Pally zone in 5-3

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by livingdead94, May 13, 2014.

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  1. How am i trying to ruin the last real way of noobs becoming UFE, when i'm FOR these type of ideas ( like OP came up with)? What i'm seeing is if the majority of replies are always against it, and that 5-3 isn't benefiting everyone on the game, then it should just be removed. Because what's the point of it being there if the main players it's commonly there for ( the noobs) aren't even able to stand a chance in there, to begin with?
    Furthermore, i didn't suggest this idea, to stop the noobs from crying lol. What i meant, they might as-well remove if it meant that it would stop 'noobs crying' and 'whining' to benefit those certain players that seem to think that the noobs are, by coming up with suggestions in which would allow them to collect palladium.
    And for the record, i've never used Palladium bot.

    And then what? What will they have to rely on, to become UFE without the needs of spending money?

    Yes, it's a PVP game, but at same time, it's also an PVE game. And yes, it may be a player shoot player type of game, however, how do expect a lower leveled players (noobs) to shoot another player if they have no methods of gaining any ammo to shoot other players down (without the need spending money)? Plus, wheres the fun in dying all the time, especially by players bigger than you?
    That's where the PVE comes in, allowing those that are free players to get the chance of gaining some in-game stuff so they could have the chance too, to accomplish the main purpose of the game; shoot players down.
  2. Noobs can benefit in 5-3 if they do things right, hell there's a lot of more worthless crap in-game that hasn't been removed, the invasion and outfit gate in x-3 are examples. There probably is a way to make 5-3 more beneficial but idea's are always shot down. It shouldn't be removed but revamped.
  3. I love invasion gate and x-3 group game. You don't like it because, it takes players away from your so called PvP all time style. 5-3 is crap to play too long you get click finger and you gotta watch your back at the same time. And the gate generator spins :rolleyes:
  4. PVP all time style, did you just make that crap up, stick to the discussion and not your delusions, I don't like either because they both suck, the invasion is only pirates now which are awful for any and all rewards, the outfit gate was nerfed to hinder the ability to make uridium as well. Take breaks while pallying,it shouldn't be a giveaway, that's what the pirates are for in 5-3, although 5-3 is also hunted by many for easy kills. For the record I don't hunt 24/7 or in pirates and can find enemies without a problem, the invasion definitely doesn't hinder that because no one goes into it, it would be foolish to try ans hunt during one anyways.
  5. You want more crap, OK :D How about PvE style :p Invasion and Outfit are that. 5-3 takes forever anyways with my style and they need to stop farmers in there o_O This is about 5-3 which is the only map where players go to become miners and then they get a cave-in aka 'popped' and dig themselves out and are getting black lung and complaining about it.
  6. lost1*

    lost1* User

    Here is the cold hard truth personally I dont care if someone pallys boxes farms aliens or spends real cash as long as they stop complaining about its to hard to get ufe for free and this person or that person shot me down. Free players have a choice its called free repairs on ships free pally { gate spins } free uri from low gate and if they where smart they would use a credit ship with flaxes on them until they have all there equipment to do all of this / with credit based items they can repair useing credits no uri needed they can repair on site if there in a credit ship and yes they would pop but guess what its better to pay credits to repair a flax or respawn on site then it is uri and by doing so they could buy a pet or an extra hanger. Get the point its called start off small and work your way up not start at the top with ufe items.
  7. Seraphim

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    So they get popped and what? They can collect some palladium, get popped, respawn and go back. 'Fall seven times and stand up eight' as the proverb goes. I constantly see idiots in chat yell and scream about being popped in 5-3 once after pallying in there for several hours already.

    It isn't hard to survive in pally and I'm not here to give you tips on how to do it. Figure it out yourself.

    The game is a pvp game. pve? That's what your company maps are for. You can fight the game's NPCs there without much of a threat from other players (most of the time).
    The game is primarily PVP, either accept it or move on. Even those missions have tons of PVP requirments. (including the one where you require kills in 5-3)

    If you're so concerned for the low level players, why don't you escort them and babysit them in 5-3?
    They (noobs) can easily join a clan and collect palladium as a group to avoid being popped.
    They can easily box and get tons of ammo.
    They can easily stick to the PVE and pop npcs all day long to make uridium.

    Just note that palladium isn't a necessity. It's optional and if you can't use your brain and figure out a safe method of collecting palladium in 5-3 then you're better off getting your galaxy gate spins from boxes.

    No point ruining it for others. You're a part of a company so do others a favour so they'll help you out.
  8. Agaric52

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    hey man, or girlie, that's life.
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  9. SauronL

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    If that will happen, guys could sit more and more , and just sit and do nothing for being stronger , just sit and let pet do all the work - boring idea
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  10. No No No No, No need for a demil zone, the 5-3 maps are pirate maps, they are designed as such because they are intended to be somewhat challenging, between players and npcs. The demil zone is your own port on the exiting side. If you create a demil zone, first and foremost, it will make people use pets in the maps and stay at demil. And to be honest, if you arent strong enough to be in that map, then you are well aware about the possibility of getting popped. This idea is not a good one. Not one person has come up with an actual good reason why its needed except for the fact that they dont want to get popped. Im sorry, but thats just not sufficient as a reason. There has to be more advantages to a demil zone than just the one I mentioned.

    Sooner or later, people will be asking for a demil zone in pvp maps lol
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    Enjoy the game.

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