the danger, it's like darkorbit is giving out free galaxy gate spins sorry but you gotta work for it bro.
  11. Sir_Joe

    Sir_Joe User

    5-3 is a PvP map, so it is never going to be changed to non PvP.
  12. Seraphim

    Seraphim User

    Oh my goodness, I forgot such threads still exist. request close thread already OP?
    OR could a mod close it. OP doesn't seem like he'll be replying any time soon.
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  13. lost1*

    lost1* User

    you do have a safe {demill zone } its at your own port
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  14. They should just remove 5-3, all together.
  15. Can you explain why 5-3 should be removed?

    The whole map shouldn't be a demilitarized zone, there has been some suggestions for a base in the top left of 5-3, the only real demil zone should be your ports though.
  16. Seraphim

    Seraphim User

    Oh? why's that then?
  17. Just look at what it causes. And you get more, where weaker players aren't able to get any use out of 5-3 due to stronger players killing them each time, and so they suggest a certain update ( like OP) and yet the majority of players replies with something along the lines of 'quit crying' & 'shut up', 'ltired of your whining', 'it's a PvP game' etc...And so, by removing this map, then there won't be any 'crying' from noobs and simply no reason, as to why you should/shouldn't get shot down in a map.

    Btw, i'm for the OP's idea of implenting an dem zone somewhere in 5-3.(just saying)
  18. Seraphim

    Seraphim User

    First of all; if weaker players get killed, they can respawn and be out of 5-3 anyway.........................................................................................

    'shouldn't get shot down in a map'... I'm sorry to point this out but that joke wasn't even funny.

    I wouldn't call this a space 'adventure' game like BP do but everyone using a bit of common sense would realise this is a PVP game. I'm not insulting you in any way but it's something which a lot of players neglect to grasp. BP call it a 'space adventure game' but heck, the admins call this a PVP game: Originally posted by Board Admin: Fuzzy_Slippers: As this is a Player verses Player battle style game, players will shoot at other players within the game. Larger players shooting lower level players is part of the game. Please keep in mind that at one point in time, all players were lower level players.

    N.B. PVP is the acronym for player-verses-player. That means a human being playing on one computer will have in-game fights with another human being playing on a different computer.
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  19. So you just want to ruin the last real way to help get UFE so noobs quit crying? Say goodbye to the game lol, let me guess, you got your use out of 5-3 when you botted in there and now that your UFE it's all good to be removed. Make's sense. Any who, no it shouldn't removed for the above reasons and propaganda. Everyone always voices differing opinions about everything and there will always be arguments over many NPC's and maps and way's of game-play, removing 5-3 won't change or help that, it would cripple the game as there isn't many other sufficient and legitimate ways to get UFE cheaply or for free.
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